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  1. Zman

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    I am new to the Forums For Justice so forgive me if this common knowledge to all of you. I have read through countless threads, links, interviews, maps and opinoins. I have noticed several maps of the Ramsey household made reference to "alarm pads" present in the home. Are the maps wrong? If not what was the Ramsey's story about the alarm? Was it activated? Was it normal for them not to have it on? What kind of alarm was it and what was protected. I'm assuming that because I can find nothing about the subject that it must be a non issue but I was hoping someone could help answer this question for me.
  2. Nikeo

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    Welcome to the Forum,

    If I remember correctly, the Ramseys stated they did not set the alarm that night. They also stated that they never used the alarm system because it was constantly being set off by accident.

    Are you new to the case too? If you are, there are several books you might want to read.

    Steve Thomas' book (detective on the case that resigned, can't remember the name of his book.)
    Death of Innocence - Ramsey's version of events
    Perfect Murder, Perfect Town - Lawrence Schiller
    Henry Lee has also written a little on the case in his new book. Bob C did an excellent job of telling us what is in this section of Lee's book. I am sure you have seen that thread here.

    There is also a lot about the case here on FFJ, you can use the search at the top of the forum to probably find just about anything you want concerning JonBenet's death. HTH
  3. Jayelles

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    As I recall, the Ramsey alarm was the kind which is totally deafening inside the house and it was triggered accidentally (more than once?).

    As a result, the Ramseys didn't activate it - nor seemingly lock their home, take adequate security precautions, worry about who had keys or have concerns about adding a master suite which was some distance from their two small children.
  4. Elle

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    Sure proves where their priorities lay. Their master bedroom was right at the top of the house, as far away as possible as they could get from their two children.

    Yes, I remember reading "ever since the alarm bell had gone off accidentally in the Ramsey home, they switched it off. "Not a very bright idea for supposedly two well educated people, was it Jayelles?
  5. JustChillun

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    How does it go off accidentally? If you cut off the motion detector, and the kids know to not oen the doors which lead to the outside, it should be cool. Furthermore, the kids can be given their own passcode for the system, and since even kindergarteners use computers, I would think that entering several numbers would be easy for even the youngest aspiring technogeek. :yes:
  6. Moab

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    Well JustChillun...first and foremost, they weren't bright enough to turn off the motion detectors, they couldn't take the time to do that, and secondly, Patsy couldn't spend the time needed to teach her daughter to learn to read even the simpliest words before she went to school, at age 6. Remember them saying JBR couldn't read the tags on the Christmas gifts, cause she didn't know how to read. Seems like she could have read Burke, the only name starting with a B, or Mom, or Dad, or when she go to the really long one (JonBenet), she should have known that was hers! Guess maybe they didn't have time for the trivial things in life...too busy busy busy!
  7. Zman

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    Diggin In

    Thanks to you all for the info on the alarm and the books. I can't understand how a family who gives out their key like holloween candy would not be setting the alarm. Maybe the company that monitered the alarm would have some records of when it was on or off.

    I am diggin in a trying to catch up on as much info as I can. But early on three things jumped out and really bothered me.


    2.Pineapple - canned?whole?who put it out?could jbr get it herself from fridge?Or did someone have to get it for her? At what point of the night was she eating pineapple?

    3.Note - I can't understand why any kidnapper or child molester would leave such a stupid long note. I also can't understand why someone trying to cover up a accident/murder would write this note with the body in the house. Knowing it would eventually have to be found even by the Keystone Cops who showed up that morning.

    I wonder if someone was supposed to be bringing the body to another location but changed their mind and managed to bring back the body that morning foiling the fake kidnapping plan.
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