What do you see in JBR crime scene photos?

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by INSIGHT, Oct 19, 2006.


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    Log Grabber

    I also have been wondering about the "Log Grabber" found very close to JBR's body. So, I went through the photo's to get more info on this subject. I noticed that there is ALSO a Shovel that looks like the one in the Photo of the fireplace set as well, it is laying there in that room right under the log grabber. Noone ever mentioned this tool. I went back to the cellar Room JBR was found and there is a shovel there,standing upright, but the handle and shovel are larger than the one in the log Grabber photo set. It is more of a outdoor shovel. The Fireplace Shovel is smaller and different that the other one. It is somewhat rounded and smooth. THIS could be what struck the fatal head blow. I looked and found 2 fireplaces in the R's home photo's. One in the master bedroom, the other in the living room. Neither has any fireplace "Tools". So, where is the rest of the set? And do you feel this shovel could have been the tool to cause the head blow? Why was this item never processed?
  2. heymom

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    Patsy Ramsey did not have the artistic talent that Betty Hamilton has, thus the arm around the neck isn't in the right position. I don't think we can surmise much from this painting.
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    Bed time

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    CSR More things to look at -the spot above JBR ear.

    I noticed that on the photo's there is something on JBR scalp, right above her ear. I have transfered all these photo's to my account and did alot of turning them and close ups. If you look close right above the ear on the CSP's, you will see something is there, dried and white. It looks like that "Paint on hair highlight stuff" you get at a drug store. If this is that indeed, then there was a hair "Streaking" done that night to JBR's hair. Many have stated that her hair is lighter the 26th than on the 25th. If that is hair dye powder dried there, that is proof something happened "During or at near end" of the hair lightning process. This would place JBR probally in the bathroom with Patsy. Do you see it ?
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  7. The Punisher

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    You did it again!
  8. Elle

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    Patsy Ramsey should have stated it was a copy of another artist's work. Not one word was stated, giving the true artist the credit for the original. I am an amateur artist myself, and have attended many art classes. There was a thread on this before at the time Patsy's painting was on display at the Charlevoix Exhibtion. I myself had seen Betty Morris Hamilton's painting of "Pals" before, and I posted about this, but I couldn't remember the artist's name. A week later,it was officially announced in the Denver Post.


    Many of our teachers brought their own paintings in for a lesson, when I was attending classes, and we all went home with a painting like the teachers. If anyone planned on selling theirs, naturally the original artist's name was stated on a card. A copy of a painting done by Betty Morris Hamilton etc., It's done all the time, but the credit is always there. However, it's a long way from Alabama to Charlevoix,isn't it? I don't know why this information wasn't given to the Charlevoix Art Exhibition )?).
  9. rashomon

    rashomon Member

    ITA agree, YumYum and The Punisher.
    For why would parents trying to stage a scene jab a paintbrush into their child's vagina? Imo it was done to camouflage prior sexual abuse.
  10. BluesStrat

    BluesStrat BANNED !!!!!

    That painting by Patsy is open to a lot of debate. If Patsy had painted a copy of the Mona Lisa, nobody would have said "boo" about it.
    Since Betty Morris Hamilton is not that well known perhaps Patsy should have at least mentioned her on the back of the painting. Maybe Patsy didn't even know the original artist's name and just saw the painting in a magazine or web site. Patsy did change her version from the original quite a bit by not including the skyline. It's a poor copy if that is what it's being judged by.
  11. Elle

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    Even without enlarging, the signature on the painting to the left looks different from the one on the right, Blue (?). They do not look the same to me. Even although this was a copy of someone else's painting, it was a happier type of painting than some of the other hideous paintings Patsy Ramsey painted. Not that it matters any more. The artist Betty Morris-Hamilton was very generous saying Patsy may have used hers as a guide.

    Betty Morris Hamilton's name is now known in the artist world. You're right, a note on the back of the painting, giving credit to the original artist, should have been attached, plus a note also on the front to the buyers.
  12. rashomon

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    Question to the administrators and moderators:

    I have bumped this up because I'd like to ask the moderators or other posters what could have happened to the pictures in Mlazy's #83 and my # 84 post on this thread.

    Mlazy's #83 post originally showed the painting drawn by Patsy with the two children, and the one of JB in the navy blue dress with the piping, and also an autopsy picture of JB with the cord around her neck.
    I had copied the picture with the dress/cord down into my next post.

    But now all these pictures have disappeared, and instead now one can see a person's face with duct tape on her mouth, with the caption "Free Speech -you don't have it".

    Any idea of what has happened there? I find this a bit disturbing and would appreciate any help in clearing this up. thanks

  13. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    It sounds as if they two of you have linked to someone else's copy of the picture - thus perhaps using bandwidth that they are paying for (or maybe they have a free account with limited bandwidth which results in the page being shut down when it's used up).

    I wouldn't read more than that into it. Quite often if you link to another person's graphics, the graphic changes to something else - usually a message or a silly picture.
  14. Why_Nut

    Why_Nut FFJ Senior Member

    Jayelles is correct. The picture problem is related to what is called "hot-linking," where photos are linked that are not in an account the person doing the linking knows will stay put. The way around this is, if you see a picture you like, save it off to your own drive and then put it back up on a hosting site that is meant for persistent picture hosting, like Flickr or Photobucket. The painting, for example, can now be found on my Photobucket page, so use that link.


  15. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland


    Thank you for that piece of information. I didn't know it had a name. BTW, did anything come of that e-mail?
  16. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    The one picture of the autopsy photo which MlazyV had rotated was offensive to many posters here (in it's turned state looking like she was hanged) and she was asked by me, to remove that one photo. The rest of what she removed was of her own volition. I can only guess my asking that upset her. This poster is not banned, so she chose to come back and put up the ones you saw with the tape across the mouth, childish an action as it was, I think the action speaks for itself. She was never asked to remove anything except that "one" photo. She was asked on the 9th to remove the one photo, and she came back on the 10th and added the no free speech one.
  17. Why_Nut

    Why_Nut FFJ Senior Member

    On that latter question, the answer is yes, we are making arrangements.
  18. rashomon

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    But what is strange: when I copied that same picture over to 'Crime & Justice', the same thing happened over there and it transformed into the no "Free speech - you don't have it" picture. I have no idea how this is possible.
    Maybe the reason is the "hot linking" Jayelles and WhyNut have pointed out.
  19. Elle

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    Sometimes it's quicker for me to scan a photo myself, than look for one on the net. The one I used of JonBenét just yesterday in the navy jacket, was scanned from the back of my DOI book, then reduced in size. No problems with copyright there. :)
  20. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    That certainly is a coincidence, and they were probably correct then. All I know is I did ask to have the one removed.

    If what they are saying IS correct, then it is best all the way around. FFJ does NOT allow linked photos from other sites. We allow links to the site, but not to have someone elses photo hotlinked to our site. That is stealing bandwidth.
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