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    From The Sun 12/2/10

    "One in 2.2 million. Those were the odds given by a DNA analyst Wednesday of the number of Caucasian males who could have contributed to a DNA mixture collected from a fingernail of Yana Huss, a Port Charlotte woman who was killed three years ago.

    That same DNA analyst told jurors Wednesday in the trial of Scott Huss, a Punta Gorda man accused of killing his estranged wife, Yana, that the defendant couldn’t be excluded from being that contributor.

    The body of the 31-yearold woman was found in the laundry room of her Rickover Street home on April 25, 2007. She had been stabbed multiple times in the chest. Her neck also had been violently slashed.

    Scott Huss, from whom Yana filed for divorce just two weeks before her death, faces up to life in prison if he is found guilty at trial of seconddegree murder.

    Sarah Shields, a senior DNA analyst at Bode Technology, a forensic and human identification laboratory, told jurors that several DNA samples she examined in the case showed a “full DNA profile†of Yana Huss.

    Those samples were collected from blood on Scott Huss’ wristwatch, and stains from a shirt collected from Yana’s then-8-year-old son, Petir Shalin.

    Officials claim the 52-year-old man killed his wife on April 25, 2007, inside their former Rickover Street home.

    Petir, Scott’s stepson, later told investigators that he witnessed the Punta Gorda man stab his mother.

    Much of the focus of Shields’ testimony Wednesday — and the subject later of crossexamination by the defense — was devoted to a sample she examined that was taken from a fingernail on Yana’s right hand.

    Testing showed that the sample included the full DNA profile of Yana Huss and the “DNA data†consistent with a single contributor of a male individual, Shields said.

    The senior DNA analyst at the Lorton, Va.-based lab, which is contracted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, said she compared that data to a standard sample of Scott Huss’ DNA.

    An exact match could not be made, she said.

    However, “Scott Huss could not be excluded as the contributor,†she told jurors.

    Further testing was done on the DNA data, and Shields said she was able to compile statistics comparing it against the U.S. population.

    Shields said one in 2.2 million Caucasian males could be a match. One in 38 million African-American males could be a match, she added.

    On Monday, Scott Huss’ attorney told jurors that members of the Russian mafia were responsible for Yana’s murder. Defense attorney Michael Powell claimed his client saw a “dark figure†climb into a waiting SUV in front of his former Port Charlotte home shortly before he entered the house and found Yana’s body inside.

    The defense pounced on Shields’ inability to make a positive identification of the “male contributor†DNA data.

    In addition, attorney Thomas Marryott asked Shields whether she could say how or when that unknown DNA was transferred onto Yana Huss.

    She could not.

    Shields also agreed during cross-examination that DNA, in the form of skin cells, can be transferred onto someone’s hand or fingers easily simply by shaking hands.

    “That can come from casual, nonviolent (contact )?†Marryott asked.

    “Yes,†the witness replied.

    Marryott also surmised that the DNA collected from Yana’s fingernail could have been there for a long period of time before her death on April 25, 2007.
    Shields said it was possible.

    During redirect by prosecutors, however, the DNA analyst noted that when hands come in contact with soap and water, it affects the ability to find transfer DNA evidence.

    In addition to the DNA evidence, prosecutors tried to present footprint evidence to link Scott Huss to the crime scene during the third day of trial at the Charlotte County Justice Center.

    But, like the DNA witness, the forensic footprint witness could not conclusively tie Scott Huss to the scene, only saying the dozens of foot impressions at the scene could have been made by the Punta Gorda man due to the resemblance in some characteristics.

    While the DNA and footwear evidence delivered some punch for the prosecution’s case Wednesday, it was the testimony of Medical Examiner R. H. Imami that likely made the biggest impression on jurors.

    The nine-member panel gazed solemnly as several graphic autopsy photos were shown.

    Those images were not displayed to the entire courtroom.

    Imami, the longtime medical examiner, said Yana died from multiple stab and slash wounds. Many of those wounds could have been fatal, he told jurors.

