New Book- "And Justice For Some" by Wendy Murphy

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Sabrina, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Wendy pulls no punches. Here are a few of her chapter titles:

    Manufacturing Innocence with DNA Lies -Very topical considering what Mary Lacy has just done.

    Victory Through Intimidation -Hello Lin Wood, the lawsuit and deposition bully.

    Manipulating The Media -Like Michael Tracey making fake documentaries full of misleading and false information in order to persuade the general public of Ramsey innocence.

    Claiming a Suspect Passed a Polygraphy -Wendy really nails Patsy and her polygrapher (with the fake credentials) in this chapter.

    Mounting a Not-the-Criminal-Type Defense -The IDIs main defense against the mountain of evidence against the Ramseys.

    Wendy Murphy has done an excellent job of showing the injustice of the American courts as well as the underhanded tactics employed by lawyers to win at all costs. The book is well-written and an indictment of our "justice" system.
  2. coloradokares

    coloradokares Member

    Sounds like I found my next Must Read.
  3. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    You can bet the house on it!
  4. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    I hope you guys are satisfied, because I went to and ordered not only Wendy's book but also three others. That wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't just bought eight other books through Amazon in the past week. You now know my major weakness. I love books. I am addicted to books. I buy books by the dozens and read two or three of them at a time. Sometimes I stockpile books to read later. I would rather read a good book than just about anything.

    Glad I got that off my chest.
  5. Pearlsim

    Pearlsim FFJ Senior Member

    My name is Pearlsim and I am also addicted to books. I had my last fix about 50 seconds ago. And I loved it and I want more.
  6. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin


  7. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Hi ... I'm Cherokee.

    (Hi, Cherokee)

    Hi, everyone. Uh, like I said, my name is Cherokee, and I'm addicted to books. I've had this addiction since I was young, and it's only gotten worse through the years. I admit it. I love books. I love the way they feel, the way the look and especially their contents. When I go to a bookstore, I get this rush of serotonin you wouldn't believe just being around them. There have been times when I've been in "book crisis," and I've had to go out and buy even more bookshelves to hold all the books I have. I know in my heart of hearts that someday, somehow, I will get to read them all. In the meantime, I'll keep working through my stack of "must read now" books that never seems to get any smaller. I don't know why that is. Maybe it's because I keep finding MORE BOOKS I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT!

    Thanks for listening. I never knew Books Anonymous existed until WY and Pearlsim invited me here. It's so good to know there are others out there like me.

    Um, what's that? You're getting up a carload to Barnes & Noble?! Hey, I call shotgun!!!
  8. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    :book::read::book::read::book::read::book::read: LOOOOOOOW the Guttah has sunk.... :cry:
  9. zoomama

    zoomama Active Member

    Me too!

    Hi my name is Zoomama and I'm addicted to books and books and more books. I have floor to ceiling bookcases to two rooms and they are full. I donated lots of older books to the library sale a few weeks ago but have to admit that I also threw away some of the less than older ones that I've had just gathering dust. I belong to a book of the month club from a Mystery book store in Hollywood that sends a signed first edition of a new author. I've read almost all of them and I have to say some are good and some aren't. They are all mysteries of some sort. I do read other types of books but mysteries are my favorites. I"m in the process of reorganizing my books because I have received 2 to 3 years worth of the monthly books and haven't shelved them in alphabetical order yet. I'm very lax in that little job. Can I be helped or shall I just continue with my mess?

    I have many signed books from here and there. I stood in line for 3 hours to get an autographed book from Bette Davis years ago. I'm glad I did. I also have a series of books signed by Irving Stone the biographer. I also have the entire 14 book series signed by Janet Evonavich (yes, even number 1).

    Oh I could go on and on but since this is the first meeting of the book owners anonymous or the BOA I'll yield the floor to other speakers. :book:
  10. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    You forgot their SMELL. Who can resist the SMELL of a book? I am a bookslut - I take at least two books to bed with me every night and then decide which one I'm going to go to sleep with. Junkie is too mild a word for what I am.
  11. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    Hi my name is Show Me and I too am addicted to books.

    I knew I had a problem when, at a young age, I first read "Dick and Jane"....the thrill of reading 'See spot run'! The Sunday comics were more than mere pictures....a secret world had opened up to me.

    My lunch money went for the printed WY said, the smell of new books is intoxicating!

    I've never been able to break the habit! I tried stopping a few times and take up tv instead...and yet I found myself reading road signs, labels on the aspirin bottle, people's t-shirts...I'm hopeless.

    Libraries haven't a chance around me....hahahaha....I'd love to bring a truck to the library, check out a thousand books and lock myself up in my house reading for days on end. Alas real life intrudes on my habit.

    My favorite books are non fiction, especially history. If I want a book to make me laugh I read the fiction book DOI.

    I will be addicted to books until the day I die. Even if I go blind I will listen to books on cds and visualize the printed words.
  12. Thor

    Thor Active Member

    Hi my name is Thor and I addicted to books as well. To he!! with Dick and Jane, I used to bring home my math books from school and become absorbed in them. My whole family was addicted to books, my mom in particular, so my addiction probably is inherited.

    My addiction now mainly includes horror novels, mysteries, true crime and tabloids. And biographies.
  13. DeeDee

    DeeDee Member

    Hello- my name is DeeDee and I am addicted to books. There is always a pile of hardcover books on my nightstand waiting for me to read. I've read before bed since I was three (my mother was blind her whole life, I learned to read very young- by helping her in the grocery store); instead of her reading to me, I read to her!
    I usually read non-fiction (which is why I haven't read DOI). My favorite subjects, besides this case, are the paranormal and biographies. (the Tom Cruise one is my read right now).
    I also keep books in the car, because I tend to annoy my husband when he drives, so I read and this way I leave him alone, though sometimes I watch DVDs in the car.
    Then again, I tend to annoy my husband at other times as's what I live for.
  14. Tez

    Tez Member

    Hi, I'm Tez, and I am also addicted to books. I have read five books this week alone! Currently my interests are John Sanford books. Only the ones with Lucas Davenport. I also devour true crime and mystery books. No sappy love stories for me! I also love biographies. I am currently reading one about Princess Diana. I love the smell of books also! It's a smell I can't live without!
  15. DeeDee

    DeeDee Member

    Hi Tez- I love Princess Diana (actually all the Royals on the other side of the Pond) biographies also. I've read quite a few. The Tom Cruise unauthorized biography was written by Andrew Morton, who wrote 2 books on Princess Diana.
  16. heymom

    heymom Member

    Hi, I'm Heymom, and I'm a book addict...Thanks for your share...I heard a lot of things in it that I can relate to...I prefer non-fiction too. I used to bring my history book home from school the first day and read it from cover to cover while sitting in the bathtub. Drove the teachers NUTS! :)

    My unofficial motto is "So many books, too little time!" I really would like to read every book ever written if I could manage it. I am curious about all things and find writing fascinating. Well, all except romance novels, that is! :)

    And Thank GOD for!!! I don't even have to leave my house to get new and wonderful BOOKS! They come to me!!! Ecstasy!!
  17. Thor

    Thor Active Member

    Amazon is one wonderful source to find hard to find books, that's for sure. Sometimes you can get things for a penny! I love horror novels and sometimes run across a recommendation and go there and can usually find it available. I LOVE Amazon!
  18. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    You two remember that!
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