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Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Tricia, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. AK

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    Good to see you, Bobby1st

    Good obvservation about the photos. Anybody got some to post that we haven't seen before? Better do it on the daily.

    Holly used to tell me about a low-level FBI guy she would see (as Shadow knows, it's not uncommon for Wash., D.C. area residents to encounter folks who work for the bureau or CIA or Pentagon, etc.). She told me that he attended a training seminar once where footage of John Ramsey was shown to demonstrate how to spot liars. I told her if that fellow ever wanted to describe the seminar or process, I'd put him in touch with people who could get his story to the public. Or, if not, no big deal. I always thought it a bit odd because by that time the case seemed to be more about Patsy as the perp, not John.

    So there was a time when Holly seemed genuine. I still praise her breakdown of the 17 minutes between when Patsy woke up and called 911.

    Otoh, there were other things that were unsettling. Like how she glommed on to a disreputable P.I. who was reward hunting and tried to woo the Ramseys. I told her the guy was nuts but she was so THRILLED to get to know the Ramseys by extension, so she didn't listen. Then came all the stuff about the UFOs over the Chesapeake and other bizarro ideas, and I had to wonder what kind of a magistrate could she be with such faulty judgment?
  2. Ginja

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    Okay all, I was at that BBQ. I crashed it. I was a last minute guest of another poster ... I didn't feel "right" about crashing, but she told me not to worry, everyone would love to see me (ha!).

    We got there fashionably late...the FBI guy was pretty much concluding his talk. All I got out of it was that nothing could be "forced" in this case...iow, we as citizens couldn't push for action, we had to abide by the BPD LE -- the FBI couldn't do anything.

    We were all sworn to secrecy, but then again, since I was late, I wasn't sure what I was swearing to. All I knew was that a woman was claiming abuse by FW...rape...and no one was talking about evidence or proof..or what it was...just that they "had it".

    Everything has gone downhill since then!

    Right now I'm fuming, absolutely fuming! I read the Nancy transcripts, but got so disgusted, threw them down never to pick them up again. So I missed all this information on John Ramsey! I'm absolutely livid that these bitches, and I use the term loosely, withheld that information, claiming the Ramseys were innocent. And worse, the hell they've put me through over the years, and what they put so many of you through at JW....the accusations of how vile and venomous you guys were, and what a liar I am!

    There's one thing I want you all to know, though. We all know who the real liars are! They've made it out that you all are venomous liars and will go to no ends to get your vileness into the mainstream. I was told to 'fear you'...can you freakin believe it?

    Well, I don't fear any of you...and I tell everyone I come in contact with and I say it in as many posts as I can at guys have class! You got a bad rap. You were lied to and lied about. Their venomous lies have people believing that all you do here is spread your vileness and lies and I'm telling everyone it's patently false...because it is! This is THE most CIVIL forum on the internet...the most informative...and all of you are the most intelligent, caring people that I know on the net.

    I'm so glad I found out where you all are! :D
  3. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Let 'em keep talking Ginja. Their day is coming.
  4. Tricia

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    I know we have many new people reading here. This must all seem confusing.

    Ginja's post above is a quick peek into what has been going on.

    Basically we had a great place to post until these nuts came along, claiming a woman named Nancy Krebs, had been the victim of a pedophile sex ring. It was this so called "ring" that included one time Ramsey best friend Fleet White. The "Krebs crowd" (as they are called) conveniently left out the part of Nancy's story that John Ramsey was a part of the "sex ring." They focused their lies and venom on an innocent man, Fleet White. We knew they were full of crap. They were lying and many of us called them on it.

    Then they set out to try and destroy us for speaking the truth. They didn't. We are stronger than ever.

    Now that the truth is coming out we are seeing how much they have lied.

    Ginja I can tell you that FFJ is a great place. We are civil and we welcome newcomers. We would also welcome those who are finally seeing just how much the Krebs crowd lied.

    Believe it or not we do welcoming differing views on the Ramsey case. However don't expect to be treated like a delicate flower if you come on and say an intruder did it. You have to be prepared to show us how you came to that conclusion. We know the evidence. We know the lies.

    Thanks Ginja.
  5. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Right on Tricia. I can completely embrace a person who thinks the Ramseys are innocent--I respected Jameson for years and said I kinda liked her on the forums for years. That was until I heard that she turned the LHP's for kiddie porn. That is crossing the line.

    You also cross the line when you are well aware that pathological liar has accused literally hundreds of innocent men of rape, but continue to promote her filth but only as it relates to Fleet White. This is a libel lawyers wet dream.
  6. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    WY you have maill
  7. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Got it

    Let the games begin. Pandora's box has been opened.
  8. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Thank you, Ginja

    I am so glad that I hung in there for this moment in time. I have this huge lump in my throat right now and it has nothing to do with Shalame..........

    Welcome back Again-
  9. Shadow

    Shadow FFJ Senior Content Moderator

    It's really nice to see you here, Ginja!! I used to enjoy your posts and found them most interesting and informative. I think you and I disagreed a couple of times, but nicely.

