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Discussion in 'The Search for Rachel Cooke' started by RC, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    The LONDON OBSERVER is doing an article about Rachel which should be in this Sunday's newspaper. We it's posted on the webm I will post the link here. A reporter came here last week all the way from London town.
  2. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    Great News RC, thanks for letting us know, and we will be waiting for the link.
  3. Driver

    Driver FFJ Senior Member

    God bless Rachel. And all of her family and friends who love her and miss her and won't quit looking for her until she is found. Please God.
  4. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    Life without Rachel

    When Rachel Cooke found her namesake on the net, she came across a family tragedy: another Rachel Cooke had vanished from her home in Texas three years earlier. The Observer writer went to America to meet a family left devastated by their loss, and discovered that Rachel is only one of the many thousands of young Americans who disappear each year

    Sunday September 19, 2004
    The Observer

    The Northlake subdivision of Georgetown, some 45 minutes north of Austin, Texas, is as quiet as quiet can be. These few wide streets, named after native American tribes, are roads to nowhere; a driver has no business here unless he is a resident or a visitor. The houses - low-slung, wooden affairs with porches and swings and basketball hoops - are set back from the road and languish in several acres. Out front, on expansive drives and behind picket fences, you see the usual shiny SUVs (Chevys so big, you could live in them) but only rarely their owners, especially on weekdays. Most people here commute into Austin every morning, where they have jobs in the hi-tech industries that have brought the city fresh affluence. A dog barks. Crickets whirr. Otherwise, the only sound to be heard is that of the raspy Texas wind blowing through the long grass.
  5. Voyager

    Voyager Active Member


    Reading "Life Without Rachel" absolutely breaks my heart....There could be nothing worse in the world than losing a child...especially in this unexplained disappearing circumstance...

    God Bless RC, Janet, and JoAnne....may their lives go on and be productive, no matter where they are and what they are heart breaks for them....

  6. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator

    Remembering Rachel

    This is an excellent article, extremely well-written. It poignantly reminds us of the sad journey our friend Robert has taken over the past three plus years since his beautiful daughter, Rachel, disappeared.

    Robert, Janet, and JoAnn--be well, wherever you are, whatever you're doing. We will never forget Rachel.

    From the article:

    By the lake in Austin, I ask Robert Cooke to tell me about his daughter. This is the only time in our conversation that his emotions get the better of him. He takes a deep breath, a sigh of both trepidation and longing, and then the words begin to spill out.

    'She was very outgoing. She used to sing all the time. She was a good worker. She lived life for the moment. She was a daredevil. She loved rollercoasters. As a little girl, she would always be standing on her tippy toes, trying to look taller. I never go for more than an hour without thinking of her, and sometimes I can't even go more than five minutes. It's a shame... It's a shame. That some low-life animal took her away, when she could have given the world so much.'
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