War Room Computer Hacker - San Augustin?

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  1. VP

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    Remember the War room break-in?

    Prosecutor investigated for missing Ramsey files

    By Travis Henry
    The Daily Times-Call

    LONGMONT — Nearly four years ago, former Boulder County prosecutor Trip DeMuth and sheriff’s Detective Steve Ainsworth were the subject of a state investigation for allegedly stealing information from a “war room†computer regarding the JonBenet Ramsey murder.
    In June of that year, Boulder police became alarmed after someone allegedly gained access to a computer containing investigative material in the case.

    The computer was located in a supposedly secured “war room†— a $35,820 project designed to keep information in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation secret.

    Publicly, Boulder police never named any suspects. But privately, they believed the theft of the computer documents was an inside job.

    Only those intimately involved in the investigation were allowed in the war room, which was protected by an electronic security system that showed no signs of forced entry.

    In early June, CBI investigators paid a visit to DeMuth’s and Ainsworth’s houses to seize their computers.

    Lou Smit, a retired El Paso County homicide investigator, was hired by Alex Hunter to CATALOGUE and ORGANIZE case documents. Smit was NOT hired to investigate JonBenet's death, as others would have the general public believe.

    On June 6, 1997, three months into his work on the JonBenet Ramsey case, Smit drove by the Ramsey house as he did every morning. On this day he bumped into the Ramseys who just happened to be standing around their van. They were staying with a nearby neighbor. At Lou's suggestion, they all three climbed into the back of the Ramsey's van ... and prayed.

    In "early June" the War Room computer, where top secret Ramsey case evidence was kept,was hacked into. (See article below)

    Meanwhile, back at the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, a computer geek by the name of John San Augustin is impressing the detectives with his extensive computer skills -

    one of which is hacking passwords with computer software -


    "Everyone at the El Paso County Sheriff's Office wanted to read what Alan Yerkey said about his sins. They had arrested him for the murder of 12-year-old Danielle Bonfield.
    "Would "My Sins" contain a clue? Maybe, but Yerkey protected the small file with a password.

    Detectives turned to their computer-geek-in-residence - John San Agustin. An engineer, he recently joined the Sheriff's Office (1993) to do a job thought to be the only one of its kind in U.S. law enforcement - developing computer software programs to present evidence to jurors in understandable ways.

    San Agustin went to work on "My Sins," using computer software. He was alone in the lab when the software cracked the password after 16 hours and billions of combinations.

    Another talent -

    "produces an autopsy photo showing the wound in the boy's pale chest. He can pull up close-ups of the fatal bullet or audiotape of frantic voices calling 911..."

    "A bad guy who's consumed much of San Agustin's time in the past several years is the same bad guy many Americans have wondered about since 1996 - JonBenet Ramsey's killer.

    San Agustin said he learned about the case from Lou Smit, a retired El Paso sheriff's detective who has worked for the Ramseys.

    Hearing about the case from Smit, San Agustin began to believe in the couple's innocence.
    Lou Smit resigned September, 1998. The Grand Jury began their investigation around the same time. Lou Smit wanted to present his power point presentation to the Grand Jury.

    You do the math.
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  2. Tez

    Tez Member

    VP, you have made my headache return, but THANK YOU!!!! I am sitting here with all sorts of thoughts running through what is left of my mind. And they all end with OMG.

    I can only think that the police had not one but both hands tied behind their backs thanks to the corrupt DA Alex and his staff of morons.
  3. Deja Nu

    Deja Nu Banned

    VP, you connect the dots quite well! Thanks for bringing this to the forum.
  4. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator


    You are really on to something here. San Agustin is Lou Smit's computer whiz-boy, so it follows that Lou would employ him in this endeavor.

    If only we had proof!
  5. zoomama

    zoomama Active Member

    VP and all the rest of you too,

    After reading you latest VP something popped into my tiny little brain and now I can't get rid of it. Here it is: There was an incident concerning "the war room" Or a computer breakin to the files of the Ramsey case....somehow my tiny brian has this thought that Mary Keenan was involved with that at the time. She of course was not yet the new DA...Am I crazy here or is this attached to all of this or is it a separate issue and concerns another issue. does anyone else remember what I'm remembering or is it just me? :banghead:
  6. Twitch

    Twitch Active Member


    You are right. Unfortunately all of my books are in storage. But, yes, I recall her involvement was suspected. There was some sort of entrance or computer password involved with the warroom that indicated she was around during the misdeed. Prolly can find the specifics at Candy Rose's but no time now.
  7. VP

    VP Member

    Hey Lurker :)

    I am just leaving the office or I would search for it, but sometime last week I posted another excerpt from an article that stated Lou Smit had someone from the El Paso Sheriff's Office helping him copy or assort or do something with his files while still at the BPD. Tricia made the comment to me that this is probably when the power point presentation happened.

    It's not proof, but it sure as hell should be enough to make someone in authority go, hmmmmm.

    I love where Lou Smit says in one of the above articles that he felt the BPD had lost it's objectivity. Pot, meet black.

    Thanks for the thanks Tez and Deja

    (psst, hey twitch :headbang: )
  8. VP

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    One more thing

    San Augustin's job initially was to make visual and audio presentations for the DA & LE to present to a jury.....

    "produces an autopsy photo showing the wound in the boy's pale chest."

    What is meant by "produces?" I'll bet he could "produce" a photo of a pair of boots (superimposed), sitting next to a dead man's belongings. Stun guns too. Both of which were (theoretically), nowhere around when the original photos were taken. I'm pretty sure photos taken digitally or enhanced by any sort of program are not allowed as evidence in a trial. Only untouched original shots. I wonder how many of Lou's photos were digitally enhanced? There are quite a few that do not say "crime scene photo" at the bottom. Who took the others that are unmarked? And when?
    "He can pull up close-ups of the fatal bullet or audiotape of frantic voices calling 911..."

    But he can edit the 911 tapes for presentation to a (Grand) jury as well.
  9. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator


    There were definitely rumors that Mary Keenan was involved in the break-in at the War Room. I seem to remember her being dubbed "Fishy Mary" around this time. Something about leaving rotting fish in a wastebasket at the Justice Center.

    MK is one bizarre lady. I think she drinks a little. :yow:
  10. Tez

    Tez Member

    If I am remembering correctly, it was in ST's book that Mary Keenan's card was the last card to log-in on the night of the break-in. They didn't have to log-out.
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