    Yana Huss’ heart, liver, diaphragm and right lung all were punctured, Imami said. She also suffered defensive wounds on her arms and hands, he added.

    Marryott immediately attempted to raise suspicion that there were multiple suspects — and two knives — responsible for the wounds.

    Imami said while he believed only one knife was used, it was possible that at least one of the wounds came from a different knife due to the difference in the width of the cut compared to others.

    The trial resumes today. Twentieth Circuit Judge John Dommerich is expected to rule this morning whether a family member of Scott Huss can testify as to a phone conversation he had with the Punta Gorda man on the day of Yana’s death.

    Prosecutors said in court that the conversation revealed something related to a confession."
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    Okay, just got to this link posted by Rat yesterday--thanks Rat, and it shows a great photo comparison of the bloody footprints and Scott's footprints. No way the jury is going to imagine that COINCIDENTALLY a Russian mob killer had those EXACT SAME FOOT IMPRESSIONS.... HA!

    Scott is going DOOOOOOOOOWN.

    And the "other son" Jeremy Huss now seems to have decided maybe protecting his murdering scum of a father might not be a good thing after all.... You want to see this video report from last night, which is short, BTW.

  5. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Okay, update done at WS. Well, I'm no replacement for you, of course, but I also posted a link to this thread so it's all good. :yes:
  6. koldkase

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    Don't know what turned this son around, but he got to testify and pretty much stuck it to the old killer:

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    Husband on trial in Russian wife's murder, day 4
    Posted: Dec 02, 2010 10:36 AM EST
    Updated: Dec 02, 2010 10:36 AM EST

    Husband on trial in Russian wife's murder, day 4CHARLOTTE COUNTY:

    On the fourth day of testimony, defendant Scott Huss' 30-year-old son Jeremy took the stand.

    Huss is on trial for the murder of his 31-year-old wife Yana Huss in April 2007.


    The second witness was Jeremy Huss. He said he lived with his father from the age of 15-18. He said Scott was a loving father and they had a normal relationship while he grew up.

    He testified after Yana died, Scott called him and said he took care of his problem. He added he didn't know when he would see his son again, or if he would see his son again

    Thanks for posting that, KK.

    I would like to hear Jeremy's testimony. I wish this trial could have been on one of those daytime tv programs. I watch tv so little I don't even know if those trial shows are even still on.

    It just seems a little hinky to me that his son would just now be coming forth with information, and I don't see how it is going to help the prosecution at all if that phone call is all there was to it.
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    Well, now that I've read the whole article ... maybe the son's testimony will have more of an impact than I originally thought.
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    As the judge said, it is tantamount to a confession.

    It is odd that Jeremy just now came forth, but perhaps it was hard for him to admit his father is a killer, and when he saw the evidence and maybe the photo of Yana that mistakenly got shown to the courtroom, this made him realize what his father had really, truly done.

    Or maybe he has some other motive. I'm sure the jury will have lots to think about with that. But considering all the other evidence against Scott, I think it's just the icing on the cake. In this video, the son is shown testifying. He certainly seems sincere:

  10. JC

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    Indeed, he does seem sincere.
  11. JC

    JC Superior Cool Member

    I guess I was thinking that his son's testimony is hearsay.
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    You guys are already ahead of me and making this much easier for me - Thank You Very Very Much.

    I can say this JC, I don't think that you would really want to have seen Jeremy's testimony as it was heartwrenching. So was his sister's. They are Scott's grown children from his first marriage and neither sounded like they had a loving ongoing relationship with their father - for obvious reasons...

    The GREAT News in addition to their testimony was a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) expert stated that even though the samples sent to Bode were not complete - the ones sent to her were and YES - the blood on Petr's shirt, shoes, Yana's car, Scott's rental car, his watch and his gun were a perfect match-up with Yana's DNA...something like 1 in 2 bazillion - sorry, I left my notes in the car and I'm too exhausted to retrieve them right now as it was another Lonnnnng Day - But well worth it once more.

