The RMN Article is Out about Tracey

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  1. Sabrina

    Sabrina Member

    Heaps of praise to Tracy. Tricia is quoted and probably out of context. Nothing about the fraudulant documentary.

    Todd Hartman, the reporter, is biased and has a history of not checking facts. He wrote the story a week ago about the bus witness but didn't know this guy also stated he looked like Santa and that he claimed he had an encounter with John Gacy.

    His father also works for Tracey at the university. Charlie Brennan's name is slapped on it, and I think this was for damage control.

    The article claims Tracey's critics are critical of him because he thinks the Ramseys are innocent. That's far from the truth.

    I couldn't care less what Tracey or anyone believes. Everyone is entitiled to an opinion. I do care though, when an innocent person is used as a subject for a for profit documentary, and is falsely accused of murder, when this was known all along to be false.

    The article does not mention FFJ's expose or the vast array of documents available. Instead they said it was site that discusses Ramsey guilt.

    And another problem I have with Tracey is that I am very suspicious of the latest fiasco, you don't email with someone for 4 years like this and all of sudden become so concerned about a child's safety in Thailand, enough to create an international deportation and spectacle. Especially when it was known that Karr came in contact with lots of other children in the last 4 years, what about their safety.....,1299,DRMN_15_4964076,00.html
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  2. "J_R"

    "J_R" Shutter Bug Bee

    CU prof sticks to his guns on Ramseys
    Innocence opinion irks critics in wake of role in Karr case

    Marc Piscotty © News

    By Todd Hartman And Charlie Brennan, Rocky Mountain News
    September 2, 2006

    University of Colorado professor Michael Tracey knows people hate him. But instead of aggravating him, it intrigues him.

    The man at the center of the latest JonBenet Ramsey media storm, the media studies scholar who exchanged e-mails for four years with one-time suspect John Mark Karr, said there's a common thread running through his severest critics: It's not his work they despise, it's his viewpoint.

    Tracey said. "My view is, for good or ill, I go where my interpretation of the evidence takes me. That's what I'm trained to do.",1299,DRMN_15_4964076,00.html

    Tracey, come closer to your monitor and...

    Listen carefully...

    We are a group of individuals that represent justice for JonBenét Patricia Ramsey. We respect your business but not your lying, smarmy crockamentaries. At this time we've got your number. Try throwing another innocent victim under the bus and your @$$ will be puckering in front of the media faster than you can hit the save button on your keyboard. Forums for Justice will never give you a blank check to keep on lying nor to continue profiting off of a dead child you sniveling p*ss poor excuse of a journalist.

  3. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland


    All the more reason to make Tracey answerable to his lies. It's unbelievable.

    This Todd Hartman person needs to be exposed also. Is there any way to find out if he was the Hyperhink poster who asked questions and ignored the answers?

    Do these people have no scruples at all?
  4. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Can we make a Hall of Shame?
  5. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    Good morning Jay,

    We'd need a pretty BIG hall
  6. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Seriously Barbara - something is rotting in the State of Boulder - all the way to the top it seems.

    How glad am I to live in a country where this simply could not happen.

    I never used to believe in conspiracies, but I am witnessing corruption first hand here.
  7. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

  8. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Taking a step back here. I don't think an emotional response to this will achieve anything - that's what's wrong with the investigation - too many emotions.

    I have no doubt that Todd Hartman will be reading this - to see the reactions to his handiwork. Now I don't know WHY Todd Hartman chose to run with an untruthful and biased story but his decision to do so will undoubtedly affect his reputation in the eyes of those who are familiar with the basic facts.

    I don't know if Todd Hartman = "Hyperdink" - a poster who came here a few days ago (alluding to be a reporter) asking questions about the Tracey & Gigax story and who apparently ignored my answers to his questions choosing instead to play tit for tat with some other members. I would be disappointed if it transpired that Hyperdink wrote the article out of spite.

    I for one will take note and wait to see what happens next. It will be interesting to see if Todd Hartman authors any little "Ramsey exclusives" in the future.

    Incidentally, do you have any commissions for journalism standards in the US? We have bodies to whom we can complain if a journalist misuse's his/her position to unduly influence a readership.
  9. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Maybe we should extend an invitation for a Q&A chat to Tracey?
  10. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    Channel 7 News in Denver is NOT impressed with Tracy...check out the thread! Channel 7 news questions why the media is not mentioning Tracey's bad record.
  11. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    At the end of the day, the Rocky Mountain News is just one newspaper. The historical record of this case shows plenty of criticism of their biased reporting - Peter Boyles calls it the "Ramsey Mountain News".

    No amount of slanted or dishonest reporting will change the FACTS. I am living proof that Todd Hartman's article is misleading and dishonest because I have no dog in this fight. I am on record as stating that I do NOT believe the Ramseys murdered their daughter and I am on record as stating that Tracey's two intruder theory was "compelling". What I found was an arguably criminally dishonest piece of reporting which has done nothing to find justice for JonBenet.
  12. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    You keep on doing what you are doing Jayelles!

    The overpaid, noninvestigating Ramsey spin team fed reporters are beginning to appear as lazy as they really are.
  13. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    Let me get this right - Todd Hartman's father works for COlorado University and has acted as spokesman for the University with regard to Michael Tracey's involvement in the Ramsey case????


    Anyone have any more information on possible "relationships" here?
  14. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

    I am so very curious Jay. You have done such extensive research for this case and have done such an excellent job exposing the lies and the tales told by the Ramseys.

    You say that you do not believe the Ramseys murdered their daughter. I would love to hear who you think is responsible.
  15. heymom

    heymom Member

    As far as I know, we don't. The First Amendment is sacred and some sort of intervening body would be thought of as an interference in that. But if anyone knows of one, please tell us!

    What happens to a journalist who is proved to have misused the position? And who can bring the complaint? Is this just Scotland or the UK in general? I know the press in England can be very sensational and nothing is done that I've ever heard of.

    Edited to correct which Amendment I was talking about! More coffee, please! :rolleyes: :duh:
  16. Sabrina

    Sabrina Member

    Guess who had the exclusive on Tracey's emails when this first broke.....

    Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
  17. EasyWriter

    EasyWriter FFJ Senior Member

    The rumor that RMN is a newspaper is quashed forever. It is
    abundantly clear that it is a PR publication for the RST. Their
    adoptee and present ward in need of lying and obscuring rhetoric
    is Michael Tracey. The latest damage control article by Todd
    Hartman and Charlie Brennan leaves not a trace of doubt that
    journalistic integrity in the form of presenting the truth is not
    part of their agenda. This identification is not new. RMN has
    played the same role before:

    Re: ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, Oct. 2, 2004


    In June, 2004, when Tracey crocumentary, "Who Killed the Pageant
    Queen?" aired in Great Britain with all the lies and distortions,
    who came to Tracey‘s aid? Who but the RMN, an adjunct to the
    Tracey propaganda machine.

    “The man at the center of the latest JonBenet Ramsey media storm,
    the media studies scholar who exchanged e-mails for four years
    with one-time suspect John Mark Karr, said there's a common
    thread running through his severest critics: It's not his work
    they despise, it's his viewpoint.†(From Hartman\ Brennan
    article, Sept. 2, 2006.

    The centrifuge is on. “It's not his work they despise, it's his
    viewpoint.†Such an abstract, dodge ball, evasive remark
    apparently assumes that readers are complete idiots and can be
    led down any path of evasion that Tracey\Hartman\Brennan choose.

    Hartman and Brennan are all well aware that Tracey has been
    accused of specific lies and distortions. Some of the accusations
    have been eloquently enumerated and explained in print interviews
    and tv appearances by Tricia Griffith. “It's not his work they
    despise, it's his viewpoint.†??? What kind of evasive BS is
    this. Mr. Hartman, Mr. Brennan, are you getting the picture?
    Tricia went on national TV and made accusation against Mr.
    Tracey. If my information is correct, he was offered a chance to
    try to refute on the same national TV. He declined the
    invitation. As “alternativeâ€, along come his pals and offer not a
    refutation, nor any attempt to refute, only a ballerina soliloquy
    absurdly presented under the guise of journalism; all for the
    singular purpose of keeping focus off the facts. If won’t fly.
    If Tracey has some evidence that Tricia is mistaken, why doesn’t
    he trot it out? If he doesn’t have anything to refute Tricia’s
    allegations, that’s the way it is and all the meaningless double
    talk in the world will not make the fact go away no matter how
    much he and eunuchs at RMN may want it to.

