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Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by JC, Aug 4, 2009.

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    Wow, you are a brave man! I have vowed never to even pass through the fly space over Colorado, I'm so convinced of the evil in them there hills! Ever read The Shining? Oh, I think Stephen King channeled something during his stay at the hotel near Boulder!

    I wonder if the women who were with Patsy and JB in New York when the size 12-14 Bloomies were purchased actually know they were bought for a present. I wonder if any of them were there when they were paid for, discussed, or maybe mentioned later, at the hotel or a meal, etc. I doubt they'll ever come forth to corroborate anything, one way or the other, but this is just another example of how much can still be investigated easily, should anyone in LE actually be investigating the that would ever happen. :rolleyes:

    I will say that there was another size between those found in JB's drawer of undies, 4-6, and the ones found on her, 12-14. The logical size to buy, if they were meant to put over Pullups, would have been 8-10, IMO. If you look at my avatar or go to Jayelles' Bloomies threads and view the three sizes she compared, I don't think for one second the size 12-14 would have been put on the child for any normal reason. They wouldn't have stayed up once she stood up, no matter what was under them, IMO. To me, this proves that they were put on her after she was unconscious and dying or dead. She never stood up in those, IMO. They would have simply fallen to her ankles. Period.

    Anyone who argues she put them on herself is lying or delusional. Patsy lied about these 12-14 Bloomies to LE. Three times. She even lied about what size JB actually wore, repeatedly trying to MINIMIZE the evidence by saying JB wore a size 8! But LE stated clearly in the Atlanta interview, when questioning Patsy about JB's underwear and the Bloomies, that ALL THE UNDERWEAR IN JB'S DRAWER WAS A SIZE 4-6. So anyone with half a brain can figure out PATSY LIED TO LE TO CONCEAL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BLOOMIES.

    The only variation I can think of in which JB had the Bloomies on when she was still conscious, before the violence was unleashed on her, would be if she wanted to wear them and then an argument errupted when they were too large, maybe being the catalyst in some way of what happened to her. It's just an idea and simply a guess, as we will probably never know the full truth of this. But I cannot believe she ever walked out of the house in those Bloomies. That's as absurd an idea as has ever been put forth in this murder investigation.
  2. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Damn KK....

    That could never have been said any better!
  3. fr brown

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    I sent it to them in 2006 and told them exactly how I got it. They have original autopsy photos with good resolution to work with so they could do their own enhancement. (From an interview with Wickman I read recently, I get the impression that the police already know what made the mark.)

    And they probably read FFJ from time to time.

    I also have an enhanced version of the back marks. I'll post that at some point in the future.
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  4. fr brown

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    I'm guessing that the internal doodah is actually a depression in the skin that Photoshop turned into a raised area.
  5. DeeDee

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    Patsy admitted buying the size 12 panties for her niece. That was the truth. The LIE was that she didn't recall whether she bought a set for JB in her own size. She remembered, believe me. That was only a few weeks before.

    Pull-ups in 1996 were not nearly as bulky as they used to be in, lets say, the '70s when I was using them for my daughter. The panties found on JB were overkill as far as covering pull-ups. There were also no pull-ups found on JB. And if she was put to bed wearing pull-ups, why put panties OVER pull-ups UNDER pajamas? No parent does that. Lets be frank- the only reason JB was found wearing those huge panties was because the panties were right there in a gift box in the basement (several were found unwrapped). And NO intruder, even one who may have been familiar with the family, would know what Patsy had purchased and wrapped for OTHER people and hid in the basement.
    They would never have taken a chance going up to JB's room for a clean pair and risked being seen by their son, who may have been still awake or awakened by the scream or activity of the evening.
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