"Prostitution of Justice" by Thomas C. "Doc" Miller – Now available!

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by cynic, Jan 10, 2015.

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    Thank you so much Cynic! I've bookmarked it for reading later.
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    Thank you, cynic.

    These are random thoughts from reading Doc’s book. I know I may have missed some of the significant points within his book, but wanted to let him, if he reads here, and others know what I took home from Doc’s journey on this case. Just a first reading.

    “Finding a respect for the law based upon my acquittal, I found greater collegiality with other lawyers. We see what grows in the legal system. We do our best, some more, some less, to find justice, even when it means going to trial on a hopeless case. Without trials, I don’t believe there would be a justice system. When it was time to go to trial, Gary Lozow taught me, “You work the system and the system works.â€

    Doc’s book revived memories of other cases ---the theatrics of these powerful attorneys defending a certain basketball player from rape charges, the obscenity of allowing Rockwell off so cheaply when the company had clearly exposed a myriad of folks to the hazardous environmental waste which the company produced. One feels a sense of hopelessness in the face of the powerful giants of the legal industry defending other powerful wealthy giants.

    Yet Doc’s conclusions held some comfort for me anyway. After all he and his wife had been through during the “circus†he could still say that going to trial, even on a hopeless case, and up against a giant legal firm, would have brought some kind of closure, whether there would have been a guilty verdict or not. “If only the prosecutors in Boulder had worked the system for JonBenet Ramsey†. . .

    I’m also glad Doc mentioned that he hopes BR has healed from whatever happened that night, has found a “truth†he can live with and come to sacred terms with the loss of his sister and mother. He doesn’t know yet, and may never realize, what benefits the whole truth might bring to him and others.

    As for JR – though we don’t know what happened for sure, so therefore speaking hypothetically, if BR were involved, most of us can at least understand parents protecting a child. However, it was the evil lies/ innuendos and the vindictive actions towards others which took lying to a whole ‘nother level. I suppose JR is counting on the Christian doctrine that he is forgiven by his faith and God’s grace. Sometime back a poster on a ws thread commented that she did not believe or accept that the Colorado law protecting a minor was supposed to be a “Get out of jail free†card for parents who obstructed justice, destroyed evidence etc. My personal thought is that “God’s Grace card†like the law applying to minors, seems to be held by JR as his path towards salvation. While JR won’t give it any thought, Doc brings out the harm JR and his team perpetrated on others. And those damages continue like earthquake aftershocks. JR can profess his faith all he wants, but in keeping to the great and grand lies, he is not, to this day, living according to Christian scripture. No amount of faith protestation changes that. imo

    I’ll quote a profound post by Cherokee 6 years ago (I can’t say this as perfectly as she has): We are all made of darkness and light. There are none so perfect that they have no darkness. Patsy's denial of her own darkness was her undoing. She could not admit there was something unlovely underneath the beauty queen facade, or that her family was anything less than perfection and the American dream personified. That deep flaw in Patsy's character was the reason for the cover-up and why we are here today. It's amazing that the ripples from Patsy's decision 11 years ago are still being felt today by hundreds, if not thousands, of people who never knew her. If nothing else, what Patsy did is a lesson to all of us that nothing happens in isolation; for every action there is a reaction and a ripple in the universe.

    This case didn’t have nearly the “stature†of the Rocky Flats case, yet the violent death of this little girl brought so much sadness into the world. But I don’t kid myself. JonBenet’s death doesn’t mean anything to the weak or corrupt or to the legal gladiators in the world who can compute every possible avenue for keeping witnesses silent (the great tool of the GJ) and keeping their clients from ever being charged.

    I don’t know if there are ghosts, but I believe that JonBenet’s death does reverberate among those who care about our justice system. It virtually screams injustice. Her sorrowful death also truly haunts anyone who has ever studied this case.

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    Thanks for that summary. I agree that those of us who are still here and other forums won't forget JonBenet and will remember with disgust her Father, Mother and brother for their part in her murder.
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    Keeping updated!

    Thank you for all your terrific posts here . Welcome to Questfortrue. Being a Senior, I'm not involved as much as I used to be, but I
    do want to keep up with the JonBenét news.
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    Thank you

    Thank you, zoomama and Elle_1.

    While I’ve read the main books and often refer to them, I also have read here frequently to absorb as much history of the case as possible. And I’ve benefited tremendously from reading the years of forum posts. Sometimes a piece of information posted years ago, I’ve considered in a different light, by virtue of a more recent post. I will give one example.

    Many years ago a poster by the name of Spade spoke about a friend who was close to obtaining phone records. I don’t know how this friend had connections to obtain the alleged phone records, if the friend was in some field like CIA/FBI or just knew people. But according to Spade the records were sealed by the White House and the friend was told not to inquire further. On the forum there was a lot of speculation about a possible “favor†called in by someone. Of course, anything in this case is possible. (Seems like the supreme homicide case of cover-up of cover-ups, aka house of cards play book.)

    The Rapps’ prosecution for illegally obtaining records offers pretty good proof that there were indeed phone records, but the mystery would be in the judge sealing them forever and the White House telling Spade’s friend to “fuhgedaboutit.†However, if one of the numbers called was to a defense contractor executive, phone calls from or to a defense contractor could be easily sealed for reasons of national security. No call for a favor would have been necessary. This simply occurred to me by virtue of cynic and KoldKase recent posts. I know I could be off base. Just another possibility.

    My point is that I have learned so much here, and this history gives not just "depth perception" but also "peripheral perception" into the case. MMM

    (MMM stands for my mind meandering, my opinions only)
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    By your style of writing, I feel I am in the presence of a young lawyer? Hope I'm not in trouble for stating this! (?).[​IMG]
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    Hi, Elle_1, :wave: Though I've read many of the Colorado statutes applying to the case, no, only some exposure to the law through career.
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    Not a lawyer!


    I know you won't be offended by me
    thinking you might have been a lawyer. For sure you are one of many of the intelligent ones here on this board.
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    What's Up, Doc?!

    Thank you for your persistence! I am loving this opportunity to finally read what Team Ramsey never wanted us to be allowed!

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    From Doc's Blog

    After a media torrent on the JonBenét Ramsey case, Doc had a few words to say on his blog. It can be found here: http://www.tommillerlaw.com/blog/

    A brief excerpt of his thoughts.
    Patsy wrote the ransom note. She may not have struck the child with a flashlight, twisted a garrote an inch deep into the child’s neck, and then sexually assaulted the corpse, but her handwriting on the note establishes her involvement in the staging of the crime and the impractical subterfuge of a kidnapping.

    How did it happen? Someone inside the home lost their temper and did something crazy. Crazy is hard to imagine for a sane person, but rage helps to clarify it. Recently, CBS television came to the conclusion that Burke did it because of jealousy or overwhelming anger for some childish action by his sister. That appears more likely than John or Patsy administering a death blow. But, then there’s the note, the sick strangulation and staged sexual assault stretches far beyond a nine year old’s ability or imagination. The parents’ faithfulness to each other and the fantastic story of an intruder places the culpability at their doorstep.
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