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    In the event anyone still has interest in the staffing at the BPD, Chief Testa has retired and Boulder appointed an interim chief – Carey Weinheimer. Weinheimer took over September 3. Interestingly he has some background with the R case. He was appointed to the investigative team originally by Chief Koby and later confirmed in his role by Chief Beckner.

    According to PMPT he was responsible for interviewing AG employee Denise Wolf, JR’s executive assistant, for the names of any disgruntled employees.

    During ST’s era, he was also part of the BPD presentation of the case to the DA’s office, in hopes that the DA would take the case to the Grand Jury. His part of the presentation was to explain the pineapple evidence.

    Since JonBenét’s homicide is considered an unsolved cold case, it’s not likely that Weinheimer’s history as a detective on the case will matter much. pigsfly.gif However, it is somewhat heartening to know he will be able to dismantle any tabloid confessions with some authority.
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    From the Daily Camera - Boulder has hired a new police chief who will begin her duties April 20. Maris Herold was most recently Chief of Police for the University of Cincinnati. Prior to that role she was with the Cincinnati Police Department.

    Her Diversity and Leadership Statement (June, 2016) includes the following interesting info:
    My early professional background separates me from most other police executives. As an emergency psychiatric intake worker and social worker, I served diverse urban populations and partnered with numerous social service agencies in an attempt to stabilize families in crisis. Much of my early career focused on investigating severe cases of child abuse and sexual assaults within a wide spectrum of population demographics.

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