The alley and the back of the Ramsey house

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Learnin, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Ah, you're sweet. I'm actually busy right now and don't have much time to post, but I did get a few more interior photos up and started the "pineapple" thread. Here's the link. Please add any you have I missed, and thanks!
  2. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    I have been all through that yard--and the second I finished my "tour" I was convinced more than ever that any kind of Intruder Theory is pure fantasy land. The house is smaller than it looks on the TV. The alley is smaller. The grate above the window that leads to the basement would be impossible to get through without leaving behind a ton of evidence.

    I've been here since day one.I watched the JBR legend grow in the press, and the whole Intruder Theory seemed exotic and exciting and it made the case seem more exotic than it really was--but if you actually see the house, it all becomes crystal clear. All these crackpot theories about crazy pedophiles and sex rings are just that--nonsense.

    This was a rage crime, staged to look like a sexual predator was involved. The answer to this mystery lies with the three people locked inside the home with the body of Jonbenet Ramsey. We may never know the exact details, but the Intruder Theory is preposterous.
  3. DeeDee

    DeeDee Member

    You've said it all. Nothing I could add. I just can't understand why it isn't this crystal-clear to everyone.
  4. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    Absolutely BobC :yay:
  5. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Because the Ramseys hired experts at PR, defense law, and Patsy knew how to fool the fools without even batting an eye. She was a natural liar, and John had a lot of experience at it himself--remember his two year affair? Some people are just dumb enough to believe anything the Ramseys said. That was easier to them than believing such upstanding citizens could do what was done to JonBenet.

    Good post, BobC. I remember your trip, and you also put some photos up for us y'all took. Are those still up anywhere we can see them?
  6. Learnin

    Learnin Member

    Thanks for your thoughts, BobC, especially about your take on the yard. I sure would have liked to have walked around that yard. I was really taken aback when I made my first visit to the home. The home is right on the street. In pictures, it looked like it was way back from the street. I was even more shocked when, this time, I drove down the alley and saw the close proximity of everything.
  7. DeeDee

    DeeDee Member

    I'd LOVE to see Bob's photos if possible.
  8. Elle

    Elle Member

    I have always agreed with your theory Bob. Missed you on the board!
  9. Learnin

    Learnin Member

    Couple of question for you BobC if you don't mind. How soon, after the murder, were you able to walk through the yard? I know that people have tried to make the house more secluded with fencing and trees, etc. If you were there many years ago, how secluded was the house at that time especially in the back yard? I read where the neighbor, behind the Ramsey home, had a dog that would always bark when someone was walking down the alley,etc. She stated that the dog was not barking that night.
  10. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Hey guys--I have no idea what happened to those photos. I think I posted them on the old JusticeWatch forum, but it was so long ago I'm not sure.

    Learnin--I was there in late December, 1998 I believe. I was completely shocked that there were no "No Trespassing" signs anywhere so Skydogg, Masker and I just paraded right in.

    There were bushes on one side of the house (not on the side with the grate), but not on the other. If I recall correctly the area around the grated window was a big rock patio kinda thing--so there were no bushes or anything around that window. There was a lady next door raking leaves, and what really struck me was how I could hear every move she made very clearly. The hills around the house seem to really funnel noise. Because of that, and the fact that the all the trees around the patio were bare, made that area about as open to viewing as the front porch would be. Any sane intruder would have picked the side with the bushes--which made Lou Smit's idiotic theory even dumber.
  11. Learnin

    Learnin Member

    Thanks for the info. 1998, huh? This means you got a pretty good look at the layout as it was at time of incident. I hope I'm not bothering you but here's a few more questions about the sunroom. Easy to see into? It might have had curtains when you were there, but, in your opinion, next door neighbor could easily see inside that room?

    The reason I ask is because of the neighbor reporting about the light being off in the sunroom the night of the incident. Maybe you know or someone else could confirm something. I had a discussion on another forum about this.
    This light which was mentioned by the neighbor as always burning but not on this night; was this light on the outside of the house or was it a night light of sorts which was inside the sunroom.

