Who is DA Mary Lacy's immediate superior?

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    How sad it is, Cherokee to see such a happy photograph of this beautiful little girl, then three days later she was killed. I noticed an impression of something broader than the bracelet she's wearing - just below the wrist of JonBenét's right hand. I wonder what caused this?
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    Well said, as usual, Cherokee. “Mary Lacy's boot-licking, bogus exhoneration!” LOL
    I laugh every time I hear some media report that the Ramseys were exonerated by Lacy in 2008. The fact of the matter is that they were unofficially exonerated the moment that Mary Lacy took office, she just took a few years before making it “official.”

    "John and Patsy Ramsey have asked the Boulder County district attorney to find another police agency to investigate fresh leads into their daughter JonBenet's Christmas 1996 slaying."
    "If that doesn't happen, the Ramseys may sue to force the Boulder Police Department to turn its case over to another agency, L. Lin Wood, the family's attorney, said Monday."

    Daily Camera, Matt Sebastian, October 29, 2002


    "Wood said he expects to file a civil lawsuit against the Boulder Police Department by the end of the year seeking compensatory damages for the Ramseys, and possibly seeking to transfer the investigation to another law enforcement agency."
    Daily Camera, Katherine Vogt (Associated Press) November 20, 2002

    One month later…

    Based on the above and after consultation with Chief Beckner, I have made a decision to conduct further investigation from within my office, using our investigative resources.
    We will work cooperatively with Lou Smit, the Ramseys, and the Boulder Police Department.
    Please understand that this decision is being made for one reason only, the fact that a violent child murderer is at large
    Mary Keenan, Letter to Lin Wood, December 20, 2002

    Lin Wood: "Well, I think the timing of the decision on Friday may have been affected by my letter. I did write Mary Keenan. I've been trying for over three and a half years as the attorney for John and Patsy Ramsey to get this case out of the hands of the Boulder Police Department
    NBC Today Show, Katie Couric interview with Lin Wood, Dec 23, 2002

    "Keenan said Monday she agrees with a federal judge (Carnes) in Atlanta that the evidence points to an intruder, not the 6-year-old beauty queen's parents, as the girl's killer."
    Denver Post, Marilyn Robinson, Apr 08, 2003

    "Ramsey attorney L. Lin Wood of Atlanta said Keenan's statement removes the long-standing "umbrella of suspicion" over the couple."
    "This means that the nightmare that John and Patsy Ramsey have lived with, of being falsely accused of the murder of their daughter, is finally over," Wood said. "And, from the lawyer's perspective, the days of anyone accusing my clients of murder are also over."

    Rocky Mountain News, Owen S. Good, Apr 08, 2003

    "But Carnes' ruling was based only on the facts presented by the Ramseys and their lawyer, L. Lin Wood, and Wolf and his lawyer, Darnay Hoffman - and not on a comprehensive review of investigators' 40,000-plus pages of evidence.”
    Rocky Mountain News, Charlie Brennan. Apr 25, 2003

    District Attorney Mary Keenan went public April 7 with her belief that evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey case points to an intruder as the killer - not Patsy Ramsey.
    But sources familiar with Keenan and the case say this isn't a new view for Boulder's top prosecutor. Keenan, in fact, has supported the intruder theory for nearly five years, dating to the summer of 1998, according to the sources.
    It's not only law enforcement sources who say Keenan has long been a proponent of the intruder theory.
    One source involved in those sessions recalls being told by colleagues that Keenan chided Haney for being too tough on Patsy Ramsey.
    "Mary really had her nose in it, and thought that the Ramseys were being really pushed around,"
    said another key law enforcement source.
    Former Boulder police Detective Steve Thomas, who quit the department in 1998, wrote a book detailing his theory that Patsy Ramsey hit JonBenet in a flash of anger over bed-wetting. He eventually reached an out-of-court settlement after they sued him for his comments.
    In one section of his book, he wrote: "Alex Hunter said that he thought Patsy Ramsey was involved. That was more than offset by comments from his staff. Deputy DA Mary Keenan said the body language of John and Patsy wasn't suggestive of deception, and that men were not in a position to judge Patsy Ramsey's demeanor."

