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    I don't imagine it will take the jurors long to decide.


    Posted: Dec 03, 2010 8:39 AM MST Updated: Dec 03, 2010 9:05 AM MST

    CHARLOTTE COUNTY: In the fifth day of the trial of Scott Huss, jurors watched the remainder of testimony from the victim's son, then the defendant took the stand.

    Peter Huss gave videotaped testimony in 2007, just after his mom, Yana Huss, was murdered.

    Peter, who was 8 in 2007, testified he saw Scott stab his mom.

    Peter was hiding in the bathroom when he heard his mom scream. He came out of the bathroom and saw Scott with a long knife and gun.

    He saw a lot of blood on his mom. He said she died the second time Scott stabbed her.

    When he tried to run away, Scott made him get into a rental car. Scott took Peter to his grandmother's house three hours north, in Longwood Florida.

    Peter testified during the drive, Scott told him to say a black man came to the house and killed his mom.

    The state rested their case, then around 10 a.m., Scott Huss took the stand in his own defense.

    The first question the defense asked of Scott was, "Did you kill your wife?"

    He replied, "No. I loved my wife."

    Scott said he first corresponded with Yana in an email in 2002. He went to Russia to visit her two times.

    In December 2002, Scott and Yana married and Yana and Peter came to Port Charlotte to live with Scott.

    Scott testified that two times she went to Miami, but didn't tell him. When he went to get her, he saw strange men. He said she wanted to get out of there fast.

    Scott said they had a loving relationship, that he never yelled at Yana and that he doesn't know why she got the injunctions against him.

    The couple had a daughter, Katrina, in April 2005.
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    You won't believe this: Scott said on the stand that Petr did it. I am not making this up!!


    As the news report stated, after the prosecution played the video of Petr's testimony, it rested and the defense started by putting Scott on the stand. Also, Rat told me Scott said he walked in and saw Petr sitting in a pool of blood, and that Petr said, "They made me do it." She also said that Scott drove the old bus right over his son, saying his son was drunk. The entire court was in tears over Petr's testimony when it was played.

    It's going hard with Rat. Bless her, I know her tender heart is hurting watching this abomination to the human species vomit his evil in court.

    The defense may rest after the "Russian mob" witness (puhleeze). The judge was already discussing jury instructions with the lawyers as they broke for lunch.

    So we may have a verdict this evening, if the lawyers keep their closing arguments short. I expect it to take the jury 10 minutes, including choosing a foreman and voting. Scott has amply demonstrated that the evidence he is a murdering, wife-killing, child abusing monster is 100% spot on, IMO.

    So keep watch here and maybe we'll soon see some justice at long last in this case.
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    Okay, Rat's going to call me when the verdict comes in, so not to worry, she's got it covered.
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    So the Mouse and the Pirate have it covered eh?
    Good on ya!!!
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    Yeah, and tic toc tic toc! I'm on pins and needles. It may take a while, though. I don't guess they'll just go ahead and string him up and lynch him right afterwards...sigh.

    Oh, Rat just called, at 6:19 pm, and said the jury was given the choice of staying tonight and hearing closing arguments and deliberating afterwards, or coming back tomorrow. They chose to stay. So they're at supper and then back for closing arguments and then to deliberate.

    As Rat said, this is good news. Though it's obviously running very late, the jury can't be anticipating a drawn out deliberation. With all the evidence, they surely can't be thinking, oh, he's innocent! So I predict the quickest verdict they're able to manage as soon as the case is handed to them.

    It's going to be late, as the closing arguments have to be made and jury instructions given, then a jury foreman chosen and...oh...ONE ROUND OF VOTING, I'd guess. But as Moab said, lots of forms to fill out, etc.

    But I'm waiting and Rat is going to call me, as she said she's waiting it out, too. So when she hears, I hear, and you hear.
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    Thanks for the update, KK and to everyone who posted here to keep us updated about this case. You have all done a wonderful job.

    Special thanks to BJ (ACR) it's so good to see you here again, and to the main star RiverRat for having the courage to actually attend this trial. What a wonderful brave young woman you are!

    :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: For all the wonderful women here!
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    R.I.P. