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  1. Elle

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    Remember we discussed the photo of the grate leaning up against the house when it was lifted up? The end of the iron rod could be seen in hole in the concrete, probably in a fitting which allowed it to swing up. In the Lou Smit video you see Smit lifting up the grate leaving it up and sliding in while holding on to the grate and even closing it on top of him.
  2. rashomon

    rashomon Member

    I remember we discussed it, Elle - do you have the link to the photo of the grate leaning up?
  3. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Here are a couple of links for you, rashomon. Hope Elle doesn't mind.

    Here is a link to ACR's website. There are plenty of photos of the grate itself raised, of Smit going into the window well holding it up, etc.

    Then here is another time Smit went into that well:


    [I only posted the one photo on this thread from ACR's site because posting more uses up her bandwidth. For anyone reading who uses ACR's site as often as I do, if you can contribute any donation, I'm sure she would appreciate it. Every little bit helps. We almost lost her site last year because of the expense, but she wouldn't mention it on the main forum. `(Forgive me, ACR, but I know many people depend on your site like I do, so wanted to give them the chance to help keep it open.) She takes paypal. ]
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    I never knew that posting a link to a site uses up the site's bandwidth. From now on, I'll simply suggest where to look rather than posting a link. Thank you for making me aware of that.
  5. Elle

    Elle Member

    Thanks KK. Saves me looking it up. You're a treasure![​IMG] Every time I see this I could shake Lou Smit.
  6. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    No, no, sorry I wasn't clear on this. It's fine to put up just plain url links. It's when you use the "image" linker (the envelope looking thingie, which is actually supposed to be a pic of mountains and the sun, now that I think about it) above your posting box when you're typing a message that you use the original site's bandwidth. That makes the photo/image appear in the actual post when people open the page of the thread, like the one you see in my post to which you're responding. That uses up bandwidth from the original location/server online. (Thanks, ACR! I'm a baaaaaaaaaaaad girl!)

    I learned about that "bandwidth" issue long ago because many websites made it clear they didn't want you to link the actual image because they then have to pay for the bandwidth used everytime a thread is opened when the image shows up on a post. I try to use image links already here for that reason, when I can. But we don't have a "photo" section, just random use of various photos we usually get from doing the image link...hehe. Pyrates that we are! :pirate:
  7. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Don't do that! The last thing he needs is more rattled brains! :abnormal:
  8. Greenleaf

    Greenleaf FFJ Senior Member

  9. Elle

    Elle Member

    Absolutely hilarious!

    Absolutely hilarious, Greenleaf. Have replied on your "exclusive" post.
    I am so miserable here in Canada with this cold freaking weather. The snow has all melted. We have had lots of high winds and heavy rain, and today it's freaking freezing! How I wish I was younger to escape somewhere, anywhere, I would go to a desert island with the first man who asked me, if I was about 30. [​IMG]

    Anyone out there interested in an old chookie for a deserted island:wind:?
  10. RiverRat

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    Yes - There is hope and it's up to US, not John Ramsey, to keep that Hope Alive!
  11. rashomon

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    John and the ransom note

    I suppose John (who was 53 years old in 1996) needed glasses for reading. Did he say he wore them when reading the note?
    Wasn't the Ramseys' story that he came rushing down the stairs in his underwear, so this suggest a scenario where he was not wearing glasses.
    John reading the note "kneeling on the floor" is absurd too. For with the ceiling light on, the shadow of his head would have fallen on paper spread out on the floor when he tried to read the note. This is an experiment everyone can easily try out.
    So if he said he did all this without even wearing glasses, it becoms all the more absurd.
  12. rashomon

    rashomon Member

    Patsy's 911 call

    What sticks in mind about the reading of the RN is that Patsy gave the last line to the 911 operator; some stuttering "explanation" about reading the last line while John was over it reading it on the floor of a dimly lit hallway.

    The 911 operator asks Patsy whether the note says who took JonBenet:

    911 op: "Does it say who took her?"

    The question about who took JonBenet is answered in the first line of the note:

    "We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction."

    However, this answer at the beginning of the note is not the answer given to the 911 operator. Patsy gave the answer found at the end of the note. Without the note in hand, conversing frantically in immediate response to the 911 operator's questions, she stated precisely, clearly and without hesitation the ending of said note inclusive of the letters of the acronym in the correct order.

    During the police interview on June 23, 1998, Patsy "explains" this discrepancy:

    PR: "Well, I read - I came back down and John had it, you know, on the floor, and what not, and I was glancing at it, and somewhere
    I thought in there, because I didn't read it line by line, I looked over to see who it was from, and I didn't know who that was. And somewhere I caught
    in there where it said, ‘If you call some' - ‘Don't call the police,' of - wherever it said that. Oh, here, ‘police, FBI, et cetera, ‘your daughter
    being held.' And I read that and I mean, my blood just went cold. You know, I couldn't-"

    PR: "He was just in his underwear and he, uh, took the note and I remember him being down hunched on the floor...with all three pages out like
    that reading it and uh, and he said, "Call 911."
    (Police Files, p. 63)

    PR. "He, I remember him, while I was calling 911, he was hunched over the note and had it laid out there on the floor ‘cause there was a light. It was kind of darkish and there was a light, hallway light on...he was, you know, reading it there." (ibid, p. 69)

    What a stuttering stammering, attempt at damage control!

    The scene described is John on his hands and knees reading the note in a kitchen-adjacent dimly lit hallway around the corner from the phone location while Patsy is frantically calling 911.
    As the story goes, while calling from a standing position some distance removed, Patsy divides her focus between her exchange with the 911 operator and glancing over, under, or around John and reads ‘daughter being held,' etc. in the note, including the end, "SBTC, Victory" without even a crack in the tempo of her conversation with the 911 operator. Wow - how on earth did she manage to do that?
    Again, a thousand red flags go up there.
  13. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Yes, they do, Rashomon, and not only do those red flags go up for Patsy, but remember that John also was co-author of their book of lies, and he also told this absurd story about reading the ransom note. So even if he wasn't in on the murder/molestation, he was in on the cover up with the ransom note, at the very least, if you think Patsy's story is untrue.
  14. rashomon

    rashomon Member

    The there's also the incriminating shirt fiber evidence which implicates John as involved, at least in the staging, if not in more.
    For how did fibers from the black wool shirt he had been wearing to the Whites' end up in the crotch area of the size 12 underwear on JonBenet?
  15. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I'll tell you something else I noticed about John Ramsey in his '98 interview with Smit: John Ramsey seemed to know more than Patsy did about JonBenet's grooming, dressing, and sleeping habits (if you believe what Patsy couldn't "remember" in the many attempts to get HER to tell LE about those).

    I thought John was the one who was gone all the time. I found this surprising.
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