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    Oh, come on now, guys. Give Jammy a break. She's a little hard of hearing...

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    Pleased to see

    I am delighted to see Mr Ginsberg's reponse to jameson includes the comment:-

    This is exactly what my expert said - that a rhythmic mechanical sound would have been present throughout - or at least at intervals. Also, that a spectrograph can differentiate between voice and non-voice anyway.

    For the record, jameson's resident "expert" Dave's analysis concluded that:-


    Dave performed his analysis using a Pentium III computer, a Lite version of some recording software and a program he wrote himself. He did not produce any evidence of the all-crucial spectrographical analysis and when asked about this, he stated that the person asking the question didn't know what they were talking about! (The person asking the question was in fact a very distinguished and well-known Forensic Audio expert!) Dave also failed to provide any proof that his methodology even worked using (say) some of the before/after forensic audio exemplars which are on the Internet.
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    Tricia you are amazing!!!!!! Unfortunately I don't think this will shut up the stupid critics of Tricia...Tricia's agenda is Justice for JonBenet...the critics agendas are "Look at me, look at me, look at me."
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    I couldn't agree more!
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    "Steve Thomas Chat Session (2000). The following is an excerpt from a November 14, 2000 chat session with Steve Thomas: crimeADM: "Did you hear the 911 tape personally; and if so, once and for all, was Burke on it?" stevethomas: "I heard the 911 tape. repeatedly, as did the other detectives. the consensus was unanimous, as supported by the enhancement -- there is a 3rd voice on the tape, appears to be Burke (unless there was someone else present who has never been identified...)"
  7. Cherokee

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    I've never understood how the Ramseys explanation for their earlier lie about Burke being asleep in his room during the 911 call "explained" anything!

    Burke was obviously up and standing fairly close to John and Patsy when she made the 911 call since his voice is on the tape. The Ramseys have admitted that by default since they changed their story. LE believed Burke was on the tape or else the Ramsey defense team would not have been given a copy of the tape as evidence. The tape must have been pretty convincing for the Ramseys to change their story, even though their story STILL does not explain how his voice ended up on the 911 tape.

    Think about it. How does "we only THOUGHT he was asleep" explain Burke being close enough to Patsy for his voice to be heard. Patsy didn't make the phone call in Burke's room.

    The truth is is this: Burke was not in his room during the call, and he was not asleep or pretending otherwise. THE RAMSEYS LIED.
  8. Nickii

    Nickii Member

    This lie about Burke beeing asleep is really unbelievable after everything we know about the enhanced 911-tape.

    Wouldn't it be much more logical for the R's to state that their son was awake during the call? I mean it would only be more than normal that the parents would keep their son close to them after a "small foreign faction" kidnapped their daughter hours/minutes/seconds before in this big house? They did not even know that the kidnapper(s) were already gone!

    What did the R's gain from that action? Why lying about Burke beeing asleep? Except he has been involved somehow, what I do not really believe.
  9. BobC

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    Nikkii--Patsy Ramsey, by her own words, was screaming bloody murder from the second she saw Jonbenet's room empty. She was screaming outside Burke's door! And he supposedly slept straight through it.

    John Ramsey heard the whole thing on the 3rd floor. Easily.

    You have to ask yourself how the Ramsey's knew that the kidnapper wasn't hiding in Burke's closet. Why would a parent assume the kidnapper was long gone? Maybe the Ramseys, having to get up and get ready just a couple of hours after they (supposedly) had gone to bed, surprised the kidnapper? But that never crossed anyone's mind--which says a lot.
  10. Nickii

    Nickii Member

    Yes BobC, you are absolutely right!

    Also the whole time-line that morning is laughable!

    Get up at 5.30 and have to be ready at the airport at 6.30. One hour? With two kids and a lot of luggage. In the 1998 interviews is somewhere written, that Patsy stated, that her dressing, make up and hair took approx. 20 minutes. Then she stated she spent approx. 10 minutes at the ironing board with the red jumpsuit (looking for spots / packing clothes in plastic bags for the trip) means that it would have been 6.00 now. No kids were awake, washed and dressed! Impossible galore.
  11. Elle

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    I'll never understand how the Ramseys were allowed to still live as though nothing had happened by allowing them to still keep Burke under their protection, when their youngest child had just been murdered (?).

    Is it not normal practice for police to remove other children and safeguard them under circumstances like this?
  12. Sabrina

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    Hey Elle,



  13. DeeDee

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    Police here don't have the right to just remove a child from a family because a sibling was kidnapped (or even killed). Police can suggest or offer protection to a family in such circumstances, but they cannot remove a child from the parents unless the parents themselves are a danger to the child. Even if police suspected them of harming his sister, unless the parents are incarcerated, the child remains with the parents.
    Parents can request removing the remaining child to a safe place, but they couldn't be allowed to leave town. Other arrangements can be made to allow the child to be placed with other family or friends.
    If this were a real kidnaping/murder, the R would have certainly asked to have BR taken to his grandparents or some other relative out of Boulder.
    The fact that they DIDN'T is pretty self-explanatory. They weren't afraid for BR because they knew there was no one to fear.
  14. AMES

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    Yes, there is a 3rd voice on that tape..and it is Burke saying.."What did you find?" John saying.."We are not speaking to you". It is very apparent that Burke walked in on that 911 call, and heard Patsy say that she had found something (the RN) to the 911 operator, and he simply asked..."What did you find?", and then his dad says...rather upset..."We are not speaking to you". I have heard this tape....a long time ago...before I even started getting on the net. I heard it on a tv program...and now I wished that I had of recorded it. It was as plain as day...
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    Exactly!!! If Patsy Ramsey was really and truly screaming bloody murder...like she says she was...outside of Burke's room...there is no WAY he could have slept through that. I believe that even though there wasn't an actual kidnapping...that the Ramseys were fantic and running around the house, Patsy probably was just walking around crying, and saying..."Help me Jesus, Help me Jesus", like she did on the 911 tape. I have read that Burke admitted that he was awake in his room, at one point...and that he could hear his parents voices outside the door. (Don't recall him EVER saying that he heard his mama screaming bloody murder...just that he had heard his parents voices....there IS a difference).
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    Truthfully, I can't recall all you remember here Ames, but I do remember hearing part of it a long time ago. Like you, I wish I had saved it, but I went through spurts of being tired of the whole Shebang and deleting a lot, and here I am, still contributing in a smaller way. Like everyone else, I was carried along on the waves about Burke being interviewed.
  17. Elle

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    Hi there Sabrina! Nice to see you back! :)
  18. Elle

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    Thanks DeeDee for this information. I would have thought the more intelligent thing to have done in this case was to have made sure Burke was protected here, just in case it was the parents who were responsible (?). Plus, it may well have been Burke himself and to question him on the spot.
  19. AMES

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    Another poster on here...I am pretty sure that it is KoldKase...heard it too! So that is three of us!!!
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