    “Tracey believes that John and Patsy Ramsey are innocent in the
    killing of their 6-year-old girl nearly a decade ago. And it's
    this opinion - laid out firmly and directly in his words and
    documentaries about the case - that sets people off, he said.

    "A lot of people are emotionally invested in the guilt of Patsy,
    and earlier in the guilt of John, and if you say anything that
    goes against that, you're a heretic, and it just drives them
    nuts," Tracey said. "My view is, for good or ill, I go where my
    interpretation of the evidence takes me. That's what I'm trained
    to do." (Ibid)

    Same old dodge and evasion that characterizes the whole article.
    There is not an iota of substance in it. Not once does Tracey or
    his partners in lies state what is alleged to be evidence of an
    intruder and agree to answer questions about it. Tracey spends
    four years exchanging emails with a head case and won’t respond
    to one of mine and answer any question. I have also sent
    information to RMN exposing the fraud of the alleged evidence of
    an intruder. The only response I ever got was from Charlie
    Brennan telling me to not send any more emails. What does that
    tell you?

    “But as the Karr investigation unfolded, even as no one yet knew
    the outcome, Tracey's critics went on the attack.†(Ibid)

    “no one yet knew the outcome?†Please don’t superimpose your
    stupidity upon everyone else. I assure there are a lot of folks
    at FFJ and other places who actually looked at the evidence and
    knew the outcome. You can find it predicted over and over again
    on forums. To say that no one knew the outcome is to ignore the
    many predictions and once again lie in support of Tracey lies. As
    a matter of fact, I made the prediction in an email to a reporter
    in Boulder: “ The charges against Karr will come apart like a wet
    Kleenex. Count on it.†The email is dated August 21,2006.

    “The furor around Tracey's role in the case seems to fit a man
    with strong opinions, a quick thinker who relishes debate and
    never shrinks from a fight. In the climate of academic politics
    and fragile egos common to campus life, Tracey's forceful style
    rubs some the wrong way.†(From the article)

    Mr. Harman, Mr. Brennan, I hope you have alternate housing for
    your livestock. This barn is overfull. The Tracy promo is more
    like a promo for someone running for public office than someone
    running for his academic and professional life. Tracy is
    portrayed as a mixture of the Boy Scout of America, T.S. Elliot,
    with a bit of Seneca thrown in.

    “never shrinks from a fight.†:):):) Give me a break! I
    personally invited Mr. Tracey to meet me on FFJ for discussion
    and to answer some questions about the alleged evidence of an
    alleged intruder. Guess what? No response. He is quite
    comfortable with exchanges with a mentally impaired, John Karr,
    but the thought of facing anyone with an IQ above the number on a
    linebacker’s jersey scares his to death. There are a lot of folk
    at FFJ that would just love to have an exchange with Mr. Tracey.
    The invitation stands.

    Mr. Tracey keeping a safe distance from questioning is SOP for
    the RST. Tracy, like the rest of the RST does not have enough
    confidence in his conclusions and theory to put it to a test via
    interrogation. He looks for an audience a little short on gray
    matter who will passively swallow the nonsense without inquiry.
    It looks like he has found his kind of audience at RMN. Ergo, the
    only reason I can thing of for buying a copy of the RMN is that
    if you own a bird.
  18. heymom

    heymom Member

    Nice one! THey are full of... :cow:

  19. Elle

    Elle Member

  20. Elle

    Elle Member

    Excellent post, Delmar, as per usual. You are too much of a gentleman to call Tracey a Snivelling Rat Faced Fink, so please forgive me, because I can't call him anything else. You would probably leave him at the post, and you would need a translator to understand his chewed up words. Surely most of his students must fail his course?

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