Patsy and the Red Jumpsuit

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Watching You, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. Elle

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    The term jumpsuit

    The term "jumpsuit" is still a long T-shirt for the want of a better word with little studs in the crotch for easy opening; therefore still classified as a top or a sweater, but these are used for ballet and other activities, therefore called a jumpsuit. It's still just "one piece."

    The fact this top was balled up on JonBenét's bathroom counter tells me it was definitely soiled and rinsed. Patsy Ramsey could have taken this off her on her nightly check to waken up JonBenét, and remembering Nedra Paugh's statement to Steve Thomas. JonBenét would scream bloody murder if she was pulled out of her bed. (Steve Thomas "JonBenét page 102 PB" this is exactly what could have happened.

    I agree with you Dejanu. Patsy did state she had thrown some other things in a bag for washing later in Charlevoix. Depending on how badly soiled the red top was, it could have been put in a small plastic bag and then into the other bag of clothes Moab mentioned. A bag of clothes was found at the bottom of the spiral stairs and taken to the police station, but I have never read any more on that.

    If the red top was badly soiled, all the more reason for Patsy Ramsey to lose her temper with JonBenét.

    I think this red top was overlooked in the panic which followed, considering all the Ramseys had to do relating to the staging(?).

    What killer would waste time washing their victim down and then redressing her?
  2. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    The Mouth at the Swamp

    says we're all full of it, LOL. So what else is new?

    She says there were two garments, and both were dry. I guess she was there, so she knows this, because she says it's fact.

    The fact is, Patsy herself said she "rinsed" out a red jumpsuit. When one rinses something, one uses water. Water is wet. Therefore, the garment that was "rinsed" out was wet or damp.

    Don't they have water in North Carolina? Do they "rinse" items with something other than water? Isn't their water wet? Isn't all water wet? Isn't that an oxymoron?

    Speaking of morons....
  3. Twitch

    Twitch Active Member

    Ruthee believed...

    (That'll get em going over there.)

    I believe JonBenet was first strangled by her red shirt, not resulting in death but possibly resulting in seizure and/or coma. Near the end of her life she was then strangled to death with the cord in an attempt to cover the first incident.
  4. Elle

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    Of course she was there!!

    Of course Jams was there WY. So was Susan Stine, Toth, Rainsong and all the other "Ramsey know it alls!"
  5. Elle

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    Re: Ruthee believed...

    It's been a long time Twitch since I looked at that photo of the scarf entwined with the cord. No one ever talks about this any more. It certainly does look like a scarf from the very thin edging displayed. Looks like the corner of a very fine scarf. Probably one of Patsy's
  6. Deja Nu

    Deja Nu Banned

    WY: "The fact is, Patsy herself said she "rinsed" out a red jumpsuit. When one rinses something, one uses water. Water is wet. Therefore, the garment that was "rinsed" out was wet or damp.

    Don't they have water in North Carolina? Do they "rinse" items with something other than water? Isn't their water wet? Isn't all water wet? Isn't that an oxymoron?"

    No, no, WY, the Bent One is telling us that her beloved Patsy LIED!

    Oxymoron...maybe in Hooterville that's that laundry detergent that uses oxygen to clean, and hence, no liquid????? LOL
  7. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    jammy sue

    and her suckfishes always like to leave a few things out.

    Because it suits their purpose and their agenda, they completely disregard the police statements concerning what the Ramseys said the morning of Dec. 26. First they take the BPD to task because the BPD states they couldn't get interviews with the Ramseys for four months, saying the cops were with the Ramseys all day and did interviews then. But, wait, hell, what statements the cops did get that morning were all wrong, according to genius and her suckies.

    Everything Officer French wrote in his police statement concerning what Patsy told him, including the fact that she said she rinsed/washed out that red jumpsuit, is discounted, because French is, well, he's just...wrong. Must be all the officers present in the house that morning and afternoon lied - every last one of them. Of course they did. Because jammy sue said so.

    Unlike the geniuses at the swamp, I do pay attention to what the police statements say. And, the police statements say Patsy said she washed/rinsed that jumpsuit out. Anything she says later is a contradiction. What's the real truth? I don't know. I wasn't there.

