Peter Hofstrom Has Died

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    Alex Hunter's second in command at the time JBR was murdered has died. Some of you may remember his famous, "We can't ransom the body," remark. He was also the ADA that handed over police investigative reports and let them see other evidence such as the garrotte BEFORE the Ramseys would agree to be interviewed four months after JBR was murdered. He also had Patsy do a handwriting sample at his dining room table.

    He also rubbed Fleet and Priscilla White the wrong way by lecturing them about his time spend at San Quintin as a guard.

    Here is the link to his obituary.
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    Thanks Tez, appreciate the update!
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    A number of persons affiliated with the case have passed away. I may have missed some in this list.

    Dr. Francesco Beuf: May 13, 1933 – May 11, 2017
    Ollie Gray: Mar 30, 1936 – Apr 6, 2017
    Bill Wise: Nov 30, 1937 – Nov 29, 2016
    Rev. ‘Rol’ Holverstock: Sept. 12, 1942 – October 1, 2015
    Bruce Levin: July 20, 1952 - July 27, 2015
    Lou Smit: Apr 14, 1935 – Aug 11, 2010

    Without calling out names, it may be noted that the list is a mixed bag of expertise. That said, it appears to me that among the legal professionals one of the most impressive was the attorney Bruce Levin. Levin’s skill is apparent in the year 2000 interviews.

    From the Denver Post a tribute to Levin included a couple of memories regarding his stature within the legal profession. Robert Fuller, a former investigator for the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, recalled Levin’s closing argument in the prosecution of Daniel Melina (accused in the witness slaying of Paul Bueno) was so powerful it left Fuller in tears.

    “Bruce was a man who always wanted to do the right thing, and the right thing was not always the easy thing. And it wasn’t always the thing that made people comfortable,†said Colorado Appeals Court Judge Steve Bernard, who worked with Levin in Adams County as a prosecutor. “Sometimes doing the right thing involved a level of personal sacrifice, but he always always did the right thing.â€
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    Relevant to the thread on Hofstrom, I discovered this blog article of Jann Scott’s last year. Peter Hofstrom (rip) convinced Intruder killed JonBenet He shares his discussion with Pete Hofstrom during time spent in a rehab center. RL got in the way, and I neglected to post the article. No particular reveals in this. As we know Hofstrom and DeMuth were proponents of the Intruder theory. Hunter allegedly seemed to adopt the BDI theory. (If you recall, according to Jeff Shapiro, Hunter said Patsy made the most sense as the perpetrator. Who knows where Hunter really stood.) Have a look at the insiders’ viewpoints.

    Then here’s a glimpse back at the cooperation Hunter provided LW, in order to enhance the defense’s lawsuits on behalf of BR. Lin Wood Affidavit for Alex Hunter. Unedited. Tricia’s favorite quote from LW’s letter to Hunter -

    "While there are no guarantees. hopefully this Affidavit will minimize or negate any further appearances by Alex or a representative of the D.A.'s."

    In other words Alex sign this and we will leave you alone. But alas he did change a few things.
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