Ramsey house at 755 (previously 749) 15th Street

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by JustinCase, May 18, 2004.

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    And another round....


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    Yeah, and that didn't happen, did it? We have the records from the Foundation, and not one penny from the house made it into their coffers. Why don't the reporters ever add that tidbit to the "pledge" paragraph they repeat in every story about the house?

    What DID happen to the profits from the house sale when the investors were FINALLY able to find a sucker for a buyer in Carol Schuller Milner? What happened to the $1.5 million that went to the investors? If they bought it for $650,000 and sold it for $1.5 million, what happened to the difference?

    And now Carol Schuller Milner thinks she can get $2.29 million for an albatross she only bought five years ago for $1.5 million? What has SHE been smoking?

    No one wants that house. PERIOD. How many times have we heard that the Ramsey house is "back on the market"?

    In twelve years, the house has only had one buyer, and that's Carol Schuller Milner. She got waxed by some fast-talking real estate agent, and now she not only wants her money back, she thinks she can make a profit. As far as I know, the Milners never lived in the house, or if they did, it was only for a short time.

    Because the original investors could not find a buyer for the house, they finally agreed to rent it out so it wouldn't be a total loss. According to the media, it was rented to a CU coach, but he must have been subletting it to students because when I visited the house in March of 2004, three students were living there as renters. It was for sale even back then with a FOR SALE sign out front. How many times have we seen news articles about the Ramseys house being for sale "again." Give me a break. It's always been for sale except for a short time after Milner bought it.

    Basically, the Ramseys soaked their friends for $650,000 for a house that no one wants. The friends suckered Milner into buying it for $1.5 million and pocketed the profit. Of course, by the time they sold it to Milner in 2004, the JBR Foundation didn't exist anymore, did it? Although Patsy claimed otherwise during John's election bid, the Foundation had been defunct for several years before that.

    Don't make me laugh! Meko is really trying to put a good spin on it, but what a crock. Meko doesn't think there will be a problem selling the home when it's been on the market for most of the past 12 years?

    Yeah, right.
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    Stigmatized houses, as a rule, do not have much of a chance of getting sold! The more famous, the lower the odds...

    Hate to drag Dr. Phil into this....but while channel surfing this week, one of his shows was about these type of houses. The main reference was that Tate house that was up for sale for waaaaaaaaay below market value. The original home where the Manson Murder's took place is no longer existing and there is a new one built on new dirt and facing a different direction with a new address....and No One Interested in Buying It. Someone eventually did recently for like 7 mill, less than half of what it is actually worth. The show was about fears that people have and I guess that his Wife has a fear of entering homes where murder has occurred......might be a transcipt somewhere around here: http://www.drphil.com/shows/show/1134

    The only other home that was referred to was The Hell Hole in Boulder and that was very brief! One or two quick shots of the house basically and no real mention other than "The Ramsey Home" and one lady did say that someone had bought that one....and that's the end of that piece of useless trivia I stumbled across last week....I don't recall (sounding like Patsy now) that Jonbenet's name was even said....just the word Ramsey. :no:
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    They have basically remodeled the home so drastically, it's hardly recognizable anymore. Maybe that's what they intended all along--a flip.

    At any rate, the basement is SHOCKING. They even have a wine cellar...only very different.

    I have no idea if they will get the money they want for it. I did some comparison shopping in Boulder's real estate listings and there are some truly beautiful homes in that price range and for much less, really. Not to mention, people in that income bracket don't usually want a bunch of gutter gossips and beer can collectors staring in their windows.... :hiya::beersign::bee::sleuth::camera::pirate: :mame: :eye:

    It will be interesting to see if Milner's strategy works. Good luck with that!
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    The Front of the Ramsey Home

    I have noticed that every single time this home has been for sale...they NEVER show pictures of the front of it, because it is so infamous. Does the realtor not realize that people are going to want to come and look at the home in person..and when they pull up...its not going to be to the back of the house?? Sooner or later...they WILL see the infamous front...and then, if it were me...I would get back into my car, and keep on looking.
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    Video link


    This is a video link of the Ramsey home as it looks now. A virtual tour....
    It even shows the basement, and going down the stairs straight ahead...there is a scroll and some other type decoration on the wall, this is the portion that was bricked up. Credit goes to another poster, TANJLA....over at WBS for this link.
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    Thanks, Ames, for posting the video link.

    Here is a screen capture of the wall with the ironwork decoration you mentioned. I don't know why, but just knowing JonBenet's body was found beyond that wall makes me feel uncomfortable. Even though the room has been walled up as if it doesn't exist, it still stands (like the tomb it once was) behind the stylish decor. If only those walls could speak.

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    Actually, that is exactly what that false panel at the foot of the basement stairs DOES look like- a tomb. It looks like the entrance to an above-ground mausoleum found in many cemeteries. Those have false doors, too.
    To me, walling it off is even creepier than simply cleaning out and remodeling the room.
    Would I live there? Probably not. But se assured, JB is NOT still hanging around there. She is in her heavenly home now. The negativity associated with a horrible death like that does often linger, but it really can't hurt you.
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    You are quite welcome.

