Ramsey house at 755 (previously 749) 15th Street

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    So, according to documents filed with the IRS ... during the four short years of the JBR SHOES FOUNDATION's life, it received $20,506 in donations and only gave $2,769; of which $2,000 was a one-time gift to their Boulder church, of which Rev. Holverstock, the Ramsey's good friend, was the pastor.

    Hmmm, what is wrong with this picture?

    What happened to the OTHER $17,737 that was taken in by the JBR SHOES FOUNDATION? And why did the FOUNDATION only give a paltry $2,769 in four years of operation? That is pretty pathetic and very revealing.

    The whole JBR SHOES FOUNDATION was a public relations stunt to make the Ramseys look good. Not ONE penny went to John's publicly stated plans "for an outreach program called SHOES that would advocate legislation, offer resources and rewards, use tools to track pedophiles, put reward funds in place, and advocate child murders to a federal offense."

    With a seven-year limit, it's obviously too late for the IRS to audit John Ramsey. Besides, I'm sure he needed the money for his private plane upkeep and greens fees.
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  2. DeeDee

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    I guess most of the money went to "administrative fees". Just like a real charity.
  3. cynic

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    Rhetorical questions?
    Nothing can stick to the Teflon John. :verdict:
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  4. cynic

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    The house has failed to sell, (again,) and has been off the market since the summer.

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