The Krebs File and the short version of the Mystery Woman saga

Discussion in 'Mystery Woman/Lee Hill/Alex Hunter' started by Tricia, Aug 20, 2003.

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    The MW saga attempted to discredit a witness who knew the truth about certain events the morning after the murder, and as an added bonus. deflect guilt from the guilty parties to that very witness. It isn't difficult to see who would benefit most from this red herring, or would have if it had not been detected for the boatload of manure it was. Fleet White is a hero to me for the way he has kept his focus on JonBenet and the fight for justice, no matter what personal attacks were leveled at him.
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    In the interest

    of helping to educate the new hats at another forum (new hats, same heads), I think the Mystery Woman threads should be reinvigorated, bumped, whatever.

    Ya gotta give that Morgan credit, she keeps bouncing back, just like the energizer bunny. In fact, Morgan and her friend HoraceMills, have raised the bar on indecency and libel, inferring a member of this forum was involved in JBR's death and other outrageous and libelous posts. There is something diabolically wrong with these people who have obsessively tried to pin JBR's murder on the Whites and now attack people who have never been a suspect in JBR's murder.

    Keep it up, Morgan, you blithering, bloody idiot. You might make it to court, yet, with your slandering mouth.
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    I have to join you here WY. I did know about Mrs. Brady and I did visit her site every now and then. I also admired her dedication for putting out a daily bulletin on the JonBenét case, but was not a faithful follower like many posters. I wondered why she left the scene when she was so dedicated (?).

    This news must come as a disappointment to her many fans.

    About the Krebs' case, I did read Nancy Krebs' account on the net about John Ramsey being involved; that Fleet White had been introduced to her as a teenager by Fleet Sr. That John Ramsey had been there a few times with Fleet Sr. It all sounded so far fetched.

    I posted this a few months back. I did see a video, courtesy of Peggy Lakin, where Fleet White and his wife Priscilla went before the Boulder Council requesting certain files relating to the JonBenét case. I was very impressed with what they had to say. They were both very well prepared and spoke very intelligently while making this request. Unfortunately this video link has vanished from the net.

    I do feel Patsy and John Ramsey have a lot to answer for when it comes to Fleet and Priscilla White. When the red and black fibers were mentioned to Patsy, she quickly mentioned that Priscilla had a jacket exactly the same.
    Covering her tracks as per usual!
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    Ahhhh, one of my favorite threads...

    It's nice to give these a little bump now and then.

    In rereading Shadow's post about his almost having attended the barbeque at Holly's house where psycho mame first started the campaign against the Whites, I can't help but think how things may have been different if both Shadow and WY had attended that get-together. I am positive I would not have bought mame's lies, hook, line and sinker, like Holly and Mary99 and Morgan did, and I don't think Shadow would have bought it, either.

    Haha, there probably would have been a little difference of opinion at that little party, and no way would I have allowed mame to snow everyone at JW for as long as she did. She even pulled the wool over my eyes for a short time, but not for long. She also didn't fool many others, but they were mostly too nice to say anything. I guess I'm not that nice. I don't allow idiots to set me up that way.
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    me too

    I have to join those who read at Mrs. Brady's daily. I went there to get my update and enjoyed it for a while. I was also agog with the news that came up on JW from the bar-b-que. How weird it all was with people posting that they KNEW stuff but couldn't answer simple questions. I was also assured that I would just have to trust that evidence existed - no, I couldn't even be told what evidence. Maybe someone had a picture - at least I think thats what I was told. I find mame's earlier blast-from-the-past post about how she wasn't going to be one of those people who claimed to know more than others-blah,blah,blah -very ironic since she was the original and most blatant offender!
  7. Voyager

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    We have several things in common here....I came very close to dropping in to BBQ at Holly's house too. Dropping in from NM to Annapolis MD? Sounds a bit odd eh? Hahahaha!

    As it happened, my husband and I were staying with his cousin at that time while I received treatment at Johns Hopkins in MD for a problem I was having then....We even made a day trip out to visit with a JW poster named Starry who kindly invited us to her home and to go "crabbing" on an inlet nearby....

    At first, I thought we might stay over an extra day to attend the BBQ that evening....Mr. V. was willing to escort me to meet so many of the posters with whom I had corresponded for years and thought it would be good for my morale to have a fun evening with all of these interesting personalities....After all, my visit with Starry had been uplifting and positive and she, being friendly with Holly, was definitely going to attend....