    After you step down from that last step, in the photo.. is what was remodeled into a REC ROOM. I could NOT sit there eating my popcorn, and watching movies...knowing that JB's body had once been behind that wall.
    It would make it hard to enjoy myself. And no amount of money in the world...could ever make me spend even ONE night in that home. I still can't even look at her autopsy photos, without losing about a week's worth of sleep, it upsets me so much. Goodness knows...I would never be able to even step one foot into that home. They really should just burn the darn thing down. There has been way too many owners of this house, in just 12 years.
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    I had the exact same thought, DeeDee.
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    I may be wrong, but as I said in a previous post, after the Ramseys sold the house to their group of friends/investors, I believe it has been sold only one other time, and that was to Carol Schuller Milner and her husband.

    The friends/investors had listed on the market for years, and finally rented it to a CU coach and several university students because they couldn't sell it, and that was the only way they could get any income from it. All the time the house was rented, it was still basically for sale. Periodically, a FOR SALE sign would go up in front and the realtor (Joel Ripmaster) would send out a press release about the house being for sale. Finally, in 2004, the Milners bought it. Now they are selling it with a different realtor, Julie Meko.

    I'm sure Why_Nut may have the sale records on the house and can tell us if this is correct, or if there were other owners between the group of Ramsey friends/investors who bought the house in 1997 and the Milners in 2004.
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    Of course I can't say one way or the other, but if they used the original staircase into the basement, when you got to the bottom, you turned right and the cellar room was straight ahead.



    Thanks to the poster who found this video and to you, Ames, for bringing it here. The house is almost unrecognizable as the former Ramsey home from the inside. Interesting that the parents placed their bed in a different location than where the Ramseys had theirs in the master bedroom. Also, wonder how much remodeling they did on the master baths. Seems they turned the "dressing room" into a nursery? The bathrooms in JB's room and JAR's room still have the same cabinetry, right? This video gives me a much better idea of how rooms and doors and stairways are placed in relation to each other. I still get a chill looking at those rooms, though.

    I don't like the basement decorating--too cave-like. But it's not the "ghost" of the history I couldn't live with in that house, its knowing people so evil as the Ramseys lived and did their worst there, beginning a tsunami of evil that has continued to this day. For people who don't really know what we know about the Ramseys and this murder, I'm sure it's a lovely house they could enjoy living in.

    Unless, of course, the "intruder" comes back one day.... If I thought the Ramseys were innocent, I'd worry about that, especially with kids in the home. Really, seems you'd have to be totally ignorant of the history of the house to enjoy it.

    As Cherokee said, this house has only been sold twice since the Ramseys owned it: once to the "investors" who bought it from the Ramseys and held it, and then to the Milners. Unless the U of CO coach bought it...did he? Sorry, can't remember, maybe he did. Anyhow, different people have lived in it through the years. Apparently, U of CO students and such have moved in and out many times.
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    Thanks for the link, KK. The information there said said exactly what I thought. There have only been two owners since the Ramseys - the friends/investors and the Milners. Like I said, the house as been "put on the market" numerous times, but it's the same owners trying to get rid of it.

    "John and Patsy Ramsey purchased the house, then known as 755 15th St., for $500,000 in 1991, according to Boulder County assessor records. In 1998, the Ramseys sold the house for $650,000 to a group of investors, who pledged to resell it and donate profits to the JonBenet Ramsey Children’s Foundation. In 1999, E.J. “Doc” Kreis, a University of Colorado strength and conditioning coach, rented the house for two years.

    In 2004, Tim Milner and his wife, Carol Schuller Milner — the daughter of “Hour of Power” televangelist Robert A. Schuller — purchased the home for $1.05 million."

    Ramsey house timeline:

    November 1991 — John and Patsy Ramsey buy the house at 755 15th St. for $500,000.

    Dec. 26, 1996 — JonBenet Ramsey is found dead in the basement of the home. Her family never spends another night there.

    February 1998 — A group of investors buys the home for $650,000, pledging to resell it and donate profits to the JonBenet
    Ramsey Children’s Foundation.

    1999-2001 — E.J. “Doc” Kreis, the University of Colorado’s speed, strength and conditioning coach, rents the house before
    being fired and moving to California.

    June 2001 — The address is changed to 749 15th St.

    [March 2004 - College students are renting the house and have been for some time.]

    May 2004 — Tim and Carol Milner buy the house for $1.05 million.

    [A year and a half later, a For Sale sign appears in front of the house, but the buyer pulls out when John Mark Karr surfaces.]

    July 2008 — The house is listed for sale by the Milners at $2.68 million

    [May 2009 - The house is listed for sale by the Milners at $2.9 million.]
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    In my state, realtors not only have to disclose a murder or suicide in a home, they also have to mention any "encumbrances" (their word)- i.e GHOSTS in residence that you'd have to share the house with!
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    Thanks for the timeline...I guess with the renters thrown in, and the person that backed out of the sale...it just SEEMED like it had alot of owners. So, did the Milners remodel it AGAIN in 2009? I thought that they had remodeled it in 2008. I hate to tell them...but, I just don't believe anybody would buy that home....for 2.9 million. I mean, its a lovely home and all...but, I just wouldn't want the baggage that comes with it, if you know what I mean. And I am quite sure, that even with the address change...people still drive by and gawk. I would, if I lived close enough.
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    The Curse of the HellHole continues

    This house of the damned just draws the corrupt in, it seems:


    The long article goes on to report on the tax exemptions involved, as well as the roles Schuler's family plays in his ministry at Crystal Cathedral. Comments at the end of the article are interesting, as well.
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    Remember this upstanding resident of the HellHole? Complete with BDA Lacy's specialty: "NO CHARGES FILED."

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    Interesting, indeed. Hell Hole is right.....
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