The Keeffes Murdered in Their Home (Pennsylvania)

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    The grand jury found that both victims were initially shot in the head with a 12-gauge shotgun blast in an ambush-style execution. After Carol Keeffe suffered the fatal shotgun wound, she was shot two more times, in the head, from close range, with a .22 caliber gun.

    Her husband, David, was also shot in the head with a .22 caliber gun following the initial shotgun blast.

    I don't recall reading about them being shot in the head with a .22 to boot. Talk about overkill. :unreal:
  2. Elle

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    Vendetta comes to mind JC!
  3. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    JC, Elle

    Yes, indeed...vendetta and overkill. Carol's father did not have to give this punk ANYTHING! He was only a nephew. All these years, his rage over his first cousin's good fortune in inheriting 84 acres of prime hunting land simmered in his fevered mind until he decided to kill her and her husband.

    The seven capital sins are what drive most murderers. This guy was consumed by envy and anger.
  4. koldkase

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    Yes, thanks for the update, Lurker.

    I read some of the articles and watched the news video report. Here's what I find odd: LE had the weapons used to murder the victims, plus the bullet casings, all found in the old man's possession; they had bloody boot prints and the boots which matched them found on the alleged killer DeSisti's property; they had the motive--the feud over the land. Why did it take them this long to arrest this old killer? He sounds mean enough to kill again, especially knowing he might go down for this double murder.

    Okay, here's a great article which outlines much more about the land dispute--which was over land in New York where the alleged killer lived, not in Pennsylvania where the victims lived and were slain. And the father of victim Carol Keeffe was not even dead at the time she was murdered--am I reading that right? So the "gift" of land was while he was still alive?

    This article is fantastic, laying out the land dispute in detail, the issues and character of the alleged killer, and the evidence. I have copied some here for discussion, but if you really want to know the whole story, read the article in full. There are some aerial photos of the house/crime scene, as well, here:

    Also, some "comments" in the comment section imply that a judge might have been the "hold-up" on the charges. As in, sounds very Ramsey to me....

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    Googled up this update on the Keeffe murders. Looks like the crazy cousin is going to trial this summer:


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  6. LurkerXIV

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    He'll Die in Jail.

    Lock and Donato can knock themselves out trying to defend the nut. They will not succeed. The evidence is airtight--PA State Police made sure they dotted every "i" and crossed every "t" before arresting the vicious old creep.

    Hope they lock him up in a cell with Richard Illes.
  7. koldkase

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    Well, that's good news. It was odd that they took so long to arrest him, since they had his shoes which matched prints at the crime scene, his guns that were the weapons used, etc. But as long as they got him.

    This creep obviously is one of those really terrifying, violent, unreasonable, unlawful sociopaths it's so unfortunate to deal with in life. I've met people who lived through hell dealing with someone like this. I even remember reading about a town full of people who got tired of being bullied, beaten, robbed, and threatened by a man like this that the gov't. didn't seem to be able to stop, so they shot and killed him in town one afternoon as a group and that was that. NO witnesses and everyone had an alibi. I really couldn't blame them, because he'd almost killed an old man and his wife when robbing them in a hardware store they owned in town. Yet he kept getting let out of jail by judges and slick lawyers. But he won't be menacing or stealing from anyone anymore.

    I hope they do nail this man. What a monster.
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