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    Pam’s book, Patsy Ramsey - What the Pilot's Wife Knew?, is a fawning expose of her love for the Ramseys and Patsy in particular.

    Some excerpts from the book and my comments in blue are below.

    Patsy looked so lovely in her fall outfit of a blazer and nice woolen pants. She told me she often had to change her clothes depending on her mood, and the weather because it was so unpredictable around here unlike Atlanta where they had lived previously. She told me she would drive John crazy changing clothes so often. “I got used to changing clothes a lot when I was a contestant in the Miss America contest,†Patsy stated.
    Unless it’s December 26, 1996 and she wears the same clothes from the day before.

    The children were polite upon being introduced, but both were bored with the adult conversations, and ignored us. JonBenet flirted with Michael, asked him questions, laughed, and winked at him. Burke remained engrossed in his game boy computer and was not a bit social.
    JonBenet flirted with her husband?

    “When I was recovering from cancer we would all be lying in bed and watch movies together because frankly I was too sick to get out of bed.†She said, “Many a night we still have family night, and we all get into our big bed and watch movies.â€
    We know. It’s clear from the ransom note that she watched a lot of movies.

    As is always true with something that goes unanswered I want to know what and who did it. I can only hope that over time the real killer will be discovered through advanced DNA testing or that someone will reveal something on his or her death bed. I wait and hope, too. I was furious with the press and the people who thought John or Patsy would have murdered their lovely daughter and tried to cover it up. How dare people think such a thing? Why did the police only focus on them? Those who really knew them well would never doubt their innocence.
    Pam chose not to mention the GJ indictment – I guess she took a page out of the Barbara Walters playbook.

    Patsy had this thing about neatness and cleanliness. Her house was spotless and everything had a place. Nothing was in disarray nor would one walk in and find a “mess.†She was constantly washing clothes and bedding because she liked things clean. One time we were talking and I told her, “Patsy, I love an organized house and have very little clutter sitting out.†Patsy replied, “I never let anything just lie around because everything has its place.†She added, “I do laundry all the time myself because I like clean sheets. They smell so good.†“Patsy, I love to hang sheets outside when the weather is nice because I have always liked the smell of fresh sheets†I said. “Not, me, Pam, I have to get things done quickly and so it is always the dryer.â€
    I must admit I was shocked when I read this. It casts serious doubt on how well she knew Patsy.
    "Patsy replied, 'I never let anything just lie around because everything has its place.'†– What??? You’ve got to be kidding me.

    “Patsy, I am so very sorry that you have suffered such a loss, but I have a wonderful memory of her on the night of the Parade of Lights.†Patsy relied, “Yes, but she was cold.†I was taken back by the response, but knew this was a mother who was grieving for her only daughter, and for being through so much in such a short time. Her statement haunted me for a long time, though. It felt hurtful to me since we had tried so hard to keep her warm that night, but someone had told Patsy that JonBenet was cold. Why she brought that up was interesting since I wondered if she was confusing that memory with touching her daughter as they held her, and put her under the Christmas tree knowing she was dead. During the service, Burke was playing with a model airplane, and not paying attention to what was going on around him. His parents were grieving as were every adult in the room, but Burke was ignoring everything and just flying his plane lost within his own thoughts. but Patsy stood up and with her hands held high and wide above her head, walked slowly up the aisle saying nothing. She had a large cross around her neck and a black veil that covered most of her face. She reminded me of Jackie Kennedy at John F. Kennedy’s funeral with her black dress and black veil. One could see that she was crying. As she walked up the aisle she looked straight ahead, walking as if she were in a trance. I was shocked by this since I had never seen this done in any funeral service I had ever been to. I did not know if she was in such shock that she was just going with her feelings or if she trying to get a message across that the pain was so great and she just wanted God to take it away. Was she giving her daughter to God? It was so dramatic that I wondered why she was doing this. To this day, I still do not have an answer because I never asked Patsy what had happened as it seemed too personal to me. Maybe she would not even remember doing this since she seemed to be in a trance.
    "During the service, Burke was playing with a model airplane, and not paying attention to what was going on around him."
    Not surprising.

    It was in May in 1999 that John, Patsy and Burke arrived at our home in Lafayette to stay for two nights. Burke had his time before the grand jury, and they needed a “safe place†to spend the nights and days. Everyone knew of some of their former overnight hide away places, and no one would suspect the house in Stonehenge out in Lafayette.
    According to this account Burke spent a portion of two days testifying before the GJ.

    It was in October that I learned that John and Patsy had decided to come out for the grand jury’s final decision that would decide their fate. Michael told me that we would be helping them with a plan to get them to our home undiscovered by the media.
    At one point I went downstairs as Patsy was watching different news commentators discuss the lack of evidence for an indictment. Patsy was agitated and said, “I want her name. We need to get our attorneys on her, and sue her for what she is saying.†Patsy was serious and mad that the woman was saying she didn’t understand why they were not indicted since there was so much that pointed to both of them. Yes, Patsy was hopping mad. She jumped up and down and said, “Write her name down as we need to get her for saying these things about us.†I felt Patsy was letting off a lot of tension with her outburst of anger, but then I could sort of understand how she felt.

    Other casualties were the friendship with Barbara Fernie that Patsy had but seemed to end shortly after the memorial in Boulder. What happened to the friendship? The Fernie’s were always supportive towards Patsy and John so what happened to end that relationship? The loss continued after the grand jury said no one was guilty. They could not find enough evidence on John and Patsy to convict them. Well into 2001 the toll kept going as people felt their lives crumble. Our wonderful District Attorney Alex Hunter retired too early.

    Alex retired too early!? Lol.
    I ask again, why no mention of the GJ indictment?

    I personally had talked to Alex Hunter who kept a picture of JonBenet above his desk, and he said he wanted to find her killer or killers if it was the last thing he did.
    Alex at his two-faced best.
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    The book did have two handwriting samples from Patsy…


  3. heymom

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    Those are both Patsy's handwriting??? Wow, what a change in just a few months - I wonder if she was intentionally trying to vary her normal handwriting or ???
  4. DeeDee

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    It's been long discussed that Patsy altered her handwriting after the murder. One of the teachers at the kids' school mentioned that before JB died, Patsy's notes were always handwritten, and after the death they were printed. One of many issues that never came to resolution because Patsy was never asked about it, either by LE or on a witness stand.
  5. questfortrue

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    Hi, DeeDee,
    I also wondered if she could change her handwriting that much from November 1999 to March 2000. She probably could! :) But the back slant handwriting reminded me a little of the one example of JR’s handwriting which was printed vs. handwritten. Well, see what you think.

  6. BOESP

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    Any chance Patsy filled in the above paperwork for John? Sounds like a tort and maybe handled without an attorney???
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