Why hasn't Lin Wood Sued the real Pornographers?

Discussion in 'Justice for JonBenet Discussion - Public Forum' started by Scarpetta, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. Scarpetta

    Scarpetta Member

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    There are hundreds more where these came from, so what are you doing about it Lin? Patsy? JOHN?
  2. Ilene-Sue

    Ilene-Sue Member

    I think someone on another forum emailed Lin Wood about it and he said "what do you want me to do about it"? (He was really nasty)

    They reminded him that a letter from him would probably end it all.

    Someone(s) does not care unless it involves $, forget about what is morally right. That's what it tells me.
  3. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Scarpetta. Good to see you posting.

    This is so typical Lin Wood/Ramsey.

    Even if it's difficult to stop this garbage for God's sake can't they try?

    I snapped up JonBenetRamsey.org only because I was worried some sick pervert would get it.

    The key here for Lin Wood and the Ramseys is money. This would cost money to send out letters and attempt to stop this use of JonBenet's name. And even worse no money can be made off of this effort.

    Lin Wood. Perhaps we need to look into why he seems to be without a soul.

    Illene Sue I would love to see that email posted here. Just to remind everyone what type of person Lin Wood really is.
  4. Misty4

    Misty4 Member

    Lin Wood

    I have emailed Lin Wood about the massive websites that continue to exploit JonBenet Ramsey in explicit pornographic depictions.

    His email to me was a typical response -- what can he do about it -- a dead person can't sue, yada, yada, yada.

    By the same token, Susan Bennett, voiced the same sentiments.
  5. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Misty4 was the response you received polite or rude? To me that is the key.

    If Lin Wood was a somewhat normal and caring person, not out to make money off of JBR so he can buy another "racehorse" then I would think he would thank you for your concern.

    Let's say for arguments sake Misty4 that your email was totally out of character for you. Let's say it was rude. Something like;

    "Dear Dumb***
    What the hell are you doing about all these porn sites using JonBenet's name? Quit spending time sniffing stable fumes, get off your butt and do something.


    Now Misty4 I know you would never write an email like the one above. However (just for the sake of argument) if you did write a rude email Lin Wood should still show the professional courtesy to write back something like;

    "Thank you for your concern. It is very hurtful to the family to see what these perverts are doing to JonBenet's name.

    Unfortunately there is nothing legally that can be done. I have researched this and unless the law changes we can't stop it.

    I would appreciate it if you would continue to monitor anything pornographic that is attached to JonBenet's name. I want to keep on top of this.

    Lin Wood ESQ., Puppet Master of Susan Bennett."

    Misty4 I am anxious to hear the "tone" of your reply. If it is what I am guessing it is then it fits a pattern.

  6. 1000 Sparks

    1000 Sparks Active Member


    Hey, what does he mean a dead person can't sue.... why don't they sue in her behalf as they always do...

  7. Ilene-Sue

    Ilene-Sue Member

    i think Misty was the person I was referring to , Misty- do you have the emails? I think you posted them on another forum, I can't remember which one.
  8. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland


    Wood only goes after people who accuse the Ramseys in a public way. A shadowy porn site owner might be costly to trace and for dubious 'pickings'.

    The Ramseys have consistently proved themselves to be more diligent at taking care of their own interests than they have at honouring and protecting the memory of their daughter.

    One only needs to recall the images of JonBenet's neglected grave.

    © Copyright of Jayelles This post may not be copied in whole or in part without written permission from Jayelles.
  9. Pearlsim

    Pearlsim FFJ Senior Member

    for every mother on the forum

    Put yourself in Patsy Ramsey's shoes....

    If your six year old daughter had been brutally murdered, could you bear, for even one second, the thought of her image being used by pornographers??????

    You hear all the time about parents of children who have died, been murdered or are missing becoming activists in one way or another. What moves these people to wade through the numbing grief and go on to try to help others in similar circumstances? - the memory of their child and the desire that some good come out of a horrific circumstance.

    I know for certain that if my precious daughter had been murdered, I couldn't rest a minute knowing her image was being used for pornographic cheap thrills all over the internet. THAT would be my cause - to do whatever it took to crack down on sickos that would try to use a dead baby for lewd entertainment.

    And I bet every other mother on this forum feels the same way. JonBenet wasn't my daughter and I never knew her but it still makes my stomach turn to read those links.

    Why aren't her parents more outraged?
  10. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    I get ads every day for the most disgusting porn imaginable and I can't believe they can just send that stuff out and get away with it.
  11. Ilene-Sue

    Ilene-Sue Member

    I get emails for ads asking me if I want to make my penis larger. When I write them back and tell them I don't have a penis , nor do I want one, my emails are always returned as undeliverable.
  12. Thor

    Thor Active Member

    Me too Ilene-Sue. I got so pithed off when I started getting those that I angrily wrote an email telling them I didn't have one and didn't want their dirty emails. Same thing happened to me, that pithed me off even more. Bastids can't make up their minds what sex I am, I get things for bigger boobs, too.
  13. Ilene-Sue

    Ilene-Sue Member

    Gee I feel left out.

    I only get grow a bigger penis and Viagra...also spelled *viagra, V*iagra, Vi.agra --all these tricky liitle things so it gets through the filters.
  14. Midnight_Wolf

    Midnight_Wolf Member

    Ilene-Sue, are these coming in your email or just popping up on your desktop. I was getting nonstop penis enlargement ads on my desktop, even when my browser was not open. There is a way to get rid of them. You need to disable your Windows Messenger service. It is totally different that your Instant Messenger if you use it. It does not effect that, but it will stop those blasted ads from popping up on your desktop all the time.
  15. Ayeka

    Ayeka Member

    As an aside

    Never "click on the link" to unsubsribe from any spam. That just verifies that they've struck a valid address.

    I fondly remember the days before spam... :p

  16. Ilene-Sue

    Ilene-Sue Member

    No, I just get them as emails. I can set filters to block words and I seem to have stopped most of them, although the Viagra people keep coming up with unique ways of spelling it.

    It seems as if everyone I know are getting them. They must have come up with a super dooper email harvester.

    I've never gotten a pop up. Thank goodness.

    I think if I get any more of these, I'll turn them over to the FDA and Quackwatch. The product has got to be bogus.
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