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    Smit said the two marks on her back and their distance from each other matched the prongs on a particular stun gin, the Air Taser. He also felt size and shape were consistent with marks left by such an instrument, which is used by pressing it's dual prongs against an individual and activating an electrical charge, But when I looked at the pictures, I didn't see that at all. For one thing, the sizes were different, and that alone would have refuted the stun gun contention. The coroner described one as three-sixteenths of an inch by one-eighth of an inch and the other as one-eighth by one-sixteenth of an inch. The coloration of the marks also varied, leading to the conclusion they weren't left in a simultaneous fashion by one object. The differences were even clearer on the marks on her face. Another point I remember from the autopsy report was that JonBenét was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, yet no defects were found on her clothing that corresponded with the abrasion found on her back underneath it. Mortal Evidence by Cyril Wecht, MD., J.D. and Craig Saitz with Mark Curriden P74;pp2
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    stun gun misuse

    The marks on JonBenet are too "perfectly" shaped...as small round dots. To me, this indicates misuse of a stun gun if those marks were actually left from a stun gun. The perp would have had to hold the stun gun on her skin, making contact with the skin, while triggering the gun. The problem is that stun guns work by the electrical current jumping back and forth between the two prongs to create the electrical arch that does the stunning.

    So when the perp stuns someone, it's the electrical arcing that makes contact with the skin, NOT THE PRONGS! That electrical arcing leaves welts, NOT LITTLE ROUND CIRCLES!

    Stun guns don't burn the skin. What they do is wreak havoc with the nerves in the tissue under the skin. There's inflammation and welting on the top of the skin, but underneath the skin is the real proof of stun gun use.

    FWIW, I think Wecht was right when he called these marks punctate wounds.
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