The Krebs File and the short version of the Mystery Woman saga

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  1. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    The story of Nancy Krebs, Lee Hill, Alex Hunter, and the Internet.

    First to those of you who now have the whole 700 pages plus file feel free to start posting or scanning. Go for it.

    Here is an extremely brief re-cap of what this whole story is about.

    Spring of 2000. Many members of an old discussion group called Justice Watch met back east at a barbeque.

    It was there that the idea of "Mystery Woman" was introduced.

    The Mystery Woman had secret information that would blow the JBR case wide open.

    Of course no one was allowed to ask about Mystery Woman. We were all suppose to take what she said as gospal truth.

    Trouble was we didn't know what she said. We weren't allowed to know the facts. The only thing anyone was able to gather was somehow Fleet White was a pedophile and Mystery Woman had proof. This proof would lead to the real killer of JonBenet.

    Newspapers in Boulder and surrounding areas ran stories about this "Mystery Woman." Implying that Fleet White was the evil culprit of the ring of pedophiles. Lee Hill was Mystery Woman's lawyer who brought her to Boulder to tell her story. A vague story covered with hearty zest by the Boulder Daily Camera. Here is an example.

    Alex Hunter, the Boulder District Attorney, gave the Krebs story credence. He found her, "believable." Of course Hunter soon backed down when people like Michael Kane and Police Chief Mark Beckner called and asked him what the hell he was doing. Yet Hunter knew Krebs had a history in her own home town of filing false reports. More on this situation when I post some notes.

    It got worse. Pretty soon everyone knew Fleet White was the person Mystery Woman was talking about.

    Justice Watch went down in flames because the owner of JW allowed this small group of idiots to destroy her forum. Every time we turned around "Mystery Woman" would rear her ugly head in the form of vile and accusatory posts from Mame, Mary99 Morgan, Holly, and others.

    This group has spent the last 3 years pushing this lie down our throats.

    The group has now dwindled down to 3. Mame, Morgan, Mary99. They have never given up trying to disrupt any type of discussion by bringing up Fleet White and his involvement with the Mystery Woman, Nancy Krebs.

    The way these 3 stalked discussion forums one would have to ask if they are being paid to do this. I do not have any evidence they are anything more than a trio of posters hell bent on destroying an innocent man but the question does need to be asked. Are they paid to disrupt? I don't know.

    We could announce, "Yes they are being paid" and then ask them to prove they are not. But you see...that is impossible. How can they prove they are not being paid? They can't. Yet if we play by their rules we have every right to accuse them of being paid without any evidence to back it up. That's why I won't say they are paid. I don't know.

    The story of Nancy Krebs continued on. Krebs had information of a pedophile ring lead by Fleet White. The Boulder PD had the information as well. The F.B.I. was investigating.

    You have to understand. All of us who came to the Internet to discuss the JBR case faced these posters on a regular basis. We could be talking about the weather pattern over the rain forest and it would turn into an hysterical discussion about Krebs and how Fleet White needed to be investigated more.

    Then something happened. Fleet White was able to get a judge to release the police interviews of Nancy Krebs. The interviews were posted by a big Krebs supporter. Mrs. Brady. Mrs. Brady backed the owner of JW and the Krebs groupies it appears. Which is too bad. We all thought Mrs. Brady had good head on her shoulders.

    Krebs was interviewed twice by the BPD. Once in Feb. 2000 then again in May of 2000. I believe Mrs. Brady put up the Feb. 2000 interviews only. I am not sure though.

    Then a funny thing happened. People started to read the interviews. Krebs claimed that Fleet White Sr. a man in his eighties killed JBR. PLUS ( get ready) IT WAS JOHN RAMSEY WHO ABUSED HER. JOHN RAMSEY WHO REPEATEDLY RAPED HER. Oh yes Fleet White did too but you see we never heard about JOHN RAMSEY until the interviews were made public.

    The interviews were taken down. Mrs. Brady abandoned her page and many of the Krebs supporters just vanished.

    You see nowhere in any newspaper, TV, or Radio piece about Nancy Krebs does it mention John Ramsey. Only Fleet White. Yet as early as Feb. of 2000 Krebs was accusing John Ramsey as much as Fleet White.

    This was quite a revelation to us but it shouldn't have been to the Krebs supporters. After all they had seen the evidence right? I guess not because Morgan, the most vile one of the three in my opinion, just recently admitted to not knowing about Krebs accusing John Ramsey.

