Tonight (Thursday) 8 PM ET Dr. Cyril Wecht and Sheryl McCollum

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    Tonight on True Crime Radio at 8 PM Eastern we welcome Dr. Cyril Wecht and Sheryl McCollum.

    The case we will discuss is so damn tragic.

    22 month old Cooper Harris was left in a hot car for almost 7 hours. He died but it looks like this wasn't an accident.

    Cooper's dad, Justin Ross Harris, has been arrested and today we heard the explosive evidence against Ross Harris.

    Dr. Wecht and Sheryl join me tonight to discuss the latest.

    All you need to do tonight and every Thursday night at 8 PM Eastern is go to and there you will find the link to the iHeart radio page where you can hear the show live and our new chatroom which you are welcome to join.

    Please pass it along. Help me show the people high up that we need a 5 day a week true crime show

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