What Michigan voters need to know about JR

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  1. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    If you were a Michigan voter, and a candidate by the name of John Ramsey decided to throw his hat into the ring and run for office, wouldn't you want to know about his background?

    Since it is true that a man is known by the company he keeps as much as anything else, wouldn't you want to know that Susan Stine, a best friend of the Ramseys, committed a crime by impersonating a law enforcement officer on the Internet? Wouldn't you want to know that law enforcement officer was the chief of police in Boulder, the very police agency that investigated the murder of John Ramsey's daughter? Since our representatives should be above reproach, I think Michigan voters should be made aware that a confidant of the Ramseys committed a crime and was caught, even if she was never punished for it other than a stern warning.

    Wouldn't you also like to know that the candidate's wife, along with her best friend, thought it funny to call a journalist's (Tony Frost) wife and asked for Mr. Frost, trying to make the wife think her husband had a girlfriend?

    I'm sure you would like to know how the candidate and his wife did everything they could to avoid sitting down with the police when their daughter was murdered in order to answer questions that might give the police a clue as to the identity of the killer. Isn't it ironic that the police department that was faulted so heavily by the Ramseys for not going after an intruder refused to talk to the police after their daughter was found dead - the time it was most urgent to ask those questions that might have led to an arrest of an intruder, had there really been one. The police were left to flounder on their own with very little to go on - certainly no evidence of an intruder, but how would the police know what was intruder evidence and what wasn't? The Ramseys wouldn't talk to them.

    Wouldn't you like to know that your candidate is strong under attack? Would it be important to you to know that your candidate and his wife couldn't function after their daughter was murdered, and that's why they said they couldn't talk to the police? Other parents who have lost their children have been equally as devastated as the Ramseys, but they did everything they could to help the police find the killer. Of course. everyone does not react the same way in times of emotional trauma, but wouldn't you want to know that your candidate had a history of rational behavior in times of crisis?

    Don't misunderstand what I'm saying - I wouldn't be able to function, either, if my daughter were found murdered, and I admit it, but I am not running for an office that requires nerves of steel in times of crises, instead of a call to the doctor for mind-numbing drugs and alcohol.

    OTOH, I suppose there are those who would consider that anyone who could possibly stage a crime scene under the most stressful conditions without breaking a sweat would probably be a good choice to run for office where that kind of fortitude is appreciated.

    Ramsey also has a good history of making money without working for it. That's probably something voters can appreciate. They might ask, however, how many companies or other states he intends to sue and on what grounds if he becomes their new representative, and how much money he intends to bring to in for Michigan - money that could potentially lower their taxes.

    One might also ask if Patsy will be the one to make all his phone calls, since she's the one who does that sort of thing.

    I'm sure allya can think of other things Michigan voters need to know about the (potential) candidate John Ramsey, the fella still unda the umbrella.

    As the candidates are fond of saying, BRING IT ON.
  2. imon128

    imon128 Banned

    They might also want to know that JR was asked, in an Atlanta get together with LE, if he knew that fibers from his shirt was found in his dead daughter's panty crotch.

    They might also want to know that JR was in his bathroom while a burglar robbed Patsy of her KMart jewelry. Did JR lock his house at that time? If not, why? You'd think he'd be paranoid about locking things up. I mean, what if somebody "intruded" into that house and lay await for BURKE????

    Common Sense is not JR's strong sense, no matter what that goofy ransom note says. :)
  3. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Michigan voters

    might want to insist that before they vote for John Ramsey for their representative in government, he agree to take an FBI-administered polygraph to assure he has never been involved in any criminal activity.

    Voters should also know that Dr. Wecht has written two books, both of which state that in his professional opinion, John Ramsey's daughter was sexually molested prior to the night she was murdered in Ramsey's home. I think that would be important for voters to know.
  4. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Michigan voters

    have the right to know certain things about their representatives. They have the right to know that both John and Patsy Ramsey were "under the umbrella" of suspicion - IOW, they were suspects in their daughter's murder, and there has never been a criminal trial of anyone which would clear them. If Ramsey tries to use Carnes' decision as proof they were cleared, it should be made clear to Michigan voters that Carnes did not and does not have all the criminal files involved in the open murder case of JonBenet Ramsey and was not and is not in any position to fairly judge whether or not the Ramseys should be cleared.