    From a forum called, "Purgatory" comes this revelation. A poster named Ginja asked Morgan this question.
    "Were you, Mame and those "others" sincere with good instincts when you didn't bother telling any of us that Nancy alleged John Ramsey was ALSO a member of the sex ring and played an even larger role in that ring than FW because he was the one who laundered the sex ring's money?"

    Morgan replied,

    "Sorry to bust your chops but I didn't know."

    That's right. Seems Nancy, their goddess of the truth, didn't bother to tell them about John Ramsey. Just Fleet White.

    Now you have to ask yourself this question.

    Do you really think Nancy Krebs did not tell her attorney ( The Wanted Lee Hill) or Mame ( someone she stayed with while in Boulder talking with the police) that John Ramsey was a part of this pedophile ring? Why would she hold that information back and only tell the police?

    Lee Hill admits that John Ramsey is "culpable." See the post below. Lee Hill knew it wasn't only Fleet White that Krebs was accusing yet he allowed the continued d estructionof a mans reputation. You have to ask yourself WHY?

    Hill conveniently left it out of his newspaper, radio and TV interviews any mention of John Ramsey. But not Fleet White's name. No. His name was everywhere.

    Mame didn't bother to let anyone else know and to this day, even after seeing it with their own eyes, they continue on with their crusade against Fleet White and his family.

    You have to ask "WHY?"

    You have to ask why Lee Hill jumped his bond and is now a wanted man. A few years ago he was representing Krebs. Going all over pushing her story of a huge pedophile ring in Boulder led by Fleet White. Of course he left out John Ramsey. Why did Lee Hill bolt? Is it because things didn't work out like they were suppose to? Did someone put him up to this whole charade and now he is running scared because his part of the deal failed?

    I don't know.

    I will be posting typed written notes from the now public Krebs file. I promise it will appall you.
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  2. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    A page from the notes of the public file.


    Note the paragrah that starts with, " On 021800. about 4:00 pm..."

    Then it continues on about Krebs being a "5150." It ends with

    "This information was relayed to Mr. Hunter the same day."

    In other words on Feb. 18th 2000 Alex Hunter was told Krebs was a "5150."

    The date of the Boulder Camera Article where Hunter gives Krebs crediblity is Feb. 25th 2000.

    Hunter knew.
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  3. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    From a Lee Hill Confidential memo......

    Or so he thought........

    Dated March 21, 2001 addressed to Ms. Ingraham of the Boulder County District Attorneys Office.

    "Dear Ms. Ingram:

    As we have discussed on several occasion, and pursuant to your request that I submit this listing, I am sending this note to outline expenses I incurred while hosting and supervising, IN COOPERATION WITH MR. ALEX HUNTER, a witness from California who brought forward last year very sensitive information regarding the Ramsesy homicide investigation."

    Then he goes on to whine about how he was unassisted in his financial support of Nancy Krebs.

    Well, well, well, what happened to the funds raised by the Justice Watch forum for her?

    Mame? Chris? Anybody?

  4. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Nancy actually said this!

    In a September 18, 2001 letter to Judge Montgomery regarding the release of the "Krebs investigation" file:

    "I am wondering if anyone considered the impact on ME in regards to releasing the deepest, most confidential records to the public."

    Of course this is after she offers that she was under the ASSumption that when she was inteviewed by the BPD that the statements she made would have the full protection of the law.

  5. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Oh, and I guess

    Nasty Nancy thought it was just ducky, though, that her smarmy friends released those deepest, most confidential innuendos against Fleet White over the internet. I'll bet both she and her "therapist" were salivating over the terrible beating he got from them while she, the abused victim, gag, remained relatively unscathed through it all.

    If one make accusations such as these against another human being, that person has the right to defend himself against those accusations, if he so chooses, and the public has the right to know the truth. Nancy should have thought about the consequences when she made the choice to join forces with Lee Hill, Singular, Hunter, and Suma and set out to deliberately destroy the reputation of a witness in the JBR case. That others like morgan and mary99 and Holly blindly followed where Mary Suma led is indicative only of their utter stupidity. It's all going to come out now. Too bad, so sad.
  6. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    Why haven't the Ramseys who've sued everyone who dared mention their name sued NK for what she has said John did to her?.

