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    Lies, lies, lies all the way through this case rashomon. Frustrating going over this!
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    John Ramsey slip-ups

    Itis amazing how often John, without being aware of fit, offers us insights into what happened:

    That's what the Ramseys did, yes. They put the ligature around her neck after the head blow.
    Interesting how John slips into the "they" mode, despite Smit's lone intruder scenario ...

    More from the 1998 interview by Lou Smit

    Smit should have asked John who comes to mind first as having "tucked JonBenet in" and "put her there comfortably".

    John Ramsey's psyche allows the truth to shine through.
  4. rashomon

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    I can't find the passage in the Smit interview right now, but JR tells Smit that Fleet White came to his mind as being connected to the note because he used to call him "John".

    Well John, can you think of anyone else who would call you by your first name? :D

    After Fleet, John then throws Priscilla under the bus, suggesting the note sounds as if written by a woman.
    Well, he got that right about the woman - for Patsy wrote it.
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  5. rashomon

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    John about his first wife

    1998 intervew by L. Smit/M. Kane:
    "Cindy was more my mother". Was there a bigger age difference between Cindy and John?
  6. AMES

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    That is the dumbest thing that I have ever heard. Yes...Fleet "MUST" be connected to the crime somehow, because he called John by his first name...gosh that is SOOOO stupid. I could think of alot of other names that I would like to call John, but I will not list them here. :rolleyes: And yes, Priscilla "must" be involved too, since it was a woman that wrote the RN, and since she saved out some cracked crab ESPECIALLY for JB, that John and Patsy BOTH thought was a "little strange", NEVERMIND the fact that John asked PW to save it out for her. He is just.....stupid.
  7. koldkase

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    I think John's and Patsy's families had trouble with boundaries.
  8. rashomon

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    Pretty strange how John describes his relationship with his first wife:
    There were very vital elements missing in that marriage, with John seeing Cindy primarily as the perfect wife, perfect mother for the kids, and in addition, also in a mother role toward him.
    Hardly suprising that he ended up having a tumultous sexual affair, where all his pent-up, unlived feelings broke loose.

    John comes across as someone willing to playing second fiddle in a marriage, and while his relationship with Patsy was certainly no 'mother' type of thing, imo Patsy was the queen of the castle in that marriage. What Pasty wanted was what Patsy got, and I can see a non-confrontational type like John - Patsy even used the word "docile" when describing him - helping his panicked wife to stage the scene, even if he had nothing to do with JonBenet's death and was not her sexual abuser. (I'm always going back and forth as to what extent he was involved).
  9. rashomon

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    John sees similarities in Patsy's handwriting

    0039, 1998 interview
    So John admits to have recognized (even as a non-handwriting expert) similarities between the RN and Patsy's handwriting.
    In many interview passages, far more than Patsy, John gets so eerily close to revealing the truth that the interviewer could almost have asked: "John, you know what happened that night, don't you? It was an accident, wasn't it?"
  10. rashomon

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    0040 1998 interview (bolding mine)
    John dodges Lou Smit's question. For he does not answer directly whether it was HE who circled the Bible passages, and quickly switches to another topic (the basement window).
    That SFF walked around the Ramsey home circling Bible passages. Yeah, right. :D
    Incredible what crap Smit eagerly swallowed from John.
  11. AMES

    AMES Member

    On one of John's tv interviews...I thought that it was funny, that when he was asked to quote his favorite bible passage...he couldn't think of one. And he and Patsy claimed to have been such wonderful, upstanding, Christian people....but, he couldn't even recite ONE bible verse. He should have just stuck with..."Jesus wept"...the shortest verse in the bible, but for the life of me, I do not know which Book of the Bible it is in...or the number of the verse. It is there though....he should have used that one.