    When one really thinks about it, I don't think Ramsey has a snowball's chance in hell of being elected with all the open questions regarding his daughter's murder.
  5. Why_Nut

    Why_Nut FFJ Senior Member

    Michigan voters should definitely want to know about John Ramsey's tendency to misuse the tax code. He did, after all, form a foundation which sheltered certain amounts of money from taxation; he made a committment to the IRS to use the money he would not pay in tax to do good deeds for children, but instead he bought himself an expensive, overpriced computer and paid the bulk of the rest in rent to a friend of his. Michigan voters should be worried that John Ramsey is the sort of person who will work to impose taxes on them for the exclusive benefit of himself and his friends.
  6. imon128

    imon128 Banned

    Also, wasn't it said that John pilfered company money to his personal airplane expenses, from his employer's funds? Maybe he should clear that up, if it's just rumor.
  7. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    In DOI

    Ramsey talks about being on his deck at his Michigan home with, I think, the Stines (there's that criminal Susan Stine, again). I'm trying to remember - he had something that he put back inside his home when he saw the paparazzi taking pictures of them on the deck. What was that something - wasn't it a gun or a camera? Whatever it was, I remember Ramsey had to get it out of sight before they saw it.
  8. imon128

    imon128 Banned

    It was a gun.....good ol' SS, leave it to her to be in on all the nazzdy stuff. I'm still in awe that she got away with impersonating an officer. Goodness knows what or who else she impersonated. A kidnapper, even? The sky's the limit for that Ken doll. Ugh.
  9. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    What's a tax exemption

    based on the homestead law? Is that just a Michigan thing? Why does Ramsey need a tax exemption?
  10. Elle

    Elle Member


    Okay WY, How do we get all of the above printed in large letters and pinned to every telephone pole in Michigan?
  11. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    It's not ready, yet, Elle

    we need more input. There are tons of things Michigan voters need to know about John and Patsy Ramsey. In the recesses of all those brains out there are the answers.
  12. Aurora

    Aurora Member

  13. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Well, he's never been convicted

    but he's still a suspect in an open murder case, at least in the eyes of many. He and his first woman will remain so until the day someone else is convicted or they die.
  14. Elle

    Elle Member

    They do a background check

    Interesting Aurora, thank you!
  15. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Voters need to know

    that John Ramsey has little or no respect for local law enforcement agencies - cops, IOW. He has no problem denegrating those he considers rookie police investigators (alas, many rookies are more dedicated and have fresher perspectives than the ones that have been there until they've fossilized).

    Considering that our representatives are, or should be, on the same side as those who enforce the laws, it seems a bit of a conflict that Ramsey has allienated cops everywhere by his behavior in his daughter's murder case. That doesn't bode well for voters who do respect those who enforce the law.

    Could it be that Ramsey intends to use his office, (should he be elected, fat chance in hell) to try to make changes in law enforcement procedures?
  16. Elle

    Elle Member

    Fat Cats

    WY, Maybe he's just interested in roping in the Fat Cats! (?).
  17. Ginja

    Ginja Member

    You would think...

    ...another thing the voters of Michigan would be interested in is how Ramsey completely fell apart and was unconsolable for MONTHS after his adult daughter was killed in a car accident; but when his 6 year old was murdered under his nose while he slept soundly on ONE melatonin pill, his first reaction was to call his pilot to get the family out of town.

    My real concern here is that the Michigan voters don't give two hoots about Ramsey's criminally tinged background just as Boulder residents didn't give two hoots about their DA coming down hard on the Ramseys. There was NO OUTRAGE by Boulder residents. And now that the Ramseys aren't there anymore, people have forgotten all about this family and the little girl murdered in their town on Christmas night.
  18. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Leave it to me.......

    Why do I have to be the first one to remember Kim Ballard? IMO - she will be heard from again - especially if John is opting to participate in a political campaign.

    A good old-fashioned mud-slinging contest is just what Lin wants though. It's all part of the plan to keep the lawsuits flowing - BURKE is almost 18, ya know. Gotta find a new cash-cow.

    Someone needs to warn those poor people in Michigan. Wheeler is probably right on top of it what with J4JBR in her heart and all......:rolleyes:

  19. Elle

    Elle Member

    I remember her very well

    I remember reading about Kim Ballard, RR. She was one of the very young girlfriends John Ramsey was involved with; the one who was shaped like a thin schoolgirl.? The one John Ramsey bought outfits for her to wear?

    Then there was Jodie Roberts, his mistress for two years while he was married to Lucinda. Patsy Ramsey denied ever having heard of her ... and donkeys fly!
  20. Niner

    Niner Active Member

    from an article with an interview with John:
    soooo.... guys.... any "wild detours" planned??!!:D
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