    Yeah, about the natural contacts one develops living and working in the DC area, FedX... my next door neighbor for over 20 years is CIA. My former boss' husband is an FBI Agent. My wife's second cousin was FBI (now a lawyer) and my son-in-law's father (now deceased) was a big wheel in the FBI Labs. He introduced me to Ressler and McCary (spelling?) - not at the same time. In addition, I still have friends that I've made in the FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, ATF, SOF, other agencies and the military working on gov contracts for over 32 years. And, guess what... my best sources for about 4 years of the JBR case were my two in-laws. None of my other FBI contacts would tell me anything. Except one time I had my leg pulled big time by three agents at a bar after a presentation I attended at Quantico. I posted what they told me at the JW Forum - I "double-checked" what they told me with my wife's cousin the next day, and had to correct the post - embarassing.

    As a government contractor, I have helped conduct quite a few seminars for the military and government agencies, a couple with the DEA and FBI - the FBI using footage of JR as a liar in a training seminar doesn't ring true to me.
  10. AK

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    Me too, RR!

    Ginja, you fit in here perfectly. No matter how interesting the other forums were, they were a rehearsal for the great spirit and posting here. Through our victories and bumps in the road there's a community here of the kindest brainiacs I've ever encountered online, and I spent several years at a (non-crime) BBS before with very clever folks. So, a sincere "welcome home"!

    I appreciate your insight about that BBQ -- I remember reading that you were going and feeling a little sick because by then it seems the camps had divided. I believe they felt it they could get you in the Coven their credibility would be enhanced many times over. Then the unCivil Wars began and I lost you -- you seemed to vanish from CS, and I figured you were done with the forums. Then someone mentioned you were at Delphi and again I got a little sick because I figured you had joined 'em. That didn't make sense because your posts had always been analytical and their load o' crap falls apart under scrutiny. Anyway, you're here and so are we. Let's all work together in advancing our knowledge in a way where no one gets hurt -- including the Rs. I just want them to have a fair trial, the sooner the better.

    But before I leave this topic, was there any proof they offered that we don't already know about? I know they brought up the Konformist and other similar cases (which were also bogus, btw). But when you left there did you reject the SRA idea or did you have to do more research first? Was Satan mentioned, or did they stick to serial ritual abuse? What was so all-fired "secretive"? Did you have to take a blood oath? LOL

    Shadow, that JR footage thing never washed with me either, although I've heard it repeated since. I suspect it was like the telephone game where something got lost in translation.

    Did you ever attend a reunion of ex agents? They have some good parties, huh? ;-)
  11. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Ginja is a GODDESS!! This forum should be renamed GODDESS WATCH, except that would exclude me and Shadow. And that would be wrong. RC too.
  12. Ginja

    Ginja Member

    To all

    Thank you all for the warm welcome (again!)

    Shadow, I remember all the posting we did on contracting! Memba that? We brought some variety to that topic as you were defense and I was energy...but gov is gov, right?

    BobC, you just make me laugh all the time. Goddess Watch! ROFLMAO.

    I do miss the old JW days before this Krebs crapola busted us all to hell. I felt like we were all family...and that includes disagreements, but with family, you always made up...and we did, and I loved it. And in the interim since the breakup, I've wondered where everyone wound up and what was going on. I'm so glad I emailed Ryan Ross because Tricia emailed him, too, and he put the two of us together....and so here we are today!

    Fedora, I never joined the coven. I was never one of them. From day one, I asked, "where's the link"...they wouldn't answer and now I understand why. I'm thankful that Tricia finished reading the NK transcripts and posted the John Ramsey info...otherwise, I still wouldn't understand how deceptive these people really are. Meanspirited...I knew they were that...I just didn't understand why.

    As far as proof or evidence offered at the BBQ...if there was any, I never saw it (or heard about it). I vaguely remember all of us huddled in the living room while Mame made some kind of presentation...nothing formal, just talking about this mystery woman. Not for nutin, but I didn't really take the bait and went out side for a smoke. That's Ginja...always out on the stoop having a cigarette. What can I say? I enjoyed the smoke more than Mame's talk, lol.

    Afterwards, a lot of the people joined me outside and all I remember is "arguing" with Morgan. God! she was so angry and focused way back then! Now she's just gone off the edge with this whole thing. But the arguing pretty much was over the fact that everything had to be hush-hush. Guess that meant if they told me anything, I'd blab it. I heard evidence, no proof...just the same old song...we know but can't tell you, just believe us, we have proof.

    Thanks Tricia for posting Kreb's allegations against John Ramsey.
  13. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Never rang true, Ginja

    because if there were really an organized pedophile sex ring that raped and abused grown women (I've never been able to get past that little contradiction, either), they wouldn't have been making threats to anyone, especially not those silly phone calls made to Nancy's so-called therapist. If an organized sex ring involving powerful men even suspected they were about to be exposed, Krebs would have come up missing and never heard from again. Maim was as paranoid at Krebs - they were stalking her, threatening her, why, even some of us on the forums were part of "them," out to hassle and harrangue maim and NK.