    Neither was jammy Bennett.
  8. Deja Nu

    Deja Nu Banned

    WY, ya hafta wonder about people who claim the whole world is lying but them and their pet perps. I sent an email to George W. volunteering them to be the first to colonize Mars....
  9. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin


    Just think - they could return to their roots. I hear their ancestors are still there waiting for them. Pebbles and rocks.
  10. Figment

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    Hello to all :D

    Something about Patsy's claims as to rinsing the "jumpsuit" that morning always bothered me, and until I perused this thread, I couldn't put my finger on it.

    But it's so simple! The inconsistent behavior pertaining to the morning's time constraints, as well as cleaning-up being so un-patsy! Not to mention the connection and support this lends to the possibility that this had something to do with JB's bedwetting.

    The Ramsey's and their endless stream of inconsistencies and obvious lies is really unbelievable :mad:

    Question...I seem to recall reading somewhere that in the police report, JB was described as being found in a light-colored turtleneck. Is this just a misprint? Everything else I've read says crewneck. Just curious.

  11. Why_Nut

    Why_Nut FFJ Senior Member

    Re: @%~~

    You are accurately recalling the contents of the search warrants. In them are written these words, as sworn to by Detective Jim Byfield:

    The girl's lips were blue; she appeared to have livor mortis on her back side of her body; she had rigor mortis; she was not breathing. JonBenet was dressed in a light colored long-sleeved turtleneck and light-colored pants (similar to pajama bottoms). John Ramsey placed the girl onto the floor, inside the front door.

    As it turned out, JonBenet was not wearing a turtleneck; it was easy to confuse a shadow line from the ligature around her neck as being the collar of a turtleneck. But yes, initially at least one official involved in the case was willing to go on the permanent record as stating that she was wearing that kind of clothing.
  12. Elle

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    It wouldn't hurt for any of us to read over any of the following.
    Thank you for mentioning the search warrant WN.

    This link is not opening the whole site. Just showing a headline (?). I opened it with no problem in Google.

    The Autopsy Report

    The Ransom Note

    The 3/97 Michigan Search Warrant

    The 1/97 Michigan Search Warrant

    The Colorado Search Warrants
  13. Elle

    Elle Member

  14. Ginja

    Ginja Member

    Meaningful "inconsistencies"

    As we all recognize, the Ramseys "testimony" is full of inconsistencies. But what kind of inconsistencies? Most seem to revolve around points that would have no bearing on who killed JonBenet or why.

    What was the purpose in making sure the story went that JonBenet was sound asleep and put to bed?

    What was the purpose in claiming Burke was in bed sleeping?

    What was the purpose in detailing John's reading of the note in his underwear on all fours?

    What was the purpose in Patsy's statement that she rinsed out the red whatever on her way to the kitchen?

    I'll tell you why:

    Because all of these "tidbit inconsistencies" were presented as "fact" to cover up the real facts!

    JonBenet was not asleep when she got home. She was awake and eating pineapple.

    Burke was not in bed the next morning, he was standing in/near the kitchen asking questions of John while Patsy made the 911 call.

    John was not undressed and he certainly did not get down on all fours to read a note off the floor.

    These tidbit inconsistences serve a purpose: to hide what was truly going on at these different points in time

    John and Patsy never went to bed Christmas night. They came home from the Whites and the kids had a snack and played with toys for a bit and then were told to go to bed. My guess is that Patsy went about with last minute prep before the trip while John saw to it that the kids went to bed. He probably sent JonBenet off first to get changed, accompanying Burke to his room, making sure he changed into his pj's and brushed his teeth. Tucked in, John then went to JonBenet's room. Patsy comes upstairs and finds John in the room with JBR doing whatever, and explodes. All hell breaks loose, JonBenet gets in the middle and is accidentally struck down.

    The rest of the night the parents are making calls (Bynum and Beuf) and staging the crime scene to make it look like something else happened.

    So Patsy doesn't need to wake up and get dressed the next morning, because she never changed.

    John gave the note a last glance over before the two called the police-- perhaps Patsy first placed the note on the floor. Not wanting to get his fingerprints all over it, John looks down at it and decides it's not a good idea to leave the note there...better put it somewhere where it won't fly all over the place. So Patsy places it neatly on one of the steps.

    The two go upstairs to wait til it's "time" to call the police, making last minute "fixes" to their stories. It has to look like neither expected anything other than to wake up and take off for the airport. So Patsy comes up with the story that on the way down the stairs to get coffee, she stops and grabs the jumpsuit (which had been laying around waiting to get washed) and stuffs it in a bag or rinses it out, whatever. In reality, she does no such's part of the cover story to show she was oblivious to what had happened and this is the sort of thing she would probably do if the intent really had been to take off for the airport.

    One has to realize that this entire crime was staged. That includes all the lies being told regarding the conditions of the house and family upon their return from the Whites.

    One has to realize, that in order for the story to fly that some stranger came into the home in the middle of the night and pulled all this off, everyone had to be so tired, sleeping so soundly, that nothing could have or would have awakened them. Thus, JBR was already out cold when they got home, Burke slept so soundly through the night that he was still out cold when the cops showed up at 6 a.m., and John had to take a melatonin to ensure he'd get a restful sleep for the early morning flight.

    The red sweater/turtleneck/jumpsuit is just another "prop" in this macabre storyline to support the Rams claims of intrusion.
  15. 1000 Sparks

    1000 Sparks Active Member


    Nice to see you around Ginja.

    Good post.
  16. Elle

    Elle Member

    Exactly Ginja!

    Excellent post Ginja! For sure. we often get sidetracked with these inconsistencies.

    Delmar England has always told me to stick with the visible evidence, and there sure is a lot of it in the Ramsey home.

    P.S. Ginja, I have copied your post to Crime and Justice, with credits posted. Should you object to this, please let me know and I will have the moderators delete it.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2004
  17. Ginja

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    Elle, feel free to post this anywhere you want. I'm just surprised it hasn't already popped up at the Swamp with Jameson editorializing it as BORG bullchit. Of course, we all know that the elevators don't go all the way to the top over there. Perhaps this is too "steep" for them to comment other than to say it's BORG crap.

    The reality of it is that the BORG are on target; it's the anti-BORG editorializing that's devoid of logical reasoning. Imagine if there was intelligent lifeforms over there? LOLOL
  18. Elle

    Elle Member

    your post

    Thank you, Ginja, I have stated myself here and there that if we believe the crime was staged, then we cannot believe anything the Ramseys have to say. I am mainly interested in replying to the posters looking for documented information, and this often includes the DOI book.

    The Ramsey's book did give me an inside into their way of life, and having read this book first I believed they may well be innocent until I delved deeper and realized I was wrong.

    I truly liked the way you wrote your post. I could see you in your classroom standing there beside your blackboard, with pointer in hand, while all we posters sat there and listened to what you had to say. I paid attention!! I could feel your power coming through. :)

    I'm frightened to admit to my grandchildren that I'm a BORG. They would just give me a funny look. :rolleyes: Yes, I watched Star Trek umpteen years ago with their Dad's!

    All this bantering between Jams and the BORGS is entertainment, for the JB posters Ginja. :) I only go over there now and then.
  19. Elle

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    Steve Thomas theory


    I was posting this on Crime and Justice on the thread I opened with your post, and realized that I hadn't stated my own thoughts to you. I think along the same lines as Steve Thomas.

    Steve Thomas "JonBenét" 102. Steve was curious about Patsy having told the police "the child went to sleep in a red turtleneck although the body was found in a white top and the turtleneck had been discovered rolled up on the bathroom sink.

    Steve asks: Could there have been a bed-soiling accident that night? Patsy was the only one who could tell us and she wouldn't.

    Steve wanted to know what JonBenét would do if wakened suddenly. Nedra Paugh : "She didn't like you pulling her out of bed," her grandmother said. "She would scream bloody murder." Steve Thomas 102

    In the NE Police Files, Patsy later changed her statement to her leaving JonBenét in the white top she wore to the White's party, the one with the star, from the Gap.

    I am one of the posters who doesn't think John was involved sexually with JonBénét because of his previous two year affair while married to Lucinda. I never thought of John Ramsey in this light, but I still think Ginja's post was an excellent one for those posters who do feel that this is the way it may have happened.

    I truthfully don't know enough about pedophile history. I was always under the impression that an adult male who preferred women for sex, wouldn't be interested in small children. In light of the recent posts here on FFJ seems I have a lot to learn.

    I still thought your post was an excellent one, Ginja, and should be read by those who think exactly the same as yourself.
  20. Niner

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    Ginja - I have to say - I agree with you on your post above. I believe there is a 'little' bit of truth in what Patsy says happened that morning - like the 'little' truths to Scott Peterson's story - his wife wearing black pants, white top - but it was the morning before...
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