One Piece of "Physical" Evidence - Hanging?

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  1. VP

    VP Member

    I remember laughing and thinking how John Walsh needed to get his information straight when I heard this. Was this a mistake or a slip? He says "cut her down" twice. Could this be the one piece of physical evidence that we are not aware of but that John Karr might know? And if he does know - who gave him the information? John Ramsey would have known as would have Lou Smit, and thus Ollie and San Augustin. He could simply have seen this LKL interview with Walsh. Is there anyone here who could look at the autopsy and tell whether or not the condition of the body is conducive to being hung?

    Interview With John Walsh
    Aired March 4, 2002 - 21:00 ET

    "KING: Have you ever shown an interest the in the JonBenet Ramsey case?

    WALSH: You know, we were asked to do that case a year afterward to try to help the Boulder police, you know, get a couple tips on it. But I think everybody knows that the case was compromised by bad police work in the beginning. I'm not the first one to say that and I'm a great supporter of law enforcement.

    I mean, you are a detective and you go to a kidnapping of a high -- prominent family in a very wealthy area, and then, you know, police work 101, you clear the house and you clear the crime scene. She allowed the father and his friend to search the house. So he cuts down JonBenet, who is hanging down there. He compromised the crime scene, whether he had anything to do with it or he had nothing to do with it, he cut down his daughter in the crime scene with the DNA."

    Bold emphasis mine.

  2. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator


    John Walsh had not done his homework for that show. The marks around her neck would have been in a totally different position if she had been hanged for any length of time.

    The autopsy photos do not support Walsh in this statement.
  3. VP

    VP Member

    I agree Luker,and that was my first thought, but

    look at the rest of what he says - it's all right on the money. We always wondered why her hands were tied above her head and why the knots were so loose. If by some remote possibility this is true, then what would John have cut her down with? The swiss army knife?

    As for the marks on her neck- if she were hung posthumously (sp), and the damage had already been done to her neck, would the marks have changed much? She would not be like hanging an adult, weight-wise. What did she weigh? Maybe 30 pounds?

    I'm by no means an expert on this, but I think it's worth looking at and eliminating as a possibility.
  4. zoomama

    zoomama Active Member

    And this thought,

    the lividity should have told what position the body was in for the longest period of time after her death. And the wrist "restraints" were very large as to almost falling off her body so they dont' seem to have been used to hang her.

    Now you have me thinking: What about that 45 min to an hour that JR was not seen by all those present. If that was his time to go down to the basement and find JBR dead but hanging (oh what a thought) then that was the time he could have cut her down, and then staged the scene with the blanket all tucked in around her etc. As to what he cut her down with, many men carry a smallish pocket knife in their pants pocket just as a routine. What do the ends of the tape/rope that was on her hands look like? Could they hve been cut with a knife vs. scissors?
  5. VP

    VP Member

    No Zoom

    I don't think she was hung by her hands at all, but I think they could have been tied to the garotte rope. I just thought of something else too - Fleet White saying he did not see her when he opened the door earlier that day....maybe that's because she wasn't where Johns says he found her.
  6. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    There was a rumor early on that JBR was found hanging by her neck in a laundry shoot--turned out to be false.
  7. Elle

    Elle Member

    I agree with you VP. It's worth looking at, and if this could be what Karr brought up, this news was already out there, from John Walsh - right? We never ever hear of this faux pas being discussed. I'm glad you brought it up.
  8. zoomama

    zoomama Active Member

    Oh VP

    I totally agree with you there. I never thought of her as hanging but I have wondered why here arms were in rigor over her head. Very strange indeed. My thoughts were just musings, what if's so to speak.
  9. tylin

    tylin Banned

    That's an excellent thought.
    I admit though that it sounds like Walsh didn't know the facts of the case when he made the statements on LKL.
  10. Elle

    Elle Member

    Plus, John Ramsey also told his son, John Andrew, daughter Melinda and fiancé Stewart Long, in a van, that he had found JonBenét at 11:00 am that morning of the 26 December, 1996, outside the Ramsey home, before the went to the Fernies.

    So, who knows what he was up to when he was away from the group of friends that morning for close to an hour (?)

    N.B. The Ramsey family, plus Melinda's fiancé went into a van to have a discussion. John Ramsey tells them he found her at eleven o'clock that morning.
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  11. philmein

    philmein Member

    WHAT?!?! I never heard of that. Is this admission of finding JonBenet in a van, by John, public knowledge? If so, HOW IN THE WORLD has it been dismissed?

  12. tylin

    tylin Banned

    Had to edit this. lol
    I thought you meant JR said he found JBR in a van. lol Sorry about that.
    I have to admit, I didn't remember anything about John saying he found the body at 11am...that is very interesting. :snake:
  13. Elle

    Elle Member

    Yes! Stewart Long, fiancé of Melinda Ramsey phoned Steve Thomas and told him John Ramsey and son broke down in tears, in the van, as John described how he had discovered the body at eleven o'clock that morning. Steve Thomas "JonBenét" PB 156-157.
  14. Elle

    Elle Member

    Give me a minute and I'll give you more.
  15. VP

    VP Member

    lol - Elle meant

    John told them in the van, not that she was found in the van!
  16. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator

    Not "in" a van

    Easy to mix that statement up but no, he didn't say he found her *in a van*, he was talking to his son who was in a van and telling him he found JonBenet at 11am.
  17. philmein

    philmein Member

    Oh... that makes much more sense. This was a CASE CLOSED, otherwise. Too bad.... sigh.
  18. Elle

    Elle Member

    Here it is tylin.

    Courtesy of Little - Steve Thomas Hardback Page 138 -139 Paperback 156-157

  19. tylin

    tylin Banned

    You are a doll! Thank you so much. :beats: :thumbsup:

    OMG It states it as plain as day...he found the body at 11am!
  20. Elle

    Elle Member

    I did have commas you guys. :)

    ... ... ... broke down in tears, in the van, as John described ... ... ...

    pay tenshun! :)
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