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    I just finished watching a Discovery ID episode on the case. They were discussing the Lacy "DNA" exoneration. A DNA expert stated that they use 13 markers, that generally are needed to be sure that there is a match. This expert said that, in this case, they moved the required markers down to 4 and claimed a match using only 4. Is this correct? Did we already know this and did I just miss such an important item of note?

    At any rate, this expert said the DNA, in this case, should never be used to convict or exonerate by itself.
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    That's what I heard, Learnin. Kolar was never able to find out the number of markers she was using when she claimed her 'match'. Now Gordon Coombes has given us the information we've suspected for a long time. ML was going to find a way to 'exonerate' her friends, the Ramseys, even if she had to sell her soul. :devil:

    A separate claim from Gordon Coombes pertained to ML’s overarching bias. From this article comes the following information:
    “I was told when I went to the DA’s office, ‘Don’t voice against the intruder theory because you may be forced out if you don’t fall in line. If you don’t believe in it, just keep your mouth shut,’ †Coombes tells The Post. “It just seemed weird the whole premise of … this attempt to influence the entire agency.â€

    I’ve never heard of Gordon Coombes, but his candor is amazing. For me, it was an OMG moment.
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    For me, too!
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    Ohhhh Sweet Snag ~ thanks for sharing as first time hearing for me too! After hearing Henry Lee prove WHY this is not a DNA Case makes Lacy out to be the incompetent prosecutor she will always be known as from here on out! :wave:
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