Were the Ramseys writing a book in 1998?

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  1. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Oh, the prism of time brings insight.

    I'm sure many of you remember Jameson, aka Jams, aka Webbsleuths forum owner, aka Ramsey Spin Team heading the Online Propaganda Division. (Okay, I made that last stuff up...but that is what she did, if not officially.)

    Also jams swears in the following thread posted in 1998 on the original Websleuths forum--the one started and owned by Murphy--that she didn't work for the Ramseys or make any money for her online efforts of defending them. Maybe so at that time, but we now know that soon changed. (By her own admission, $40K for handing off copies of the Ramsey LE interviews to the National Enquirer, "consultant" fees for her "work" on the Tracey crocumentaries, and some other money for tabloid materials she allegedly sold for profit.

    So no surprises when I was looking through some files ACR archived from 1998 and saw jams' original story about meeting the Ramseys. Heard it before.

    Then it struck me: she is coy about why she "met" with the Ramseys, or more to the point, why they met with her. A poster asks her about that; she evades the question, refusing to answer, though claiming repeatedly the Ramseys didn't know who she was, didn't go to the forums, ever, etc.

    Now read carefully--it's not that long and not that complicated. Think of the time frame in relation to the murder and what followed.

    An issue brought up by jams, which she is questioned about, is that though she met them back in the Spring of 1998, they only lifted their blanket "gag order" among their supporters to speak about whatever it was they previously requested not be revealed.

    So...spoiler alert, but see what you think when you read it: why would the Ramseys meet with a ransom Internet poster, talk for hours, and ask HER questions? Especially when they never, ever read the forums or such?

    Who appeared in their book in the chapter about...the Internet forums discussing the case?

    Yeah. Jams posted THIS info about how she met them, etc., in Sept. 1998. The rich, infamous Ramseys met with her to answer her questions...and ask a lot of their own, according to jams. But hush hush, until we give the go ahead?

    The murder took place Dec. 25/26th, 1996. The meeting with jams was in Spring of 1998. The Ramseys waited until June of 1998 to even talk to LE again for hours. The Grand Jury wasn't over until October of 1999. Their book came out in March of 2000.

    Didn't John Ramsey mention to Smit in his June of 1998 DA interview some info about jams? That jams knew his brother's sister-in-law? I'll have to look that up.

    Anyway, here's the thread in question:

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  2. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    These files are from some pretty old computer program formats, which I had to "convert" to read and post. I tried to keep them as accurate as possible, including paragraphs and single and double spacing, but posts themselves are not always consistent, so there's that, too.

    The main thing is the text, which I have not altered in any way from the file I received many years ago.
  3. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    So a month or two after jams met the Ramseys in Atlanta in 1998, here's John being interviewed by Smit for the Boulder DA and his story is as fishy as jams' story was.

    What is missing here?

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  4. BOESP

    BOESP Member

    Very, very interesting.

    All I can say is Patsy never, ever, struck me as flighty.
  5. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    So to sum up...the Ramseys, prime suspects in the murder of their child, JonBenet, hounded so by papparrazi and media they do "cloak and dagger" and change cars and wear jackets over their heads, get a phone call from Jameson--out of the blue, somehow she got their private number--through Stine or a relation-by-marriage of a relation or some such?

    And generous John and Patsy felt beholden to her enough to meet her, though they didn't read any forums or anything she wrote about the case or them. but because Stine or a distant acquaintance somehow made them aware of a stranger off the Internet; and because jams wrote him a letter, one among hundreds he kept, he and Patsy decided to meet with jams at a cafe in Atlanta--alone, jams claimed.

    The Ramseys, ever diligent that the BPD or media might ambush them and want to have questions answered, not to mention having an unidentified intruder running around who murdered their child, meet with jams and talk for hours--about her and the Internet and forums and such, jams said.

    Though John is private enough to have his phone number changed after jams calls again--ha ha--he and Patsy decide to include jams in their book a year and a half later--featuring prominently in their chapter on how badly they're abused on...the forums and the Internet?

    And we are supposed to believe this story is all about...the gracious Ramseys being so grateful they have the noble stranger/one-time intruder suspect jams representing them so well on the forums?

    And good old honorable, 100 hr-a-day-on-the-Internets jams just fell out of the sky into John Ramsey's consciousness, god-knows-how-through some vague connection to a brother's sister-in-law he won't even name and dear friend-Stine-somehow-mentioned-the Internets...which JR had obviously never imagined in his entire career as CEO of a billion dollar retail company selling high-end computer software, not to mention who had multiple publicists, lawyers, and family and friends who clearly knew all about it?

    Yeah...right. :rst:

    Yet again we have the Ramseys lying, obviously--to me, anyway.

    Now why oh WHY would they need to evade telling the truth about meeting jams? Why would she feel so secretive she has to flaunt her face-to-face with them, but refuses to reveal so much as a peep about the hottest case in America, which she says they discussed for hours, so fascinating?!

    And what about that go-ahead to finally tell her tale, strange as jams made it all? Just in time for the Grand Jury hearings, jams gets a stamp of approval--sort of--from the blessed, righteous, innocent Ramseys--who don't actually want to have anything to do with her personally, however. But there's that chapter--and a book has to have content, especially one in which much needs to be said about nothing.

    In my neck of the woods it appears they were just playing her...and here's the thing...

    Jams got very angry at the Ramseys about the time she sold the LE tapes she received from some "unknown source" [LIAR] to the NE for $40K. (So much for not making any money from this case....:tsktsk:) I'm wondering if she finally got to read how JR dissed her and changed his phone number.

    Ouch. That must have hurt.

    In fact, I do remember jams having a bit of a hissy fit about the time these same transcripts were finally getting around...announcing she was quitting her own forum....

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  6. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    You and me, either, BOESP.

    She was about as flighty as a steamroller.

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  7. Elle

    Elle Member

    Thank you KK for posting this interesting information. One never hears too much about Jameson these days! She was quite a character when we were all posting many years ago. Are they still talking about her on WebSleuths, or has she left the scene? Please look behind you now and then, won't you!?

    When you think on it, KK, Jameson did meet the Ramseys! The rest of us cannot claim this![​IMG]
  8. Tez

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    And for this, I am eternally grateful! LOL

    I don't think many talk about her at WebSleuths. But, I don't go into the JBR forum there much, because the IDIs are still running the asylum, even after it was brought out that the GJ voted to indict both parents. Don't you know, it was the "intruder's" good luck that happened? LOL
  9. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    It's amazing at things that went on in this case, compliments of Team Ramsey.

    Here's another laugh riot from them, speaking of jams:

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  10. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Yeah, guess the intruder was happy about that. Almost as happy as when Patsy volunteered to write him a ransom note....

    Speaking of Patsy, I found this little interesting item. Remember when Patsy called into the Geraldo show once?

    Me, neither--dammit. Missed that one. But I have heard that tale told, so when I found this in the ACR archive files I found myself wondering if it is, in fact, an accurate transcript. I have no accreditation to submit for whomever transcribed it, so I'll share it in the hopes that someone who remembers can set us straight as to whether this is legit or a parody.

    Lord knows, with the Ramseys it's always been hard to tell what is parody and what is real.

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