Pay Attention, Mary Lacy: Prosecutors are accountable for their actions

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Watching You, Jun 12, 2007.

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    She's gotten so big and she's prettier than before.
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    Hi there, my ...aren't you adorable!!!!
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    Noodles has grown up to be just the most beautiful lady. She is just too cute! Thanks for the picture Bob

    She's "almost" as big as my George (just kidding) :)

    It's good to be George!

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    Booger is our old fat golden retriever.
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    Young children do not lie about rape/molestation, IMO, but, if a parent with a grudge is involved, there's no telling what manipulation the child has been exposed to. If a child is raped, there will be physical signs of that rape; molestation without penetration, maybe not, but, then, rape is rape, and messing with any child is the same thing as raping them, I believe.

    This is something about the system I hate (among others). Kids should NOT have to get on the stand and testify about what some dirtbag did to them. It should and could be handled another way, whether in front of the judge or alone with a psychologist with the session being taped to be shown in court, later. For a defense attorney to subject a child to brutal cross-examination is abominable, and it were my child on that stand, I would want to kill both him and his client. They may as well rape the child all over again.

    I could be an advocate for rape victims (I do have three daughters, you know), except that I've seen the other side of it, too, and I know some women are b!tches who will lie just to cause trouble for a man they believe did them wrong, and maybe the guy did do them wrong, but that's not a good reason for a rape accusation. My daughter is one of two female police officers in our city. She will be retiring from the police force in a couple of years, which makes me happy given the crap that's going on with cops getting shot. She handles (female) rape investigations, and that's how I know there really is another side. Some women are capable of doing some very vicious things to guys; the Duke case is just one example of this.
  6. JC

    JC Superior Cool Member

    My niece was a police officer for several years. She's a mother of two with another on the way. I was glad when she was able to leave the force to become a full-time Mom - for the same reason you mention.
  7. Moab

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    First, please thank your daughter (as well as the daughters and sons of others who serve) for the profession she chose, and the honorable way in which she performs this job. I pray she will remain safe from harm until it is her time to retire.

    Secondly, there are other ways for these children who are minors to testify, and that is via closed circuit TV, and if it weren't for the prosecutors who want to see and effectively "use" the "effect" on the jury, more states would use it. I agree that they are being re-victimized, and the attorneys for the victims who do not demand an alternative method from testifying in court at that age are doing a grave disservice to their client.
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    I love Noodles and George!!!!!
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    Thanks! Noodles is the coolest dog. Everyone loves her! Babs--great cat!
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    Well, see, I guess we all have our personal opinions and they come from different places. Personally, I think the ADDICT who lied IS a skank. I think hookers are skanks. I think strippers are skanks. Women who sell thenselves for sex, to profit from the dark side of human nature--SKANKS. They hurt many others besides themselves: wives, mothers, children, their own families, and yes, the johns, though the johns reciprocate, IMO.

    And people who are drug addicts--legal or illegal drugs, and/or alcoholics, make a choice, IMO. They HAVE to take responsibility, just like the rest of us, or they never will stop being destructive. I speak from personal experience with family members, not from a theoretical POV. I know the cost of selfishness and denial on that level. The devastation is hard to get past. But after a point, it's just bad character and if that's the life they CHOOSE, then so be it, they will reap the consequences. There's a reason for TOUGH LOVE: THEY WILL TAKE YOU DOWN WITH THEM. Guess Nifong learned THAT the hard way.

    I do support anyone who makes the effort to clean up and god bless. But a person who does what this woman did--no sympathy from me. I don't believe for one minute she didn't know she was lying. At best, if she's not locked up in a mental ward, she has touch with reality and she either knew she was lying or that she didn't KNOW what happened. In either case, she should have told the DA she couldn't swear to anything. But with what I'm learning about her history, she's a lowlife who has cost a lot of people, all because she's a low down JUNKIE who lives for DRUGS. Lying and doing evil things--that's the price. She pays it willingly, it's obvious to me.