    Rocky Mountain News, Charlie Brennan, April 25, 2003
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    In addition to impressing Lacy with his knowledge of, (publicly available,) “secrets,” (LOL,) what makes the whole event even more incredible is that even though Karr littered his “confession” with elements that were completely untrue, Lacy continued to lap it up.
    Here is an example:

    “Karr added he placed underwear or "knickers" onto JonBenet that he brought with him. The underwear brought by Karr was several sizes too large for JonBenet.”
    If this isn’t a red flag that this guy is lying, I don’t know what is. There is, of course, no doubt whatsoever, that the panties that JBR was found in were panties that were purchased by Patsy Ramsey and not brought into the home by an outside party.

    Q. (By Mr. Levin) Well, let's start with what - I will make it very simple for you, Mrs. Ramsey. What information are you in possession of or what do you know about the underwear that your daughter was wearing at the time she was found murdered?
    A. I have heard that she had on a pair of Bloomie's that said Wednesday on them.
    Q. The underwear that she was wearing, that is Bloomie's panties, do you know where they come from as far as what store?
    A. Bloomingdale’s in New York.
    Q. Who purchased those?
    A. I did.
    Q. Do you recall when you purchased them?
    A. It was, I think, November of '96.

    Q. (By Mr. Morrissey) And you understand the reason we are asking this, we want to make sure that this intruder did not bring these panties with him, this was something –
    A. Right.
    Q. - that was in the house.
    A. Yes.
    Q. And we are clear that, as far as you know, that is something that was in this house?
    17 A. Yes.
    Q. -- that belonged to your daughter, these panties?
    A. Correct.

    Patsy Ramsey interview August 28, 2000

    Also, Karr expects us to believe that he just waltzed into JBR’s room and proceeded to essentially go on a little “date” with her in the basement. JonBenet allegedly goes along with this, offering no resistance.
    “Karr said he waited until he believed all occupants of the home were asleep then entered into JonBenet’s bedroom obtained her from her bed as she was sleeping and carried the sleeping child down a stairwell into a basement level room. Within the room JonBenet was placed on his lap and he spoke with her and stroked her hair.”

    The JMK affair showed that Lacy was not a crack investigator, but rather, an investigator on crack.
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    If you are referring to the faint red impression in the autopsy picture, one possibility is that it could have been from whatever was used, (rubber band, string, or tape,) to secure the paper bags around JonBenet's hands, .

    From the autopsy report:
    EVIDENCE: Items turned over to the Boulder Police Department as evidence include: Fibers and hair from clothing and body surfaces; ligatures; clothing;
    paper bags from hands, fingernail clippings, jewelry, paper bags from feet; white body bag; sample of head hear, eyelashes and eyebrows; swabs from right and left thighs and right cheek;
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  5. Elle

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    Oh yes, cynic, I remember reading about the paper bags . Thank you!

    No children should end up like this. So unfair! However, life is very unfair to many of us, while those who are true criminals escape the justice system and continue living a good life!
  6. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Thanks so much for putting this all together, cynic.

    Lacy taking the case "away" from the BPD, with the obvious cooperation of Lin Wood and his timely lawsuit threats, has always been the touchstone of exactly how corrupt the DA's Office has been in this case--and many others, no doubt, just not as high profile.

    Show me one DA in this country who openly shills for the prime suspects in a child murder case, to the point of publicly advocating for them for 8 years.

    Show me one DA in this country who uses his/her office to advocate for the prime suspects in a child murder to the point of obstructing the investigation so deliberately, even handing out an "exoneration" letter which LEGALLY means NOTHING except to the hog-tied media and as evidence the former DA was Team Ramsey. The appearance of impropriety is not even an appearance, but a foregone conclusion.

    I still don't understand how Lacy and Hunter got away with what they did and kept their licenses to practice law, not to mention, weren't indicted themselves on obstruction. Only one word I can think of: CORRUPTION. Clearly it went to the top.