    Then on the last day of my hospital treatments, I began to feel exhausted and homesick for our Schnauzers (we had been gone for 10 days)....Then too, I read a couple of Holly's posts billing the BBQ as a party to introduce the "fabulous Mame!" as if she were some sort of celebrity.....I had truly never been a fan of Mame's, always feeling that their was something negative lurking just under the surface in most of her posts....I think it was that I sensed a basic dishonesty in lots of her communications....But that was just me....

    Anyway, for those several reasons, I decided that it might be just too stressful in my weakened state to deal with so many emotions and expectation with that group and decided that we should head home instead (we were only about 30 miles from Annapolis at that point) ....I was ever so glad afterward to have made that decision, though I have since met a number of the posters who were there that night, I am glad not to have been exposed to the "fabulous Mame" and the nonsensical "Witness" story with it's secretive, I can't tell you, aspects.....I was already beginning to be frustrated with the non-information that Mame and the google girls were perpetrating...

    And Shadow, I was also friendly with Panico.....Even tried to get up to have a last visit with her before she died.....I was in Colorado Springs, on my way to Denver to visit her when her son called and said that she was in critical care, not expected to survive and not able to recognize visitors....I was quite saddened by the loss of such a good and loyal person and intelligent advocate for JonBenet....It was ironic that she was so "taken in" by Mame though....She was such a gentle caring woman...

    JW was filled with interesting, diverse personalities...

    Edited to change the city's name from Bethesda to Annapolis....Little mind blank there!
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    So, I take it that attending a bash with "The Fabulous Tricia" was a much more suitable get-together?!
  9. Voyager

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    You know dang well it was! Take a bow Tricia :curtsey: ....You are indeed "The Fabulous Tricia!"
  10. Shadow

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    Voyager, Panico’s son sent me a very nice email telling me that she had passed away (I was very sad), and mentioned how much she enjoyed getting “inside stuff†from me. Thinking back on it now, I actually sent Panico stuff from my FBI sources that I didn’t even post at JW because I wasn’t sure how reliable it was or because they told me not to post it. Also, I came to realize that Panico was passing stuff I gave her to either Carol McKinley, mame or both. On one occasion, Panico told me that she had heard something that she would like for me to run by my sources. As it turned out it was something one of my sources had already told me, but asked that I not post at JW. I told her my source said what she heard was true. A couple of days later she emailed me that she checked it with McKinley and my sources were right. I believe I emailed her back that I didn’t need McKinley to verify my sources. LOL

    Later, Panico gave mame my email and we communicated some. She kept me up-to-date on what was happening in Colorado, and I gave her an occassional piece of inside info from my FBI sources. This was prior to Krebs popping out of the Fleet White birthday cake. At that time, I thought mame was very nice.

    Once the MW hit the JW scene, I tried to approach the MW/FW thing from a rational/logical standpoint simply asking for the MW groupies (including mame) to give us just some facts supporting the “unsupported†charges being tossed around as facts. What I got in return at first was a nice “trust us we have all the details but they can’t be revealed now.†Refusing to accept this non-answer, I continued to ask my questions, and I was finally accused of being a supporter of child molesters.

    When mame posted that her “sources†told her that the FBI was investigating MW’s charges and it could take a year to complete, I sent her an email warning that I had been told by all “my sources†that the FBI was not investigating MW’s charges. When she ignored me and again posted about the ongoing FBI investigation, I posted at JW that there was NO FBI investigation and there was not going to be one. I was told, but didn’t post, that everyone involved with the “Krebs thing†was crazy. IMHO, a lot of decent posters (including mame) changed radically once Krebs made the scene. Too Bad, but it probably set the stage for Tricia and FFJ. Can’t ask for better than that!!!
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    "IMHO, a lot of decent posters (including mame) changed radically once Krebs made the scene. Too Bad, but it probably set the stage for Tricia and FFJ. Can’t ask for better than that!!!"

    We owe it all to the Coven! Wherever they are.....

    Shadow - I will never stop letting you know how grateful I am that you were and still are - one of the Good Guys.
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    Free, I don't think a wig would do it for her! She'd need major plastic surgery and she'd need to lose a lot of weight!
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