Was Patsy taking Klonopin?

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    Wow, our situations were both similar and different. Check your pm box. I don't want to hijack the thread. lol

    I wondered about the meds that Patsy took. Anyone know if she ever suffered panic attacks before JBR died?
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    We are chemicals.
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    She probably had a "whopper" when they told her she had STAGE IV OVARIAN CANCER.
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    Never heard it mentioned, because, you know, the Ramseys were the Perfect Family before this tragedy. That would no doubt have come out in court, had the crime ever been prosecuted.

    I wonder about post-partum depression, too. Although in her case, whatever problems she had may have been due mainly to her cancer treatments and the surroundings she was in.
  5. RiverRat

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    Bump - just in case this thread holds any clues, Ames!
  6. Elle

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  7. Why_Nut

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    Yes, Patsy said she had suffered a panic attack before JonBenet's death. In her 1998 police interview:

    TOM HANEY: These panic attacks that you mentioned, was that the first time that you had suffered through one of those or had you had those prior?

    PATSY RAMSEY: I had had one one other time, when I was in Boulder Community Hospital in the cancer clinic. And it was about midway through my chemo session, my nine-month session, and I guess all of sudden it just kind of came crashing in as to what was really happening. And I started trembling and shaking. The numbness in my lips.

    TOM HANEY: Those were your normal symptoms?

    PATSY RAMSEY: Yeah. It was gone in a little bit, you know.

    TOM HANEY: Outside of those two episodes, have you had others?

    PATSY RAMSEY: (Shaking head)

    Of course, it says something about the nature of how Patsy was able to keep important secrets from John that he claims he knew nothing of these attacks.

    MIKE KANE: What do you know about Mrs. Ramsey having panic attacks?

    JOHN RAMSEY: Um, I don't know what a panic attack is, I guess, for sure. How would you -- describe it.

    MIKE KANE: Just a feeling that you can't control the moment, overreacting to something maybe more than would be within a normal range. Just feeling, I can't handle the situation.

    JOHN RAMSEY: She is as stable as a rock.

    MIKE KANE: So you have never known her to have those?

    JOHN RAMSEY: (No response).

    MIKE KANE: Never known her to be treated for those?


    MIKE KANE: Never known her to take any medication for those?

    JOHN RAMSEY: (Nodding).

    MIKE KANE: Would it surprise you to find out that she did?

    JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah. That would.

    MIKE KANE: Did you ever hear the drug Xanax, X-A-N-A-X?

    JOHN RAMSEY: (No response).

    MIKE KANE: Ever known Ms. Ramsey to take that?


    Xanax, eh? I think we are seeing Kane hint at something that he knew and John did not; that when investigators finally got hold of some medical records Patsy was found to have been taking Xanax, which would have given her credible deniability that she had had more than one panic attack (after the first, a prescription for Xanax would have let her fend off subsequent full-blown attacks).
  8. AMES

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    Thank you so much RiverRat. I did a search, but didn't come up with this thread. Thanks for bumping it up for me.
  9. DeeDee

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    I know we have discussed how JR was kind of "removed" from the day-to-day things with his family, but I find it very hard to believe he didn't know his wife was on that (or any other) drug. Even if he was disinterested enough not to know exactly which drug, he would have to at least know that there was certain behavior that led to the doctor visit that led to a drug being prescribed. i can't believe he didn't know about her seeing a doctor. And if he knew the about the doctor, he had to know about the drug.
  10. AMES

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    For sure...I think that he totally knew. He is just lying through his teeth. How could he NOT know??
  11. koldkase

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    Didn't Patsy talk about those panic attacks in her book? I may be getting this mixed up with other "stories" she told though.
  12. RiverRat

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    Yes, she did! She describes two attacks that she had. One was while she was in treatment for cancer. The second was in January following the murder.

    Howeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - the way she described the second attack, it was like she didn't know what was happening to her.......Trust Me - if you have had one, you know immediately what is happening if it ever happens again.
  13. Why_Nut

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    She did, that was where she told the story of how she was triggered into a panic attack by seeing a National Geographic cover of Genghis Kahn, though why a blue statue of an Asian guy dead for over 700 years would make her think of JonBenet's killer is beyond anyone, go figure.

  14. AMES

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    Oh good grief...she was so full of cr@p! Genghis Kahn?...That would be almost funny, if it wasn't so pathetic. She imagined someone looking like that, attacking JB!!!! Funny how, Genghis Kahn looks nothing like those many people that Patsy and John threw under the bus...or against the wall to see if one of them would stick. Fleet White, Priscilla White, Santa Bill, LHP, etc. Nope..they look nothing like Genghis....even if you squint, shut one eye...and stand 50 yards away.
  15. Barbara

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    Maybe that is where "sketchman" came from :fishslap:

  16. Cherokee

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    Patsy, Patsy, Patsy ... always the drama queen. Genghis Khan may have been ruthless, but he wasn't ugly. Perhaps Patsy was a bigot and prejudiced against the Mongol look. There is nothing terrifying about the actual face of Genghis. It is the accompanying knowledge of what Genghis Khan did that Patsy incorporates into her "monster" characterization. The photo itself is benign. It is the history of Genghis Khan that Patsy is relying on to induce the image of a monster who "assaulted and killed" her child.

    Once again, Patsy goes overboard in hoping to create the image of some nefarious fiend who attacked JonBenet. It COULDN'T have been herself, or a family member! They don't "look" the part!

    Hmmm. "Another face" like the scowling Genghis Khan? Could Patsy have been remembering a scowling John Ramsey who was angry and upset over the events of Christmas night 1996? Maybe it was this look and this cold fury Patsy remembered seeing as she penned the ransom note.

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  17. RiverRat

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    That soooooooo puts Patsy's artwork to shame!
  18. Cherokee

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    Why, thank you. :curtsey:
  19. Why_Nut

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    Oh look -- a confession!
  20. Cherokee

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    Miss Patsy speaks.

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