The thing that never happens has happened again

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by wombat, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. wombat

    wombat Member

    In another very, very affluent town, a mother has apparently killed her child:

    Newark Star Ledger
  2. Elle

    Elle Member

    Oh Wombat, this is so sad.
    How can this Mayor make a statement like this? It can't remain private when it's a murder scene.
  3. wombat

    wombat Member

    It is so very sad, Elle, it's making my stomach churn. And the mayor does seem clueless, right?
  4. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    Hey, anyone know how to contact Smit? I think he'd NOT be interested!

    We as people have got to get over our self-deception.
  5. Freebird

    Freebird Active Member

    A private matter..? she murdered a child, that is not a private matter nor a right of parents. She stole from this community when she took the life of one of their members. She better be facing a very unprivate murder charge!
  6. wombat

    wombat Member

    She is charged with first-degree murder and being held in the hospital under $200,000 bail.
  7. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Oh, no doubt she'll get off with post-partum depression or some such. Maybe she and Yates can room together in Texas....

    I am sure the mayor and others are in shock. He's probably just frightened of the publicity. Politicians clam up first and shoot later.

    But here you have it again. Remember the Tennesee minister's wife who shot him in the back? Seems she did so over getting scammed for money. Just how is it that a young Christian mother decides instead of facing the mess she's in and working her way out of it, it's better to shoot your husband in the back and flee to another state with your two little children like it never happened?

    But not to worry. Her family. His family. All the church members. Everyone has just bent over backwards to visit her, bless her, praise her, and forgive her.

    Oh, right. Temp insanity. Good lawyers. Not guilty! Next!

    People who say the Ramseys JUST COULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS so THEY DIDN'T are just naive in the extreme. Unless they lived in that house, were there that night, they don't KNOW what the Ramseys could and could not do.
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  8. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    I'd like to know why she did it. So sad!
  9. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator


    It's very odd for a mother to suffocate a twelve-year-old son. It would take a great deal of strength, and premeditation.

    Something very strange was going on in that house.

    And it is NOT private. Murder is never a private affair.
  10. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    I agree, Lurker.

    Here's a photo of Jack Kimsey, the 12 year old victim. This is so sad.

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  11. tylin

    tylin Banned

    What a handsome young man. Such a tradgedy. I agree with all of you,murder is not private.
  12. wombat

    wombat Member

    More infor

    Mom's suicide note asked burial with slain son
    Bernards woman's lawyer weighs defenses as community tries to cope
    Tuesday, August 08, 2006
    Star-Ledger Staff
    Denise Volpicelli's suicide note included a request she be buried with her 12-year-old son, whom she is now accused of suffocating.

    That small glimpse into the Basking Ridge woman's mental state was contained in documents filed yesterday in Superior Court in Somerset County.

    The documents also indicated the body of her son, Jack Kimzey, was found next to several pillows, which she may have used to smother him.

    "Is that possible? Yes," Somerset County Prosecutor Wayne For rest said. "We don't have conclusive proof of that, but it's something we're continuing to investigate."

    An attorney hired by Volpicelli's family, Newark-based Joseph Ro tella, said his client regained consciousness yesterday and he was able to have a conversation with her for the first time.

    "I'm exploring all possible defenses," Rotella said. "At this point, I cannot rule out a diminished capacity or insanity defense."

    Neither Rotella nor authorities have said what may have moti vated the actions of the 44-year-old mother and wife, who was found Friday night in the basement bath room of her home, bleeding profusely from what are believed to be self-inflicted knife wounds to her wrists, ankles and biceps.

    Volpicelli, who was described by friends and neighbors as an upbeat "soccer mom," remained at Morristown Memorial Hospital in a room guarded by sheriff's officers. Rotella said her condition was improving and that he did not believe her in juries were life-threatening.

    "It's just a tragic situation," Ro tella said. "This family lost a son and a mother on the same day."

    In the meantime, Basking Ridge, a well-to-do section of Ber nards Township, continued to grieve.

    At William Annin Middle School, where Jack recently finished sixth grade, the usual early August tasks associated with get ting the school ready for the up coming year -- cleaning classrooms, washing lockers, assembling textbooks -- were taking place alongside more somber activities.

    The school used its snow day telephone chain over the weekend so teachers and staff would be aware of the tragedy. Yesterday morning, administrators assembled a crisis management team and quickly scheduled a parents meet ing for later in the evening.

    Although school is not in ses sion, officials wanted to give parents assistance in talking to their children about the tragedy. They were making counselors from the Richard Hall Community Mental Health Center available for both group and individual consultation.

    "Something like this could have a ripple effect," Principal Nick Markarian said. "Our goal is to try to contain it and make sure the kids feel safe. Middle school is already a tough age."

    About 100 parents attended the evening meeting, a far larger crowd than administrators expected. They were addressed by Bernards Township Superintendent of Schools Valerie Goger.

    "It's not an evening where we're going to dissect what happened or lay blame or speculate," Goger said.

    The parents were then split off into discussion groups. A second parents meeting is scheduled for tonight at 7 p.m. at the middle school.

    "We are very concerned about students who may have strong connections to the family," Markarian said. "What do you do with something like this? That's a difficult question for all of us."

    Staff writer Matt Dowling contributed to this report. Claire Heininger may be reached at (908) 429-9925 or

    newark star ledger
  13. Why_Nut

    Why_Nut FFJ Senior Member

    But, but, I thought that if a parent wanted to kill their own child, there would never have been a need to take the child to their own basement. At least, that is what I have been given over and over as proof that a Ramsey parent is unlikely to have killed JonBenet. Oh, wait, it turns out to be not true. Imagine that.
  14. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    My, my. What a shock!

    There's a lot of that "no parent could do this" bs in Boulder, isn't there? I've said that the Grand Jury was compromised by naivete. The G juror interviewed said that they weren't going by evidence, but rather they decided that the parents "couldn't" do it and that at least she CAME INTO the GJ with that belief. But, easy at it is to say things like "where have they been" or "what planet are they from" or "haven't they ever heard of Susan Smith, etc," in their case, it's SOMEWHAT excusable. These are just ordinary laypeople, and a jury will believe what they NEED to believe. But when an "experienced" homicide detective and an ASST DA start saying it, SOMETHING is TERRIBLY, AWFULLY WRONG! They CAN NOT be ALLOWED to be that naive! The people that they have been elected to represent CANNOT AFFORD for them to be that naive! Can you imagine Vincent Bugliosi or Wendy Murphy saying something like that? But, as we say here in America, you get the government you deserve, and in a town where a fraud like Ward Churchill can become respectable, I guess we shouldn't be shocked when they elect DAs who ACT like defense attorneys.
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