The Dust Detective and the JBR case

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  1. BobC

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    Not me!! My house looks like it got sucked through a Flobee!

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  2. Learnin

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    You're welcome, Elle. And thanks for your kind comments.
  3. Learnin

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    I've always thought that this dust and lint evidence is one of the most important pieces of evidence in this case outside of the pineapple and ransom note. If there was, indeed, dust and lint on the soles of JBR's feet,
    then, it would give LE a huge clue as to where JBR was standing last, or shortly before, being struck. I've always wondered if this is one of the
    reasons ST was trying to find some object in JBR's bathroom that could
    have caused the head wound.

    I'm, also, convinced that, if there was ample dust on the sole of JBR's feet, then, it's a cinch that the longjohns were not placed on, or taken off of, JBR after first blow.
  4. heymom

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    That is one of the funniest things I have ever heard in my life! It just goes to show you - the cleaning gene is either there or it's not. But I tell you what - if one is not a clean freak to start with, and then gets yelled at or worse, the silent treatment from a clean freak family member, you can kiss any possibility at cleaning goodbye!

    In Patsy's case, I would say the cleaning gene was NOT there...She was a Messy for sure, even with the help of a maid who came every other day. But then she also had the "To the Manor Born" syndrome - someone else could pick up after Burke's whittling mess, for example.

    I do wonder if the dust on JonBenet's feet (if there were any) would have come from the blanket she was wrapped in, or the basement floor.

    I don't suppose we could ask Chief Kolar about this?
  5. DeeDee

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    Cleaning has always soothed me. (I know, right?) I put on my fave composer (Chopin) or Sixties Rock. I also work out problems when cleaning or get my mind off things.
    You are right about Patsy. She definitely thought of herself as being of a higher class than LHP. No woman should leave her handbag for her housekeeper to vacuum out! Patsy left EVERYTHING for LHP. She said they whole family was messy- the lid was never put back on a jar, clothes were dropped on the floor right where they were taken off (even the poopy ones, apparently). I believe there WAS lint found on the bottom of JB's feet. And yes, it would have given an idea of the last place she was standing. The wine cellar had a coating of whitish mold on the concrete, a common thing on uncured, unsealed concrete basements. Had THIS been found, we'd know for sure that she had been alive in that room. Same for the basement fibers. Then we would know for sure that she had been awake and alive and in that basement - UNLIKE what her parents said- that they carried her asleep to her bed and never saw her again. Sadly- I do not think I ever saw where LE actually tried to match the lint to any areas of the home. And- that home was sold so quickly after the crime- and completely whitewashed (every carpet pulled up, every wall repainted white, all wallpaper pulled off) that the opportunity to do so was forever taken away.
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    I do agree on BBM. Even more, IMO the dust analysis should be going further than soles of her feet. When head blow happened, JBR should fall right away on some kind of surface. Granted, these two surfaces (on which she STANDS and on which she FALL) could be different. For example, prior the head blow, she could stand on the wood floor and after the head blow - her front torso could hit carpet/rug area. Regardless, the proper analysis of the dust from her soles AND front torso should tell the story.

    Especially, if her front torso has fibers/dust in addition to fibers/dust from the blanket and the carpet from basement....Would be very much interesting to get our hands on this 40-page dust report, isn't? Just wondering, where this report is right now: property of BPD, or FBI, or it lays on the shelf in originator's lab?...hmmmmm

  7. OpenMind4U

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    The following link has been obtained from Skip Palenik Microtrace LLC site:

    P.S. Too bad to learn that Mr.Palenik has not much material to learn from: I examined the particles left behind on her clothing. It was just a very small sample, picked up by evidence technicians using tape' wonder why this case is still 'unsolved'!!!!!!...(makes me very angry...)
  8. Learnin

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    According to the article, LE asked for it, from the Dust Detective, when JMK
    was arrested. That makes me wonder if they used it to refute some of Karr's story or checked it against what he said.

    At any rate, like you, I'd sure like to read the analysis of that dust and lint, where it came from, where it was located, etc. Hopefully, Kolar, someday, can tell us if he saw the report, etc.
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