"Rachel's Song" by Al White

Discussion in 'The Search for Rachel Cooke' started by RC, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. RC

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    My journal entry

    Friday, September 13

    This morning I thought of what RACHEL'S SONG really is. It's a musical missing persons' flyer. If the song is heard by the right person, maybe he or she will care enough to come forward. They could come forward and tell where Rachel, Elizabeth Smart, Jennifer Short, Jennifer Short, Laura Ayala, Kent Jacobs, Jahi Turner, Sabrina Allen, or any of the other missing are.
  2. JR

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    Let's pray that Rachel's Song will make a difference not only in finding...

    Rachel Cooke
    Elizabeth Smart
    Kent Jacobs
    Jahi Turner
    Jennifer Short
    Laura Ayela
    Gayle Marks
    Diamond and Tionda Bradley
    Alexis Patterson
    Roxanna Rodriguez
    Sabrina Fair Allen
    Jeanene Bonner
    Narmidet Juan
    Mickelle Biggs
    Molly Bish
    Pedro Orozco
    Kenneth Spriggs
    Logan Tucker
    James Joiner, Jr.
    Bison Dele
    Marvelle Navejas
    Jyrine Harris
    Kristen Jackson
    Gerardo Martinez
    Jessica Jenkins
    Karl Kurbowski

    ...and all the others who are missing

    but that it sends strong message that others care enough to speak out on this issue and how much it hurts the families of those missing to not know where they are.

    The list gets longer and that has to stop!
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