Problems with DNA results & DNA tutorials

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by fr brown, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Obviously, Casey Anthony was judged by a jury of her peers. And this is something that needs to be corrected insofar as our justice system is concerned. We don't need people of Casey Anthony's mentality to sit on juries where they need to have the brains to understand the evidence presented at trial.

    IMO, prospective jurors should be given IQ tests to determine if they are qualified to understand the intricate details of forensics, DNA, and other such evidence presented during trial.

    "A jury of one's peers" should have gone out the window with the advent of taking for granted that everyone knows that when adding 2 + 2, one should come up wiith 4.
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    Double amen!!!
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    Triple amen!
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    Welcome back SuperDave!!!
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    After what I've been through these last few months, it's great to BE back! And--as those who have been around me can attest--more ferocious than ever!
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    I don't know what you've been through, Super Dave, but it's always a pleasure and a privilege to be in your company. :clap:
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    Thank you thank you! I feel the same way.

    I guess the final straw came with Casey Anthony's acquittal. Can you believe that some FJs (Florida Jurors--my new name for IDIs) are actually upset about that? Why should they be upset? The jury did exactly what they've been preaching in THIS case.

    Karma's a *itch, folks. And the chickens have come home to roost.
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    A study of 20 mortuaries was undertaken to assess whether contamination of instruments, tables and cutting areas due to residual material containing human DNA after routine cleaning is an actual or only a theoretical problem. Of the 20 mortuaries studied, 50% were found to have material containing quantifiable human DNA on the instruments and surfaces sampled. This DNA was amplified and found, in some cases, to have been derived from at least three people.
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    Thanks so much, cynic! About time they got around to doing this.

    Of course, we could have told them that long ago; maybe not the statistics, but we knew the contamination was there. How? Because Patsy Ramsey didn't write a ransom note for some intruder. :justice:
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    Cynic and Koldkase, I've just read this last posting by you and I'm confused. Contamination in a mortuary isn't the same thing as a morgue. Mortuarys are generally privately owned enterprises and a morgue is generally a county or city own public domain for holding the deceased. So I'm very confused as to why this contamination is important. Oh I know that autopsies can be conducted in any place where there is room and instruments and what have you. No contamination shouldn't be present in any event. Lazy shopkeeping is rampant everywhere. eh!
  12. cynic

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    Zoomama, you are correct insofar as far as US terminology is concerned, (and therefore are right to be confused,) but this study is by G.N.Rutty from the Department of Forensic Pathology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK.
    In the UK a mortuary is, more or less, the equivalent of a US morgue.
    You can get a better idea of it from the description below:

    City of London

    Information about Mortuaries

    Public Mortuary Service
    The Public Health Act 1936 gives local authorities power to provide a mortuary for the reception of bodies and the carrying out of post-mortems and the City of London has been providing HM Coroner for the City of London with a public mortuary for many years.

    The City of London also has contingency plans to deal with circumstances where the existing mortuary used is unable to cope – eg. a transport accident or terrorist incident resulting in large numbers of deaths. Responsibility for provision of temporary mortuary facilities are allocated to the Department of Environmental Services.
    Other mortuary services
    To provide for the dignified and respectful receipt, storage and examination of deceased persons as requested by the HM Coroner
    To assist appointed Pathologists with autopsies

    To provide facilities for the dignified viewing of the deceased persons by relatives (usually for identification purposes)
    To liaise with relatives or funeral undertakers for the collection of the deceased person and any belongings following release by the HM Coroner.
    To be an integral part of the London-wide disaster response plans in conjunction with the City of London Security and Contingency Planning Group, City of London Police and the London Resilience Forum.
    For the City this service is currently contracted to be provided on behalf of the City of London by the London Borough of Camden at their St. Pancras Public Mortuary.

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    As you have been known to say, :foshizzle
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    I remember when we were all elated when DNA was first discovered, cynic. It was very exciting and bad news for the killers out there, and now we have this contamination entering the scene. What a shame. I guess the medical researchers will have to work harder and come up with something more reliable to block this contamination. They have a very difficult road to walk.
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    DNA is a double edged sword, certainly.
    Regarding contamination issues:
    Ignorance and laziness are often the cause; education and diligence are the cure.
    That said, laziness is difficult to “cure.” :D
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    Well said! :)
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    It was well-known even in 1997 that Mayer used unsterile nail clippers on JB's fingernails. I'd have loved to see that "male DNA" tested against the decedents who were in the Boulder morgue at the same time as JB, and/or the decedents Meyer also autopsied before her.
    There was just something in the news about DNA found on a victim that turned out to be the DNA of the guy who had been autopsied just before.
  18. cynic

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    DeeDee, I assume you aren’t referring to the DeMocker trial from this earlier post?
    That trial is still in progress.
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    DeeDee, cynic,

    This latest news has to be devastating to those who are waiting on confirmation of a certain person having committed the crime! [​IMG]
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