The Bent Spoon and the Neck Abrasion

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  1. Tril

    Tril Member

    Spade, my angle is that the garotte wasn't part of the staging, and that Patsy isn't the killer. I think it's possible that when she and John first saw the body, their immediate impulse may have been to remove the garotte - which Patsy then attempted to do.
  2. Spade

    Spade Member


    Fibers from Patsy's jacket were also found in the paint tray. The same paint tray that was the source for the "stick" in the garrote.
  3. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Marks on her wrists

    Over yonder, someone has posted this image from ACR's website:-


    There is discussion about what appears to be a line of discoloration on her hand close to her wrist which might be in keeping with suggestions that the had been tied up by the wrists.

    jameson says there is no discoloration and that this could be a "BORG prank" (good grief).

    Is there a better image anywhere for comparison?
  4. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Far from it being a "BORG prank", if you look at the left hand side of that image, there appears to be a ghost of another image. This could be a screen capture from tv. We've all seen the documentaries where one image fades into the next.
  5. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    "The fibers from Patsy's jacket were also tied into the knots. No intruder is going to talk Patsy into helping him make a garrote. Maybe there was no intruder...Duh!"

    Duh indeed!
  6. tylin

    tylin Banned

  7. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Doesn't jammy sue have anything better to do with her time than lurk at FFJ to try to find things to take to her forum to criticize? Can't she come up with anything of interest of her own volition?

    Anyone who continuously accuses another party of illegal doings or "BORG pranks," has obviously been guilty of the same. Why else would she even consider someone from FFJ would alter an autopsy picture? Nobody at FFJ is stupid enough to present forged documents that can easily be proven wrong, and no one at FFJ is dishonest enough to pull something like that. In fact, that kind of behavior is something I would expect from jams or one of her alters, not FFJ.
  8. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Apart from the ridiculous "BORG prank" accusation, the poster who raised the topic made the point that if the marks that we see are marks on her hands, then it would be in keeping with her having been suspended by the wrists.

    That's why I'm curious.
  9. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    When I look really close at those marks, I see separations between what could be impressions of squares in a bracelet. As in squares of gold, or whatever. Lots of bracelets have squares like that with separations between, probably held together by thin connectors. it surely doesn't look like a mark that would be left by a solid rope or cord.
  10. Pearlsim

    Pearlsim FFJ Senior Member

    and one more thing - no one here is cruel enough to even think of altering those heartrending autopsy photos of a murdered six year old little girl.

    susan bennett never fails to amaze and disgust me.
  11. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    OK, here's a puzzle. According to the autopsy, the bracelet was on the right hand. Looking at the image, it looks like her right hand, but according to the filename at ACR's, it's her left hand.

    So has the photo gotten flipped or is the photo incorrectly named?

    An imprint of the bracelet would make sense.
  12. heymom

    heymom Member

    Well, I don't think it's the photo being flipped, because you can see the tag with part of the word "Coroner" at the top of the photo. I would say it's a mislabeled photo.

  13. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Could that be the negative image of the left hand? I'm not exactly sure how this works, but sometimes the images in photographs are opposite what they really are. Like, when you look in a mirror, everything is reversed - your right hand is on your left side, and your left hand is on your right side.

    A photographer could explain this better than I. I may just be thinking of the negative, itself.
  14. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    It is the right hand. You can tell by the thumb. Its the right hand for sure and it is probably the imprint from the bracelet. Have we ever seen the bracelet? I'm sure the bracelet was either pressing against her wrist, or possibly, depending on how the bracelet fit her regularly, the swelling of the hand and wrist caused the bracelet to imprint itself
  15. Tril

    Tril Member

    I finally located the diagram of the Rs' basement I've been trying to find for the past few days.


    As Spade pointed out in post #42 in this thread, fibers from Patsy's clothing were found in the paint tote, as well as in the "garotte" knot.

    Because of the nearness of the tote to the doorway to the wine cellar, where JonBenet's body was "found" by John, I think it's possible that the fibers could have been transferred to the tote from Patsy's clothing just from her being in the area during the staging. This seems especially likely if at some time, the body was outside the wine cellar, where the urine stains were found on the floor, near the paint tote.

    My point is that just because Patsy's clothing fibers were found in the paint tote, where the other part of the broken art brush was found, doesn't mean she made the "garotte" - just as the fact that her clothing fibers were found in the knot doesn't mean she did. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I think she may have initially tried to untie the knot, and this may be how fibers from her clothing got into the knot.

    I realize this isn't the only possible scenario, but it works for me.
  16. heymom

    heymom Member

    There were no reports of Patsy trying to untie the knot after JonBenet's body was found - do you mean during the staging?

  17. Tril

    Tril Member

    Heymom, here's what I posted about that earlier on this thread:

    "... my angle is that the garotte wasn't part of the staging, and that Patsy isn't the killer. I think it's possible that when she and John first saw the body, their immediate impulse may have been to remove the garotte - which Patsy then attempted to do."
  18. heymom

    heymom Member

    Okay, I see. You are saying it's possible that Patsy tried to remove the garrotte and failed to accomplish that. When do you think they first saw the body and tried to untie her?

  19. Tril

    Tril Member

    heymom... I'm a BDIer and think John and Patsy found the body - possibly after having been awakened by JonBenet's scream (if she did, in fact, scream). If there was no scream, maybe they were awakened, intentionally or unintentionally, by Burke. Regardless of what the circumstances were, I doubt that much time passed from when JonBenet died to when John and Patsy came upon her body.
  20. heymom

    heymom Member

    I see. Being rather a newbie here, I am unaware of many of the different positions people have taken over the years. Thanks for explaining!

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