    BTW, while you're here, which I hope you still are, do you remember any talk of a poor Indian family taking NK in before she was taken to maim's house? That is what the article, Who Killed JonBenet says at this website:

    "Furious at the increased risk to The Witness's safety, Hill now turned to the American Indian Movement, knowing if there was one group that wasn't afraid of standing up to the government, it was AIM. He called friends, a poor family who didn't have much. Yet without asking any questions about why this woman might be in danger or what risk they might face, they told Hill to bring her over."

    I may be wrong but the way I am reading this is, the poor family who took NK in was a member of the radical anti-government, anti-FBI group, AIM.

    I doubt maim and her family were a poor family, but I never heard of anyone besides maim who took NK in.

    What is the connection between maim and Aim, if any? That's what I am trying to figure out.
  14. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    That's right, WY. This wasn't even a good fraud--it was ridiculous from the get-go. Tacky even. Have you ever told people outside these forums a few tidbits from Kreb's stupidity? They will laugh in your face. Just the one sentence here that VP posted about--the one where Krebs says Boykin was the first one to rape her, shows what a big fat liar she is.

    I have to say I'm a bit surprised you all didn't read these transcripts yourselves until now. VP was I lying when I said Krebs was lucky to keep her story straight from one sentence to the next? I am telling you, Krebs contradicts herself so many times it's not even sane to try to list her conntradictions. Try looking instead for anything remotely attached to reality--it'd be a hell of a lot less work.

    And I want everyone to recall that at one point, Krebs' real personality comes out. She actually says FW wouldn't have the balls to come and garrote her himself--she is actually challenging him to do it. I don't know how many people who've actually been garroted would actually want to see it happen again.

    Nancy Krebs is no victim.
  15. Ginja

    Ginja Member

    Watching You Hoooo

    I've read the thread on the AIM connection. I don't recall NK being in a safe house first, but evidently she was according to everything I've read. Somewhere, could've been on the forum or in news articles, or even the transcript, it said she was taken out of the safe house for fear the location would be found out by those allegedly stalking NK. So I'm not clear as to why Hill would have then called Mame to take in NK...or why Mame even did such a thing, considering she had young kids.

    I vaguely remember something though about Mame having Indian blood? Didnt' she post about this somewhere?

    Somehow, Hill, who has Indian blood, wound up going to Mame. Was she referred to Hill by AIM.

    You said if you weren't reading it wrong, the poor family that took NK belonged the radical AIM.

    I think the poor family who took NK in without question was Mame.
  16. Bobby1st

    Bobby1st Member

    hi Ginja

    Yes, it was mame who took NK in. Yes, it was strange to bring her in with her kids, but it was even stranger to me to post pictures of her kids if she thought she was really dealing with a pedophile ring. Maybe she didn't really believe it. Didn't the trouble with Sadie barking start around then? Not sure about that. I pretty much came and went back then.
    Hope the petion is a success. Wrong thread but if the CO Guv has intentions of going further in politics then he will need to clean up a lot of trash there. JBR, Suzanna Chase, Columbine , etc. will come back at him just like Willie Horton case bit Mike Dukakis. JMHO
  17. RiverRat

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    I am looking for the date of this gathering at Debbie Regimental's pod if anyone happens to know off hand.....
  18. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    It was in the summer of 2000, I think. The reason I think this is because that's when I hadn't been on the forums long. I watched the JW forum that night and read the posts from those at the get together. I was new, so it was strange to me, all the way around. It was summer, so it was very slow on the forums. I remember someone there kept coming on the forum and posting those now familiar little "hints" that something was up. But can't tell you...just wait...blahblahblah.


    That mame is one piece of chit, isn't she?
  19. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator

    According to my records:

    Justice Watch Reunion 2000
    Saturday July 15, 2000
    Annapolis, Maryland

    Here are the beginning postings when they were setting it up:

    "MEET MAME!"
    Posted by Holly on 05:22:39 5/30/2000
    It's time again for another fabulous East Coast gathering. Mame will be the
    special guest, with all the latest to share. Sign up now and volunteer to
    bring a dish - salad, dessert or appetizer. Mr Holly will be barbecuing chicken
    and steak. The details:

    Saturday July 15, 2000
    3 pm
    Holly's House
    Annapolis, MD

    Bring your bathing suit if you want to cool off in the pool. Kids welcome.

    email ASAP

    [ ALERT ] [ EDIT ]

    1. "hey, holly marple"
    Posted by mame on 05:34:06 5/30/2000
    can i come?

    [ REMOVE ] [ ALERT ] [ EDIT ]

    3. "Hah, Miss Mame Marple!"
    Posted by Holly on 05:37:41 5/30/2000
    You're the main event. Can't wait!

    [ REMOVE ] [ ALERT ] [ EDIT ]
  20. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    3. "Hah, Miss Mame Marple!"
    Posted by Holly on 05:37:41 5/30/2000
    You're the main event. Can't wait!

    Oh Gwad...this make me sick.

    Do you all get the feeling that Mary Suma was in her glory during the Krebs scam? It's like this one event involving trying to destroy an innocent family with lies is what defines Mary Suma. It's all she has it seems like.

    An empty shell that continues lying. What a disgusting piece of garbage IMO.
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