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Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by JC, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    I LOVE the Black Knight! And, KK, you are so right about the resemblance! LOL

    We're still here, hopping around on our stumps after everything the Ramseys and their partners-in-crime have thrown at us, still trying to get some justice in this case. We may be down, but we're not out. "Tis but a scratch!"
  2. FordBrooklyn

    FordBrooklyn Member

    Sorry guys, I'm never online much so I don't get a chance to come here much - will try to more often! I am new as well. Thanks!
  3. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    Welcome FB.
  4. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Not to worry, Ford, we're a patient we've had no choice for 12+ years. HAHA

    Welcome to the forum. Wish we had some good news for you, but unfortunately, it only gets worse.


  5. madeleine_ws

    madeleine_ws Member

    Just wanted to say Hi to Learnin,glad you joined:heart:

    I don't post at topix but I do read there almost every day and I enjoy his/her posts!
  6. JC

    JC Superior Cool Member


    I stay busier with other things these days than I used to, and I don't mind saying it sucks. :did:
  7. she wounded

    she wounded Member

    Welcome to the crowed.
    Hope you like it at ffj.
    I do! :heart:
  8. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Learnin is here?
  9. madeleine_ws

    madeleine_ws Member

    Yep was showing as the newest registered member.
  10. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    Welllllllllllllllllllll almost here...
  11. rashomon

    rashomon Member

    Yesterday at topix, learnin wrote:

    "I wanted to let you and koldkase know, by the way, that I have registered at FFJ but am still not allowed to post as of says moderators haven't approved or something...hopefully soon". (learnin)
    (# 283)

    So "here" seems to be very close now :). Can't wait to welcome this excellent poster!
  12. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    Exactly...but Learnin is all set up as of earlier this morning!
  13. Learnin

    Learnin Member

    Well, I'm finally set up and ready to post. I'd like to present a very short background so you all know how I came to this site. I'll be as brief as possible.

    When this horrible crime happened, in 1996, I owned a TV which I used for viewing videotapes. I didn't have cable or antenna, so I did not watch TV news, etc. My wife became interested in the case and she would read about it in the tabloids or newspaper. I would hear her discussing some things with my sisters or others, but, I wasn't really interested. While in a patient room, I would see some newsclips and I remember being somewhat shocked watching the pageant videos. I did not know many of the details about the investigation but I did know about the reports of parental non-cooperation. Because of this, I figured the parents were covering something.

    Around two years ago, I came across the Smit theory on Discovery or some such other program. Since I did not know much of the background or evidence in the case, I was impresed by what Smit presented and I remember thinking: "Well, I guess my impression was wrong about the parents." Because of this, I became very interested in the case.

    I bought and read Thomas' book, PMPT and Douglas' book on the Cases That Haunt us. After reading all three, I became convinced, once again, that the parents were involved or were covering for someone who was involved.

    It was at this time that I began searching the internet for sites and forums and this is how I came across this particular one. I read many of the postings and learned a great deal but, at the time, I wasn't able to get registered so I finally found topix and began to post there.

    So, that's my background. I thank you all for the enlightening discussion which you have presented and look forward to some meaningful exchanges.
  14. Elle

    Elle Member

    Hello Learnin, nice to have you here. The JonBenét case is not as active as it once was. Many of the posters have vanished (?). I wish you all the best. Maybe you will bring some of them back. :) I'm one of the older Seniors here and now find I just can't get into all the research I once did, but I will look forward to reading your posts.
  15. Elle

    Elle Member

    Hi JC This is a lovely WELCOME sign you made for Learnin. I'm busy too, but would you believe, I was on my way for a week to French River in Ontario, and I missed a small step in a restaurant and I hurt my left foot and bashed my right knee. Not good for a Senior like me to do this, but six weeks later, I'm on the mend. No broken bones. Three cheers for Vitamins! :)
  16. Elle

    Elle Member

    Hi Wounded, Hope you are doing okay! :)
  17. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I'm so glad you're here, learnin. You have done some amazing tests and experiments on pineapple digestion, on par with Cherokee's ransom note analysis and Jayelles' Bloomies model experiment. (You can find those threads at the top of the JB forum first page. They're "must read" material if you really want to see a thorough break down of those issues.)

    We have had some interesting posters through the years, and some great discussions. We've tried to keep a lot of articles copied in posts here for discussion, which are no longer available online. So you can use the research function to find topics.

    We have a former long time friend of the Ramseys who posts here from time to time, Judith Phillips--she's "Cookie"; she has shared her personal insight into the family dynamics, etc. A poster called Spade gave us a copy of "The Bonita Papers" which you can find here, and it's an astonishing read.

    So thanks for your help with the pineapple timeline and as the others have said, welcome. If you have questions, just ask.
  18. Learnin

    Learnin Member

    Thank you, Elle 1. I can understand why this crime has gotten old for some of the ones who have been around for years. I am a relatively newcomer to the crime as I explained in my opening post. For many years, I spent most of my time studying religion and writing articles for various publications.

    I hope I'm able to bring a perspective from someone who, basically, began researching this crime thinking that Smit's theory was very plausible and, thus, thought an intruder probable.
  19. Learnin

    Learnin Member

    Thank you, wounded. It's nice to be here.
  20. Learnin

    Learnin Member

    Thanks so much, kk. I am very happy to be here, believe me. As I stated, this was the first site I came to after having read the three books I mentioned earlier. I have read some of the items you mentioned and they have been a big help. I'm going to continue reading and will comment from time to time. It's late so it's bedtime for bonzo, but, I hope to make some comments tomorrow on the Pineapple and Cream topic. Once again, thank you for your hospitality.
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