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    Heymom, that photo had to have been selected intentionally! :D The tongue came out when he mentioned losing his life savings and also when the New Mrs. JR walked onto the stage. (Some kind of anxiety?)

    On a related topic mentioned on this thread, I was thinking about Boesp’s and your questions about why JR spoke now. Boyles did a brief interview with Pendergast this past Monday and asked the same question, why now?

    I considered a couple of reasons he did the story.
    1) Walters reached out to him, and we know JR prefers, as Pendergast puts it, the “whiffle ball†questions. I’m guessing he may have received a list of the subjects to be covered. The Walters interview would be a cake walk and would give him another opportunity to advance his story, maybe make a little money for providing those movie clips of BR, though I didn’t perceive much defense of BR.
    2) JR is a competitive man (beating out a couple of other contenders for the presidency of Access Graphics, racing sailboats). Perhaps he felt that he ought to come out again to substantiate the story line they had promoted. He’d likely been counting on Woodward’s book being released to shield the family after Kolar’s book and the release of the True Bills. Problem with Woodward’s book . . .well, you know.

    Though I chose to not subject myself to the rehash of the old interview, I was interested in his gestures and the manner in which he replied during the new dialog with Walters. One part which gave me a stomach turning jolt was this -
    Walters attempted to create a poignant moment by asking: When you see a six year old playing in the park . .do you. . .JR interrupts, and rushes into (and out of) an explanation: Yeah . .inaudible .yeah . . .a little bit, if they’re a little girl with blonde hair . . . .
    A little bit? It was that exchange between Walters and JR which made me think that he doesn’t only need a ghost writer for authoring a book. He needs a ghost speaker.
    I digress.


    I recall an interesting Ted Talks presentation by Pamela Meyers who wrote Liespotting. She said her purpose was not to teach people to come to a conclusion of lying when they see someone’s eyebrow twitch as in a ‘gotcha moment.’ It was to teach folks how to recognize in themselves what leads them to believe a liar. In this case, it seems as though many just need to believe the R storyline that they were just a normal, nice Christian family. And this belief was confirmed by ML’s ‘exoneration.’

    On this topic of what leads some to believe what the Rs and Smit said about the Intruder, I think of a story Meyers told at Ted Talks. Now you might remember Koko. Does anybody remember Koko the gorilla who was taught sign language? Koko was taught to communicate via sign language. Here's Koko with her kitten. It's her cute little, fluffy pet kitten. Koko once blamed her pet kitten for ripping a sink out of the wall.

    Koko thinks it will fly to blame the kitten for ripping out a sink. But of course it didn’t work.
    JMHO, for anyone who honestly studies the case, the Intruder theory is as outlandish as Koko’s blame of the sink and wall damage on a kitten. Sadly for justice for JonBenét, it worked.
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    It would fly under the following circumstances: :wood:
    1. It happened in Boulder.
    2. Koko retained Haddon, Morgan and Foreman as legal counsel.
    3. Lou Smit investigated it.
  3. Moab

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    Most especially #3!
  4. questfortrue

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    :rotfl: :floor:
    Oh dear, so if Koko had secured the right defense counsel in Boulder, and Smit had scrutinized the gorilla cam footage. . . but what if the GJ came out with True Bills? Koko would never have been charged!? The little cuddly kitten would forever be suspected! I’m shocked and must lie down now.
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    There's more... :D

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>​
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    Pesky common child murders.....

    Lizard Lip$ ~ the White Man$ Innocent O.J. Simp$on.
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    Sundry legal and media perspectives

    As we drift into the 20th anniversary of JonBenet’s death, it’s also certain that more films and hardhitting :)floor:) interviews such as the one done last November with Walters will occur.

    - Prendergast wrote an interesting article last month about the interview with Diane Sawyer and Sue Klebold, mother of the Columbine killer Dylan Klebold, in which he critiques the questions which Sawyer did not ask, and the overall tone of the Klebold interview. He also briefly compares it with the ‘whiffle-ball’ interview between JR and Walters.

    - Colorado has granted financial incentives to a team planning a film about the killing of child beauty pageant star JonBenet Ramsey in 1996.

    The Listen Productions-helmed project is eligible for a maximum rebate of $50,000 - 20 percent of the $250,000 the production has earmarked to spend in the state. Conditions for the rebate include an audit and a hiring requirement that at least 50 percent of the production’s workforce must be Colorado residents.

    The producer's description of the film is unusual: A sly and stylized exploration of the world’s most sensational child-murder case, the unsolved death of six-year-old American beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey. . .Casting JonBenet presents audiences with a hybrid of fiction and non-fiction filmmaking.

