Teaching women it's OK to fight back

Discussion in 'The Search for Rachel Cooke' started by "J_R", Jan 15, 2004.

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    Updated: 1/11/2004 5:00 AM
    By: Heather Maze

    Saturday marked the two-year anniversary of Rachel Cooke's disappearance.

    Police believe she was abducted while running near her Georgetown home.

    Her parents began the Rachel Alert Network (RAN) to help the families of missing people.

    Recently, they teamed up with Southwestern University police chief Deborah Brown to offer her self-defense classes for women, called M.U.S.T. (Mentally Useful Safety Techniques).

    Brown said that women need to be mentally prepared in case they are attacked.

    "The very first thing I would tell a woman to do is give yourself permission to fight. Women don't think about fighting for themselves," she said.

    The advanced M.U.S.T class includes some hands on activities.

    "At the M.U.S.T seminar we will go over all of the things that you have on your body that you can use for tools for the initial contact when someone first grabs you," Brown said.

    She also teaches women the smartest way to carry different purses. For example, one with a strap should be carried like a football.

    ...snip But there should be nothing in this purse that you want to fight over," Brown said.

    Remember nothing you have is as valuable as your safety, but if someone comes after you, put up a fight.

    The class is for women and anyone under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Dress comfortably and bring your keys.

    Women's self-defense

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    The best thing

    my ex ever did for my girls was to teach them how to fight. He himself had a long history of fighting, both in the ring and out, he was tough, and he feared no one. He not only taught them how to protect themselves and fight, he taught them to be wary and to trust no one. Two went into martial arts when they were in their late teens, and the other one could rip your heart out with her bare hands if she needed to.

    There is no absolute protection in certain circumstances, even for martial arts experts, especially if the man is much heavier and stronger, but it's not about the strength as much as it is the knowledge or where to hit them or how to gouge someone's eyes. It's not about having the ability to kick someone's butt and win - it's about giving oneself that split second opportunity to run and scream. Self defense is great; I also think a little offense doesn't hurt. Abductors as a rule will shy away from in-your-face women who go on the offensive when threatened, because those women draw too much attention to what's going on.
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