    Do they somehow benefit from FW being smeared and therefor don't want to discredit krabs, so long as Johns name stays in the background.
  7. zoomama

    zoomama Active Member


    I'm very embarressed to even write this but somehow I feel like I have to salve my own conscience by doing so. This is an interesting thread! What I learned from it was the part about Mrs. Brady. I was one of her loyal followers. So loyal in fact that I wrote back to her on several occasions. She did write to me on only one occasion. Anyway all the time I was reading her daily (It was the first thing I went to) I did not suspect that she had a part in this whole Krebs mess and the followers. I'm now very sorry that I placed my idol worship (so to speak) in such a ucky place. I did take her daily as face value and for what it is worth I used it as a catch up on "news". Some times I didn't know what she was even talking about but I still enjoyed reading it. Now I feel awful for having placed my time and effort in someone who backed the wrong horses... How could I have been so stupid? I have followed this case almost from the beginning. I should have known better. I must have been missing my hinky button all the time I was reading MB daily.
  8. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Zoomama please don't even feel bad. Mrs. Brady had a GREAT site. I enjoyed the hell out of it. I really thought Mrs. Brady was cool. In fact I wish she would come back. I have nothing against Mrs. Brady. Mrs. Brady backed the owner of JW and the Mame crew. She made a bad choice. I do wish she would come back and tell us her take on all of this. It would be interesting to see how she feels now with the case information becoming public.

    Zoomama if it makes you feel better I backed MAME. YES I DID. I use to think it was great the way she would report back on the case. I even had an open mind when this "Mystery Woman" crap came out. However it didn't take me very long to see what a load of garbage this was.

    That's the difference Zoomama. You and I and all the others didn't just blindly disregard the MW information. We took the time to listen, read, and come to our own conclusion.

    The amazing thing was all of the other people, who were reading the same things we were, couldn't see what was going on.

  9. zoomama

    zoomama Active Member

    Thanks, Tricia,

    Yes, I too enjoyed the heck out of that site too. She often times had the first and best news or gossip as the case may be. Yes, I still have it bookmarked hoping that she would come back. I know it must have been an awful lot of work for her to do daily. Be all that as it may, I can't help but feel somewhat offended that she did back the wrong horse. She was just too good often times.

    Thanks for trying to reassure me on this. That's what I think is so good about the caring folks here at FFJ. They do offer to help when one needs it. AHHHHHHHHHH that is so nice.
  10. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef



  11. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    Mrs. Brady

    Ma Brady always put on a lovely face in the public fora, but in the private/secret ones, she was a b!tch on wheels.

    So you're both right, RR and zoomama.
  12. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Brady was a queen

    just like several others of the self-proclaimed queens. Do not ever underestimate what that group is capable of.

    I really don't know enough about Brady to comment about her too much. It seemed to me that she kept to her own counsel; IOW, she wasn't so much part of the groupthink. She was friends with all of them, I think, but that doesn't mean she bought into all of the Krebs stuff. In fact, I don't think she did. Neither did masquerade. Nevertheless, neither of them would speak out against what was going on.

    I read Brady's website occasionally, but I wasn't a faithful like many were. I thought she provided a decent service at the time. It seems as if she has deserted JBR. I don't know why. Maybe someday she will tell us.
  13. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    River Rat....

    Whatever did become of all the money Justice Watch donated for the Mystery Woman?

    And all the money they donated for the defense of Steven Miles?


    So many scams, so little time.

    The FBI should investigate some of their own.
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  14. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef


    Do I look like some kind of Wheeler Dealer today?! I have no clue what happened to the money sent in for whatever reason of the month was. I know it wasn't me giving or receiving but I am a Rare Rat.

    This is the one common bond regarding the underlying evils surrounding this murder - The Lack of Accountability.

    Yes? No?
  15. purr

    purr Active Member

    2 things...........


    i am glad i was not around when all this
    mess was going on.......
    it would have driven me crazy!!!


    i still LOL thinking about the days
    when you thought i was mame
    who had come back aboard the
    forum with a different name......
    because i typed in lower caps.

    too funny,

  16. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    But Not as Funny as this!

    "Witness, Whines & Woes"
    Posted by mame on 08:47:56 7/19/2000

    NOTE: This message was last edited 08:47:56, 7/19/2000

    NOTE: This message was last edited 08:13:22, 7/19/2000

    It's time I cleared a few things up concerning The Witness who came forward with possible information in the JBR case.

