*&*^$ The Shoes, Let's Walk in the Killer's Clothes

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by VP, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. VP

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    Another Picture of the Whites

    Sort of grainy...

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  2. Elle

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    Welcome back JIC. Missed you! Thank you for posting this.

    Patsy on the 26 December tells the Boulder Police that JonBenét wore a red top, according to Steve Thomas, and then later on changed this to the white one with the star; the one she was found dead in. Of course, by then she had access through the RST to read over what she had said before.

    UNBELIEVABLE! What other case does anyone know of, where this was allowed?

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  3. Elle

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    Lovely photo of the Whites, VP. This is how they looked when speaking before the Boulder Council. Thank you!
  4. JustinCase

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    This is something that I've taken very seriously, it's always been an issue but I've never really compared what was said to other statements, just getting them to tell the truth about what they were wearing must have been a chore.

    John gave them answers like "I know I wore pants" and Patsy gave them the wrong clothes, it's quite obvious that they love to stall; I've got a little comparison going as far as what was said, I'll send that to you.

    Thanks Prairie, it's too bad the DA investigator isn't taking all the lies more seriously...

    Thanks Show ME, the little things are certainly adding up, I just hope Mr. Bennett has been doing his homework- he could be taking shortcuts and reading here, as long as he see's what we all see :)lier: ), I don't care much how he does it.

    Hey Elle! How's it goin'? I missed you too!:genie:
    Do me a HUGE favor and send me a quick email, I lost ALL my contacts and need to get em' back.

    BTW: Did you see the little clip on TV of George Bush visiting Canada? It was so darn cute, he said something like "It's great to see so many Canadians came out, and are waving all five fingers..."
  5. Elle

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    Sent you an e-mail JIC. Hope I have the information. :)

    No! Didn't see that about GWB. I was too busy. Oh my!
  6. Little

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    That video, or TV tape, or whatever it's called, is was from August 6, 2002. I did find the file to view the tapes on the Boulder City Council site, but interestingly enough now it only goes back to August 20, 2002. The only thing from 8-6-02 is the meeting minutes, with Fleet and Priscilla listed as:
    4. Priscilla White, 403 Cleveland Pl. - re: damaging articles targeting the White Family's alleged involvement in the Jon Benet Ramsey murder and subsequent investigations.
    5. Fleet White, 403 Cleveland Pl. - continued to report on incidents related to the Jon Benet murder investigations. Requested that the City of Boulder release the criminal justice records. (Attachment) ,
    and this response, but I'm not sure of the date of this:
    Staff response at the August 6, 2002 Council Meeting:
    City Manager Ron Secrist responded as follows:
    Item #2.
    Regarding the White request, staff will provide a memorandum to Council outlining the reasons for not releasing the requested documents.

  7. Elle

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    Thank you, Little. I think Lin Wood may have had something to do with a lot of missing JonBenéy Ramsey data from the net. No doubt he threatened the site owners with lawsuits. :) He's got to keep making money so the Ramseys can stash it in the Cayman Islands.
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