Steve Thomas on Nancy Grace tonight

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by babyboomer, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    :rotfl: I tried not to look but everytime they showed him my eyes were drawn to his pants, then his boobs.... then his pants....
  2. RAMP

    RAMP Member

    The show's almost on, right? What channel?
  3. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    CNN I think
  4. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Tricia and RR, you need to clean out your mailboxes.
  5. philmein

    philmein Member

    NOT the main CNN channel but CNN HEADLINE NEWS!
  6. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    Some of Karr's email's on.

    Thomas is up yippie!!!
  7. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    Hahah Nancy calls Lacy's fiasco a collasil blunder.

    BPD is outrage and livid cause they were removed! Thomas

    Thomas is kicking azz already....telling what Lacy should have done instead of listening to a cuckoo.
  8. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    51/50 cuckoo...? is that more than a code 6 wingnut? lol
  9. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    Talking head: Shame on that judge Bailin to give Lacy a pass!

    Nancy: What's with Lacy's excuse we had to save the children.
    Nancy ripping Lacy a new one.

    Thomas: Lame excuse would have to translate documents rather than fly Karr home. Boggles the mind.
  10. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    People are really clueless on this case, caller thought ransom note signed the same as JK yearbook.
  11. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    Is that is? I haven't seen Thomas lately and I can't stand to watch her.
  12. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    Yep...glad Thomas in on!

    Nancy is sooo peod at Lacy.

    Thomas on has to limit remarks...but not inscriber to the intruder. Since he spoke out was target of Rams lawsuits. Keenan he called her, is in trouble.

    Nancy what points away from intruder theory.

    Notewriter was involved or killed victim. Thomas if we had gone to DA with what Lacy had, he and the other cops would be run out of town.
  13. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    Nancy on non intruder theory and actually got a lot of stuff right, comfortable in home, no signs of break in etc....Nancy says that points away from intruder.

    Thomas...FBI had difficulty with kidnapping pedofile angle.

    Both agree collegues had never seen anything like this.
  14. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    I'm surprised, they are doing pretty good. Steve has been able to get some info out. It's really nice to hear someone who actually worked the case not spew out a intruder theory.
  15. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    And I'll bet he talked to Nancy before the show....she's finally getting it.
  16. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    DA will never make an arrest in this case.Thomas...Lacy so myopic in her search for an intruder. Case dead and cold.

    Internet selling crap related to Karr by talking head.
  17. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    They including Jams play and her blood money funding the Ramseys pet detective LS in that crap being sold on ebay????
  18. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    No unfortunately...or maybe Jams play isn't selling well enough to mention.

    By the way did Jams ever get to be on a program? I was too busy watching Tricia on TV I never did find out.
  19. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    Nancy Grace said she heard Mary Lacy said 'search is seizure' law isn't my forte. Lacy never tried a murder case.

    Nancy says Lacy actions are BS. Nancy is still shouting how incompetent Lacy is!
  20. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    NG talks too much.
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