Peter Boyles talks about the recent Grand Jury revelation (Jan. 28 & 29, 2013)

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by cynic, Jan 31, 2013.

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    You are sooooooooo right! No way in hell do you go down to the basement if you put your daughter to bed, sound asleep, and an intruder took her from her bedroom and left a ransom note on the first floor. You might end up down in the basement, at some point, not having found any interesting quirks in the bedroom.
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    Hello neighbor! I agree with you that the medical records would most likely solve the case. The family dynamics seemed to be highly unusual. The picture BR drew, after JonBenet died, spoke volumes.

    JR in his plane, distant, which as I understand was how he pretty much approached life after Beth died. It never seemed as if BR and JR were really too close, even as BR grew up/

    PR, small and unimportant. Obviously not close to her 9 year old son, but focused on her 6 year old beauty queen. Did BR actually want his Mothers attention?

    onBenet, not even in the picture. Seems like he may have been happy to be the only child left in the family. I always wondered though, what his relationship with his parents was like after JonBenet died.

    Emotional issues wouldn't be unrelated to JonBenet if he was involved in the events that December night. It's hard to believe that both children had bed wetting/soiling problems and were both seeing psychiatrists. Whether there were emotional problems that occured 'naturally', or if the children were abused at a young age, psychiatric care, not counseling or therapy, is unusual.

    ;) I am from CA, transplanted in TX and I have seen evidence of your statement a time or two. These men really do have a 'come to Jesus moment'!! :D
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    I was unaware JonBenet was under psychiatric care. Is that fact or was it a "just for instance" statement?

    Call me stubborn, but I still think Steve Thomas's theory accounts best for what is known to the public. There is the possibility Thomas did not mention much about Burke because Burke was under-age, however, would that ruling still stand all these years later since Burke is an adult? Iirc, DeeDee once explained that Colorado law covered Burke by forever excluding him or even being mentioned as the possible offender.

    Patsy is dead. Burke can't be prosecuted. Most of the Statutes of Limitations have expired on what John can be charged with except kidnapping or some degree of murder (which includes homicide but not all homicides are murder). I translate that into Kolar at least thinks John took JonBenet from her bedroom to the basement, thus possibly qualifying for a kidnap charge????</snipped></snipped>
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    I agree with you here, DeeDee. Linda Arndt appeared to have sensed "all was not quite right" with John Ramsey's behaviour, but what happened to Linda's thinking as time passed and she appeared to grow quite close to the Ramseys? Plus she seemed out of favour with her colleagues(?).
  5. Elle

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    More than likely a young Senior! :)'

    Aw geez! I've already replied to this! Am I in trouble, or am I in trouble! :(
  6. BobC

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    Welcome to Texas Sun!

    Dee Dee I totally get that Arndt had good reason to feel John was involved, but she said she knew "exactly what happened." Then when asked if she ever wavered in that opinion, she said she never wavered. So I guess my problem is that she jumped to a conclusion that he, and not Patsy or even possibly Burke, did the murder. It''s not like Patsy was acting "normal" either.

    Early on, in the first couple of days after the crime, a former forum member and Boulderite went around Boulder posting flyers of "Wanted for murder, " featuring a pic of John Ramsey. This guy was a smart guy, but I found it disturbing that he would do all that before hardly any evidence on the murder was even known at the time. Over time Pasty became the main suspect, mostly because of the note. I'm just naturally cautious.
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    Arndt really couldn't have known "exactly what happened", though, could she? She didn't SEE it. In reality, only the perp/killer(s) can say that. Arndt made, based on her experience and intuition about it, a fair assumption. Keep in mind that Arndt was close to the case at the beginning- even being in the morgue to witness the autopsy (along with Sgt Trujillo). But before long, she was being made a scapegoat for the mistakes in the police investigation and she was eventually taken off the case. She also sued her employers. She may not have seen all the evidence, so for her to say she "never wavered" - may be because she never got all the information.
    I am not saying I disagree with her- I am RDI so I could see any of the 3 surviving family members (and a 4th who claimed not to be there) in that wineceller with JB. But other investigators were even closer to the case- and the truth- and I don't think anyone felt JDI apart from Arndt. Some of the forensic specialists who examined the autopsy report (and in some cases the photos) felt the father (JR) was responsible- at least for the molestation. But who the molester actually WAS has never been proven.
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    From /u/Fr_Brown:
    Where in JonBenet's room were the feces-smeared pajama bottoms "thought to belong to Burke" found? If they were in plain sight, is there a crime scene photograph of them? Were they collected?
    Was the "feces-smeared candy box" collected? If not, do you know why not?
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    [–]jameskolar 17 points 1 year ago
    It is my recollection that the pj bottoms were on the floor but I didn’t see that they or the box of candy were collected. It was an odd observation noted by investigators, but I don’t think they grasped the significance of those items at the time. Interviews were still being conducted with family employees and friends during and well after the completion of the execution of the search warrants.
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