    As if the case needs a fictional hybrid to highlight its macabre and horrific facts. It sounds like Infotainment.

    -A blog about suing a county entity caught my eye this past week. Let me state upfront: I’ve no idea if the blogger is correct or if she has missed nuances of what a lawsuit against a county would entail. But it was of interest to me because I’ve always heard that Sovereign Immunity (SOI) protects government entities, specifically federal, state and city/county governments, from lawsuits. According to this blog - - not so. Cities and counties can be sued.

    Of course, it’s not as though anyone will, could or should ever initiate a lawsuit against Boulder County over something like missed oversight/the lack of transparency of government actions. (It was a mere 14 years after the GJ concluded that we learned True Bills were issued.) But sometimes one can’t help some wishful thinking that someone were held accountable for concealing these True Bills which apparently were tucked away in a safe, never to see the light of day until October 2013.
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    “A hybrid of fiction and non-fictionâ€
    Probably the usual hybrid we’ve been treated to by the likes of Michael Tracey et al.
    This one promises to be more bizarre than the rest if early indications are correct…

    “The production team behind a movie being made about the JonBenet Ramsey case is slated for just one day of filming in Boulder, and its shooting plans could come as a surprise.â€
    “Bellmer Productions LLC has pulled a city permit to shoot on Eighth Street between Silver Lake and Cherry avenues in far north Boulder near Foothills Community Park.
    The permit is for "a single snow day" in the hours between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. between Monday and March 21, and calls for a Boulder police officer to be on scene for intermittent traffic control.
    If the location is a surprise, the scene description listed on the city permit is, on the face of it, a riddle worthy of the still-unsolved murder itself.
    In the space where the permit applicant is asked to detail cameras, equipment and props that will be used, it is stated, "Video camera, prop police car, process trailer on back of truck. Movie set props to look like fake filming scene. Roadkill deer provided by CO Wildlife. Cop car 'hits' deer, fake movie crew removes deer from" (sic).â€
    Oh “deer.â€

    What’s sad is that Colorado is on the hook for 50k for what is likely to be pure swill.
    Money about as well spent as Lacy’s little expenditure on Karr.​
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    Cynic, I’m sure you’ve seen the next film announcement. (Internal - Entertainment - Mixed)

    The Ramsey project will be a docuseries featuring original investigators from the infamous case as well as new experts who will weigh in on the evidence.

    It’s been this way for a while I guess - True Crime as Infotainment. It’s best to keep one’s expectations low, especially since it’s CBS involved in the new production about the JonBenet Ramsey case. I have a feeling 48 hours will not change the tenor of what they put together in past years. Anyone recall the CBS program of 48 hours on the 10 year anniversary of the crime? Folks here will remember their use of Tracey in that program: For the past eight years, Michael Tracey has been a consultant to 48 Hours, giving the program access to his material.

    And what investigators are they going to bring forward from the past – Douglas (who had to disregard his own profiling guidance in order to cloak JR in the innocence shroud), Gray, San Augustin, RW Peterson, all hired by the Rs? I can scarcely mention Smit and his book sidekick Whitson without despair. Between them they pulled Intruder fictions out of the hat as they vigorously pursued The Intruder through The Looking Glass.!

    For any recent case followers here’s a mini-tour down memory lane of media mayhem and misinformation. (A good romp through Tracey’s distortions.) (Affectionately titled Farewell, My Lowlife
    Tracking down Colorado's most notorious gumshoes by Alan Prendergast) (A review by FFJ’s own cynic.)

    Just an inescapable conclusion: In the R case there will always be folks eager to shill the swill.
    Or as Dire Straits might sing -
    ♫ Money for nothin’ . . .Injustice for JB.

    My own opinion, of course.
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    Mine too.
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    One More Round....

    Just in time for the Twentieth Anniversary at the end of this year and, coincidentally enough, the return of the rancid Ramsey Spinner...Sue Bennett/jameson has returned and set up camp over at if attention is what they want, I will stroll back here and resurrect some reality to go along with their hypothetical theories simply because they would hate it if I did ~ LOL Rat reporting to duty!

    RR 2016
  12. Niner

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    Hey RiverRat! :hiya:

    Do you have a link to that Topix thread? TIA!! I've missed Bennett/Jameson's rants! LOL!

    Oh, and now were back to Helgoth (I believe it was the name) as the killer.... :facepalm:
  13. RiverRat

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    She is all over Topix with nothing new to add so linking is not important at this time. There is money to be made right now with the 20th anniversary so of course she is back with one hand out and the other grabbing her wallet! :snake:
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