    She's made her choices. She had others. Call me cold, but with what she's done to so many in this case alone, I'd say SHE'S THE ONE WHO IS COLD.
  11. heymom

    heymom Member

    KK, you may be right - I have not researched Crystal's background thoroughly, although what I glanced at last night seemed to add up to someone who has been scamming false rapes pretty much her whole life. Where the drugs came into the scene, I couldn't discover. Yes, I agree, no one is a victim - the choices are always there, to give in to temptation or resist it. And even a drug addict knows right from wrong, even sometimes when he or she is stoned.

    I think she probably thought to herself, "This could be some BIG MONEY, from these white boys and their parents." I call that extortion, and yes, I do think she needs to be charged and tried. But she won't be, will she? And she has no money to be sued out of, unfortunately.

  12. heymom

    heymom Member

    Do you ever watch "Intervention" on A&E? I feel so sorry for the families of these addicts/alcoholics, and I think it's sad that they pin their hopes on the addict's response to the confrontation. In my experience, it's very rare that anyone makes a permanent change until they hit their own bottom. Not Mom or Dad's bottom, not Uncle's, not Girlfriend's or Wife's or Husband's bottom, but their OWN bottom level. And sometimes that doesn't come.

    The show gives updates on the person at the end, and many times, you see people go through rehab and then relapse right back into the addiction. It doesn't take unless the addict is truly ready, and if that were the case, they can find the help for themselves.

    It does help the family be firm in not continuing the enabling, though, so at least it's good for that purpose. I remember one show where the addict was the most foul and nasty girl, and she totally refused rehab at first, then went, but left and returned to her grandfather's house, and he continued to pay her tab. Sad.
  13. JC

    JC Superior Cool Member

    Off topic.

    I don't think it's a parent with a grudge as the accused is not an immediate family member, only a caretaker at times.

    But that's just it. There are no physical signs, according to the defense's opening statement, and there are medical exams to prove it.

    Even so the old coot isn't charged with penetration, because the child told the investigator he had (besides all the other stuff he did to her), I guess the door is open for the defense to question if any of of the molestations happened.
  14. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    How old is the child in this case? I sometimes worry about the media's (sometimes) over-exposure to kids about sexual abuse. It's such a complex world we live in these days. Whether we want to admit it or not, some kids are brats, and they are also a lot more savvy then they used to be. They know all they have to do is accuse someone they don't like of sexual molestation, and that person is in big trouble. When I said kids don't lie about sexual abuse, I should have exempted these kinds of kids. The fact that sexual molestation without penetration is very hard to prove, given the lack of physical evidence, is another of those facts of life that hurts kids who have really been abused.

    Just like the world we live in, sexual abuse is also a complex issue. I don't think very young children lie about sexual abuse - if anything, they are either too afraid to tell or, in the case of a parent as the abuser, too afraid they will lose their father or mother. Kids are so vulnerable to manipulation. Older kids have separate issues, like the judgment of their peers and also the fear of being taken away from their parents. I have read the statistics on kids who are sexually abused. Although I can't remember the exact ratio right now, I know I was astonished when I read the article - a very high number of our kids are being sexually abused and used. It's a national tragedy of immense proportions, and very little is being done about it by our elected officials. I personally think that anyone who rapes a child should be imprisoned for life. No exceptions.

    I wish I knew all the answers. I don't.
  15. JC

    JC Superior Cool Member

    Sometimes I wish I knew all the answers, too. She was six years old when it happened. She's either seven or eight now.
  16. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    She was JB's age, just a baby. Why on earth would a child that age lie about something like that. My girls were very innocent at that age. They would have come to me in a heartbeat if someone were messing with them (and I probably would be sitting it out in prison right now for --justifiable--homicide).
  17. JC

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    Considering the other stuff she said he had her do, I think in her 6 yr old mind she thinks she was penetrated, when he was just --- well, you know or can imagine.
  18. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    You know, what does a 6 year old girls know about penetration? I didn't even know I had a vagina when I was 6 years old, much less think about it being penetrated. She may have actually felt pressure and thought that was "penetration" when she was asked about it.

    Yes, I can imagine, and it makes me want to puke first and kill second.
  19. JC

    JC Superior Cool Member

    I know. Thanks. :hug:
  20. The Punisher

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    You know, about 90% of child sex abuses go unreported. Why, indeed?
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