    Speaking of circling bible passages...remember the magazine that was found with red hearts drawn in it, and the word NO, NO, written...and then around John's picture was a heart and the word YES?? That was weird. John said that JB wouldn't have done that, so I guess that with all of that time to kill, while waiting on the Ramsey's to come home, the intruder wrote the three page RN, looked at his watch...the Rams were STILL not home, so he went and found a bible, and circled some bible passages....looked at his watch again, the Rams were STILL not home, so he goes and happens upon a magazine with John's picture in it, so he draws little hearts, and writes the word No, No and then YES, over John's picture. Maybe he was secretly in love with John....:rolleyes:
  12. rashomon

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    John throws Priscilla W. under the bus as the possible ransom note writer :

    The ice-cold ruthlessness of the Ramseys knows no bounds. They both know all these bus victims are innocent, and yet they would have let them be falsely accused, and, if the worst had come to the worst with any of them being wrongly convicted in a miscarriage of justice trial, John and Patsy would have let these person serve a prison sentence without batting an eyelid.
    This is not just a case of parents snapping and losing it in a moment of rage and desperately trying to cover it up. By proceeding like they did, both Patsy and John reveal themselves as criminal sociopaths.
  13. rashomon

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    LOL! Thanks for a good laugh, Ames :)
    Did Smit ask John if the "YES" was another of the "funny little clues" the intruder left? :D
  14. AMES

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    It's funny how the Ramsey's distance themselves from just about every single thing in that house. For example, the kleenex box on the kitchen table....NOPE, don't know where that came from, Patsy didn't buy that kind, so the intruder must have left it there. The heart on JB's hand...Patsy says she saw it, and then changes her the intruder must have drawn it on JB's hand, the pineapple bowl and glass, nope...Patsy and John didn't put it there, so the intruder must have fed JB pineapple, before he murdered her. The list just goes on and on....but, the magazine with the red hearts and the, no and yes....give me a break. John said that JB couldn't have done that....trying to make it look like the intruder DID do it. He said that JB couldn't read..(or apparently spell, as he implied). Well, certainly she knew how to spell the words NO and YES...she wasn't a two year old.
  15. Elle

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    ice-cold ruthlessness covers it pretty well rashomon.
  16. Elle

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    Reading over these posts makes me want to throw something, preferably at John Ramsey. Anyone know where he flew to this weekend?
  17. Voyager

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    It's Almost As Criminal....

    It is almost as criminal to make false allegations and insinuations, throwing others under the bus as was the original "accidental murder" of one's child....To ruin someone's reputation in the community, and cause extreme undeserved anxiety of these innocent people along with their families and friends is just unforgivable.

    I find myself wondering what would have happened if, after the tragic injury, Patsy and John had called the police and an ambulance for Jon Benet. The story, no doubt would have still been a tragic one but not the horrendous murder story that has evolved in the twelve years since it happened.

    Will John ever be forced into a confession of the real happenings by evidence uncovered in the new investigation? We can only hope...Perhaps Burke too will be forced to "remember" things differently if he is forced into an interview under this new investigative administration.

    Keep writing and investigating FFJ, there is hope.
  18. rashomon

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    I can empathize with you, Elle. I'd like to throw something at Smit too, for accepting, unquestioned, the most glaring contradictions served to him by John.

    For example, in this tidbit about the window grate:

    In that short passage, John says

    - he went there and lifted it up

    - he didn't lift it up

    - he probably lifted it up

    Which was it now, John? It is the interviewer's job to pick up on such contradictions, trying to pin the suspect down.
    What John did was to offer Smit a display of statements, like goods displayed in a supermarket. "Just pick and choose Lou, let's keep it broad and a bit vague, that way we'll stay flexible". Thus John opens the door for Smit to tailor a version helping - I'm almost tempted to say "his client" - for Smit did act like a defense attorney working out a strategy together with the suspect.
  19. rashomon

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    John and the ransom note

    There is an interesting passage in the interview:
    John himself admits to seeing a "dramatic difference" as the note proceeded.

    A poster at Topix (Patricia Fox) just wrote that "all handwriting analysts say that with anyone trying to disguise their handwriting, the longer the document, the more likely they are to let down their guard toward the end. That is why the majority of analysts look at THE LAST PAGE FIRST." (end quote)
  20. rashomon

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    Terrible, isn't it, Voyager? The Ramseys have ruined these people's lives. If one does the mental exercise for just one moment, trying to put oneself in these people's shoes to imagine what it fees like to be falsely accused of MURDER by the Ramseys, what an ordeal to go through!
    Like Steve Thomas said in his book "Still, little would have happened Patsy in Boulder" (p. 287 hb). She would probably have gotten away with a mild sentence in Boulder, possibly not even having to spend one day in jail.
    ST continues: "But I believe panic overtook her".
    The panic was in view of the "fall from grace" a confession would have brought with it.
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