    I cannot see why any intruder would risk walking into a glass walled room and turning that light off. He wouldn't need to in the first place because it did not lie in what would have been his route of access.
  12. madeleine_ws

    madeleine_ws Member

    What about the kitchen where a neighbour said he saw the lights on around midnight?Can you see inside that kitchen from the street/yard?

    Would an intruder be SO STUPID to turn those lights ON?
    Then why the heck turn the other ones off?

    This is so ridiculous.........he turned lights on,lights off,he sit there for hours getting used to the house and wrote the note.

    YEAH F RIGHT!It's just ridiculous.

    And re the window,ITA,you would leave a lot of evidence behind,especially if you would walk out of there packed with tape,cord,blankets,stun guns,pineapple and stuff. :duh:

    Btw,hi and nice to meet ya Bob :)
  13. DeeDee

    DeeDee Member

    The lights the neighbor reported seeing in the kitchen were not the actual kitchen room light, but rather described as "strange moving lights". AKA someone moving in the dark holding a flashlight (conveniently found devoid of prints in the very same kitchen were the moving light were seen. The kitchen light that was reported wasn't an actual light with a wall switch, but rather the moving flashlight.
    Actually, it goes right along with someone turning off that sunroom light (which a neighbor also reported as NEVER being off). So the lurker turned off the sunroom light and used the flashlight to walk around the darkened first floor.
  14. Learnin

    Learnin Member

    So, the light in the sunroom which was always on. I take it that this light was some kind of safety light that came on at dark everynight and it was inside the room? The reason I ask is that I do not believe an intruder would have ventured into that room to turn off a light.
  15. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Hey everybody.

    I was able to look into any and every 1st floor window in that house--I even saw the phone Patsy used in her staged kidnapping call to BPD. I will be fair here and say no one was living there when I visited so there were no curtains that I can recall--but that doesn't mean Patsy didn't have some at the time of the crime.

    It was really funny watching senile Lou Smit trying to concoct this dramatic intruder theory focused around the broken cellar grate window that John Ramsey already admitted was broken long before the murder. If you visit the house, you will realize that that window to the cellar is about the dumbest place to try to enter--because that area is as wide open as the front patio.

    Another thing--if you see the house in person, you will be surprised how low the ceilings are. In fact, I could have easily climbed up to the second story patio outside JBR's window if I'd wanted to. Why would anyone try to go through that barely visible grate/window to the convoluted basement when they had a clear shot at JBR's bedroom window? The whole thing is just stupid--a five year old wouldn't believe it. BUT the Ramsey's goon squad had to spin a story for their make-believe intruder, and once John pretended to be shocked that the basement window was broken, they were locked into that particular theory. It really is that simple.

    Oh yeah--the other comical thing was the bit where Patsy was supposedly shrieking like a clubbed seal all over the house when she found JBR gone, but Burke never woke up. That alone is asinine on its face, but if you see the hard-wood and ceramic floors on the 1st floor, you'd know the sound would carry really easily. John, of course, heard Patsy's act a whole additional floor away, while in the shower, but Burke didn't.

    Man this all just plain stupid.
  16. Shadow

    Shadow FFJ Senior Content Moderator

    Great to see you posting Bad Bob... as always, what you have to say is logical and interesting.
  17. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Hey Shadow

    Hey Shadow!

    OMIGOD--have you all seen "Little Girl Gone" (it's on right now) on EInvestigates?
  18. DeeDee

    DeeDee Member

    My thinking is that the sunroom light wasn't a safety light (like with a motion-detector that turns it on) but rather it was an average room lamp, like on an and table or a floor lamp.
    In my own house, I have timers on whether I am home or not, and there is one room that always has the same light on, all night long, whether I am home or not.
    What is suspicious about the Rs light is that neighbors had noticed that it was a light that was always ON. Yet, that night, of all nights, it was off. As was the alarm. And even the dog was staying with the Barnhill's across the street.
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