    We will start first thing in the morning with the video of Petr's deposition since today seemed to be the day for both sides arguing over any and ever little thing - as if they have not had 2 YEARS and 8 Months to do so...but to see Scott CRY when his "Manifesto" was read to the jurors when it got to the part about Katrina gave me the extra strength I need for today. He barely looked at his own grown children - nor they him...but they both were reduced to tears at being put in the position that they are in because of their father's selfish and violent actions, it got to The Rat and she is the one that had to leave the courtroom to compose herself. :unreal:

    Family time now - no promises, but I will do as I can...I apologize for not bringing every minute to you, but the lady covering it for the paper is doing an excellant job and I will post that before I resume my seat at 8:30 in the morning.

    KK - No - there were no major cuts or bruises on Scott - we are Lucky that Yana had time to defend herself and get a tiny scratch worth of his DNA under her fingernails...

    Back as I can -
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    Well, Scott's son is not testifying that Scott killed Yana. He's testifying as to what Scott said to him. I guess an example would be seeing someone leave the scene of a crime running and cursing; while you don't know what the person did or if he was involved in the crime, you saw and heard his actions and that's what you are testifying you witnessed.

    The Hearsay Rule is tricky, but there are exceptions and I certainly hope this is common enough in criminal trials that the precedents are well known and vetted so the judge made a strong ruling on this.

    As best as I can figure out, because Scott is in court and can testify about whether he said this or not, and because the defense can cross examine Jeremy about his testimony, it's allowed as circumstantial evidence.
  14. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Okay, thanks so much, Rat.
  15. Elle

    Elle Member

    Thank you RiverRat! How much longer will the case go on? It must have been very difficult for Scott's children. Difficult for so many people related to this case.
  16. RiverRat

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    Jusge D did say at the end of the day that he wants this trial wrapped up by the end of the week...and according to my calender...tomorrow is TGIF!!! We might be there until Midnight and if necessary, the Jury will come in to continue their deliberations on Saturday, so The End IS in Sight~Finally.

    KK - I'm sorry...I did not realize that my time would be so limited, but I'm doing what I can for all - there's just a lot of All in my world, My Friend. Thank You for helping me at WBS!!! I promise to devote my time filling in the Blanks this weekend...:yes: You Are The Best!

  17. ACandyRose

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  18. RiverRat

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    I Sooo Owe You...

    ACR - Never have you hesitated to jump in and help Yana and her Family the Best way that you know how and let me tell you this, there have MANY times this week that I have heard those sweet little words...A Candy Rose...mentioned by those in attendance :yes: Some may be putting 2 and 2 together but that's okay - The Rat's ready to come out of the Closet and I am very PROUD to tell them that YES - You are a very dear Friend of mine and Yana's Family. God Bless You, Lady.

  19. RiverRat

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    10/3/10 Charlotte Sun

    PUNTA GORDA — An emotional day at the Charlotte County Justice Center Thursday in the trial of a local man accused of killing his estranged wife saw two of the defendant’s own children tearfully testify for the prosecution.

    And it concluded with jurors listening as a rambling note — allegedly written by Scott Huss — was read aloud inside the crowded courtroom.

    “It did not have to end this way,†a clerk read from the letter.

    The 52-year-old Punta Gorda man is accused of stabbing his estranged wife, Yana Huss, to death on April 25, 2007, inside the couple’s former Rickover Street, Port Charlotte home.

    Yana Huss had filed for divorce from her husband of four years just two weeks earlier. She was 31.

    Scott Huss glanced down at a copy of his alleged manifesto Thursday as a Clerk of the Circuit Court employee read it to jurors.

    Wearing a pair of thin-framed glasses, Huss rarely looked up from the transcript as it was read late Thursday afternoon.

    His demeanor was vastly different earlier in the day when his two grown children tearfully recalled the day Yana Huss, a woman they barely knew, died.