    I understand the frustration by many concerning a lack of information regarding claims made by The Witness and her story. I'm told that many believe I have those answers. I don't! I was one of a handful of reporters who saw documents and videotapes. BJ Plasket and I interviewed her for four hours early on. We fired questions at her...and her attorney. I also followed up with two interviews privately on audio.

    The Witness also became my friend. During the weeks she stayed at my home I only gained depth into a person who had been abused since a child. I did not gain information that could solve any crime, or firmly name any suspect. I only saw dots that might be connected...a very compelling story that deserves an investigation. That's it!

    I despise secrecy. I have sought to fight secrecy in grand juries, government, friendships and life. The egos fueled in this case by knowledge that "they know something" other's don't, has been poison. I have never wanted to be labeled in such a way...or deserve such a label. Especially since I don't hold a key to ANYTHING! My trip to Maryland had nothing to do with The Witness. I honestly answered questions about the case as they were asked.

    Because there are highly respected journalists and investigators working on this story I feel confident the answers many want will be shared one day. Until that time, I ask you all to contact Lee Hill, her attorney, for further comments on his client.

    For those on this forum taking on other hats to go fishing...I'm aware of your motives. Lou Smit does NOT give interviews! The depiction of his stance on her story written here is nowhere near the truth. Other local journalists chose to cover the "book dog and pony show" while this witness came forward with her quiet courageous voice. That's their choice. If I could help you in your own sleuthing and thought processes...I would. I don't have the information you seek.

    The Witness has never once claimed to have the pieces necessary to solve JBR's murder. She gave authorities a vast amount of information she hoped might help them in their investigation.

    I will make no more comments on this story.


  17. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Did I read right? Mame said on 7/29/2000

    I will make no more comments on this story.

    Time to bring out the flag.

  18. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    This is priceless.

    Mame writes at the swamp:

    "One of the best ways to study this case is through the release of public documents. It's great to have archives of all documents regarding this case."

    LOL...Oh yes I agree. Thanks to public documents we have found out that a well thought out effort to destroy an innocent man and his family was being formed in early 2000. An effort that Mame herself has participated in for over 3 years. Yes I do love public documents.

    AvidReader has posted the Fleet White Letter to the judge in the Bryant case. Here is the link. Thank you to AvidReader for putting the letter up.
  19. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Inflation these days.....

    Phone Log Star Date (in honor of holly) March 16, 2000:

    "Lee asked if we could reimburse him for FOUR nights of a Hotel 8 stay that he paid for when XXXXX had to leave the Denver Safehouse."

    Transport to Star Date March 21, 2001: Confidential memo from Solicitor Hill to the Boulder County D.A.'s Office:

    "However, if you could find room in your budget to reimburse me for $750.00, that would help to alleviate my economic burden of covering over three weeks of lodging expenses, both commercial and private........"

    Sooooooooo, Nancy was scuttled all over town from the hotel, to maME's private lodging, to the SafeHouse, and the hospital. But maME clearly said that she housed "The Witness" for over a month. Asked the then Mr. maME to set another place at the table if I recall correctly............and I do. But knowing the double talk that she is famous for she probably said something like "you have been replaced at the table."

  20. Shadow

    Shadow FFJ Senior Content Moderator

    Hey Tricia, I also thought MAME did a good job keeping us on the east coast informed on what was happening in Boulder. Prior to the MW, I was quite friendly with a poster called Panico to whom I passed on info that I got from a couple of FBI relatives. She asked if she could pass this info on to a "reporter friend" and I agreed if my name and "sources" were keep secret.

    After Panico passed away, Mame emailed me to talk about Panico. We exchanged emails from then until the MW hit the scene. I, BTW, almost attended the bar-b-que - believe it or not, I missed it because Mrs shadow and I went to the beach with her second cousin (one of my FBI "sources') and his girl friend. Anyhow, like you, I tried to keep an open mind on MW, but my logical and reasonable (I thought) questions were originally answered with nothing more than a "TRUST US," and later I was accused of "disrespecting rape victims" and defending rapist.

    One of my last acts before I bailed-out of the JW Forum was to email Mame to warn her that she was misleading JW Forum posters - the FBI WAS NOT INVESTIGATING MW's allegations and story as she (Mame) kept saying.
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