Ramsey house basement photos

Discussion in 'Evidence Files: Ramsey murder case' started by koldkase, Oct 13, 2009.

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    Thanks so much, cynic. You must be as afraid as I am that one day this video will disappear like so many through the years. :puffy:

    Here's a good comparison WS member OTG created so we could compare the width of the web in the left bottom corner of the frame with the full frame. It puts Smit's "entry" into the window into better perspective, as well.

    [Thanks so much for sharing, OTG.]


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    I am, but I've also saved the video. :D
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    So that we have the golf club photos in one place, I'm adding these to show that all three bags of Ramsey golf clubs and the loose clubs in the "train room" closet were located in the basement.

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  5. koldkase

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    I realize we don't actually have a long shot photo of the broken basement window in the basement room, with all four glass panes and the broken pane showing. I needed that for purposes of comparing the mark on the wall under the window with the location of that broken pane when the window was closed.

    So I made a layover/composite of the basement window. THE CENTER WINDOW HERE IS NOT THE ACTUAL CENTRAL WINDOW.

    Notice the "circular" pattern around that window: I copied and inserted the left window from a long shot photo--see the second photo which is the original. The "red" color and shadows from the left wall of shelves came with the image I inserted in as the center window, so sorry about that; my program only captures a circular image for the clone image.

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  6. koldkase

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    A comparison of screen captures of glass from the broken window pane on the OUTSIDE ledge of the window: from the basement crime scene video.

    Was the window broken from the inside?

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  7. questfortrue

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    Crime photo of wc from P. Woodward's book

    Since this is a crime photo which hasn't appeared in other sources previously, it may add to our knowledge of the items in the wc. The item just left of center appears to be a doll. It bears a possible resemblance to the doll referenced in DOI as the My Twinn doll given to JB at Christmas.

  8. questfortrue

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    Photo is an enlargement of a portion of the photo above this post. (Hair, face and feet were colorized by me, only to show what I was seeing.) Folks will have to judge for themselves whether this resembles a doll.

  9. questfortrue

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    This photo is a screen shot from the program Overkill: The Murder of JonBenét. (Downloaded at ws, and thanks to cynic's work.) It has a little broader view of the wc, including the old bicycle and other ‘junk’ in the corner. Note the photo above does not show and most likely was shifted to another area when the investigators searched the wc.

  10. questfortrue

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    We've seen this photo before, but I'm placing it in this thread, as it shows a more detailed view of the contents of the paint tote.

  11. questfortrue

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    Broken basement window has been posted several times. This one, however, has a couple of different features. It does show a measurement of the fracture in the pane as well as a close-up of the frame with what appears to be some gouge marks.

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    KK once wrote: This is what I'm trying to imagine; why not find the scissors? I have five pairs of scissors in my house--off the top of my head, I can tell you where each of them is at this minute. Patsy surely knew where she could find a pair of scissors.

    The riddle of who was cutting cords with a serrated kitchen knife or a dull Swiss Army knife is further developed in consideration of this photo, featuring a pair of scissors on the dryer. The image is of Patsy’s Christmas wrapping area in the basement laundry. (Photo from RADAR online video)

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    Cracked window frame

    Both KK and cynic have selected photos of the basement window which provide excellent visual evidence of the location of the broken pane as well as several views of the spider webs draped over this window. http://www.forumsforjustice.org/for...sey-house-basement-photos&p=190854#post190854

    What caught my eye recently is not simply an observation about the broken pane and webs but the cracked frame as well. As the photos below show, the primary damage to the window and frame occurred in the top portion of the window. It may also corroborate the directional force of the damage.


  14. questfortrue

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    It was brought to my attention recently that it isn’t clear from the above photos whether this is an exterior or interior view of the window. The photo below clarifies the shooting position of the photographer. The broken window is wide open, in order that the photographer is able to take a photo of the exterior of the window from inside the room, without needing to crouch in the window well under the grate. The damage to the frame, however it was caused, is on the exterior side of the window.

  15. cottonstar

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    The log grabber


    We know this photo with the log grabber appeared in one of the tabloids. It was taken sometime after the original crime scene photos were taken.

    But, as you can see below, the log grabber was actually in the cellar room and was part of the original crime scene.


    The log grabber was not listed as an item taken into evidence on the search warrants. Furthermore, the log grabber seems to not even exist, even though it was literally a few feet away from JBR body. There is no mention of it in any media, or any other narrative in this case.
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