    Jeremy Huss, the 30-year-old son of Scott Huss, told jurors that his father called him on the afternoon of April 25, 2007.

    The call, albeit brief, made a lasting impression, the witness said.

    “It was a little disturbing,†Jeremy said, choking back tears.

    Jeremy Huss said his father told him that he “took care of my (Scott Huss’) problem.â€

    The witness, as he wiped away tears, then recalled how his father quickly ended the call, but not before he wished his children well.

    Unable to get ahold of his father again, Jeremy Huss said he called his grandmother, Joyce Huss.

    The 30-year-old man then drove to Joyce Huss’ Longwood home, where he was surprised to see Yana Huss’ then-8-year-old son inside.

    Authorities claim Scott Huss dropped off Petir Shalin at the Central Florida home after the boy allegedly witnessed Scott, his stepfather, kill his mother.

    During the defense’s cross-examination, Jeremy Huss acknowledged that he never included the details of his conversation with his father in his written statement to police.

    The attorneys for both the state and the defense also were unaware of the full extent of Jeremy Huss’ conversation with his father until just this week —more than three years after the fact.

    Jeremy Huss’ credibility was scrutinized by the defense Thursday.

    The 30-year-old man told jurors that he has one felony conviction on his record, after defense attorney Michael Powell inquired as to such.

    Jeremy told jurors that there were times where he didn’t get along with his father and had infrequent contact with him.

    But Jeremy’s affection for his father was apparent during the state’s redirect examination.

    “Who was your hero growing up?†Assistant State Attorney Dan Feinberg asked.

    “My dad,†Jeremy replied in a wavering voice.

    In addition to the tearful and emotional testimony of Scott Huss’ children Thursday, jurors heard again from two law enforcement figures, who were recalled to testify on a 160-page packet found at the crime scene.

    Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office crime scene technician Ronald Mueller told jurors that several latent prints were found on the documents, but only one was of “value†for examination.

    The print, found near the end of the packet, entitled “how to change your identity,†matched that of a controlled print of Scott Huss, Mueller said.

    The forensic witness, however, was grilled by the defense on cross by attorney Thomas Marryott.

    Investigators apparently did not examine every page for fingerprints. They also could not say when Huss’ print was left on the paperwork or how long the packet had been in the house prior to April 25, 2007.

    Later, the jury listened to a recording left on an audio device collected from Scott Huss’ hotel room on the night of Yana’s murder.

    During the brief recording, Huss denounces the “justice system.†Jurors strained to make out the garbled recording.

    The jury would again hear from the defendant at the end of the day — in the form of his alleged manifesto that investigators recovered on Scott Huss’ laptop.

    In the rambling letter, Scott Huss’ mother, Joyce Huss, is instructed in how to divvy up the Punta Gorda man’s money and assets.

    The writer, whom officials claim is Scott Huss, asks that the note be disseminated to government agencies, the media and law enforcement.

    Yana Huss is referenced multiple times as a “fraud†and a “liar.â€

    “I have been forgiven already, and I long to go home,†the note states.

    The trial is slated to wrap up today, but 20th Circuit Judge John Dommerich warned jurors that they may have to come in Saturday.

    The jury is expected to view the October 2007 videotaped deposition of Petir Shalin, now 11, today. In the deposition, Petir claims he saw Scott Huss stab his mother.

    Dommerich has ruled that the defense’s videotaped cross-examination, where the boy admitted he had a problem with lying when he was in day care or preschool, will not be played for jurors." :yes:
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    So far, I have refused to buy one of those Smart Phones, but it sure would come in handy today if there Verdict is handed down. If there is ANYONE that I can call to update FFJ, please contact Moab or Tricia for my number, so that I can call and give the update ASAP for My Beloved Bees!!!

    Or catch me within the next 30 minutes before I take my seat to watch my Brave Little Man Seal This Deal!!!

    Thank You!
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