    But two of Lacy's colossal blunders while in charge of "investigating" the case will forever put the lie to Team Ramsey's claims that no intruder was found because the BPD didn't look for one. In 8 years--longer than the 5 years the BPD had the case, Lacy and every investigator she hired exclusively to work the JB case never came close to finding Intruder, including "consultant" Lou Smit. Even with the much lauded "touch" DNA, paraded around as something new in the case--it wasn't--no Intruder anywhere to be found. Not one DNA strand closer to an arrest.

    And we always have the brilliant arrest of John PERV Karr to hang on Lacy's neck: a more inept, more public, more embarrassing display of incompetence from a DA is hard to find. It's so Team Ramsey.
  7. koldkase

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    I think using crack might have improved Lacy's comprehension skills. It couldn't have hurt.

    When they were released, it took me exactly 10 minutes to find the info in Karr's email about the panties that was proof positive he had no idea WTF he was talking about.

    Neither Lacy nor her "case investigators" knew about this evidence, so important to the case. Smit didn't know this evidence, so critical to the case. Tracy clearly hadn't bothered to learn the critical evidence of the case.

    They had FOUR YEARS to figure out PERV Karr was just another "dead girl groupie" (Mark Klaas's description of Karr) looking for attention, and these well-paid "professionals" completely missed what it took us "beer can collectors" minutes to see.

    And we're supposed to fall for a Ramsey exoneration from these Ramsey shills?

    There is no question that they did not know the evidence; what evidence they did know, they repeatedly misinterpreted to the point of stretching the facts into clear fiction.

    And yet in the current state of American justice and journalism in the 21st century, they are still hailed as something special and their misdeeds quoted as gospel in this UNSOLVED CASE.

    I'd say the American legal system has fallen into the corrupt hands of injustice, but what I've really learned is it has always been this way.

    So I guess we owe the Three Stooges of Boulder LE a debt of gratitude. Thanks for letting us in on the secret: NO BLIND JUSTICE IN AMERICA. Prisons are for the poor and disenfranchised. Those with money and power can do as they please, including child molestation and murder--they're truly above the law.
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    I recently ran across a story on unidentified DNA found relating to the Boston Marathon bombing.
    I couldn’t help but picture Lacy writing a letter of exoneration to the Tsarnaev brothers and releasing Dzhokhar from prison.

    Boston Bombing: Female DNA Found on Bomb Fragments Does Not Match Tamerlan’s Wife
    “DNA found on a fragment of one of the Boston Marathon bombs does not match DNA taken earlier this week from Katherine Russell, the widow of the dead suspect in the attack, but she remains under scrutiny, investigators told NBC News.†NBC “newsâ€
    Of course, they simply dismiss it as if it never happened. No mention of the fact that they didn’t find either of the brother’s DNA on the bomb.. no mention of any questions as to what alternative meaning this DNA could have to the case. They literally found someone else’s fingerprints on a murder weapon and completely ignore it because it doesn’t support the narrative, the only narrative, they will allow. Remarkable.


    This thread has one of my favorite posts:
    Also good...
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    Cynic, thanks for that reference. I don’t know if many have read this article pertaining to touch DNA - http://www.forensicmag.com/articles/2013/04/touch-dna-crime-scene-crime-laboratory
    - but it provides some important advice concerning the handling of evidence or securing of evidence at a crime scene.

    Common rules to help minimize contamination at the crime scene:
    • Limit access to the crime scene or evidence
    • Do not talk over the evidence
    • PPE, including masks
    • Change gloves frequently after handling evidence
    • Do not touch areas on evidence that may be sampled for DNA
    • Collect elimination samples from those who have been in contact with the evidence or scene
    • Use disposable fingerprint brushes and powder
    • Clean each crime scene tool coming into contact with evidence​

    Given that the evidence in the JonBenet case was processed back in 1996, puts a new light on whether any of the above protocols were utilized.

    Oh, btw, as usual wonderfully perceptive opinions from Koldkase and 1000 Sparks regarding ML’s immediate superior, but now, those aren’t mutually exclusive suggestions are they? One and the same? :cheerful:

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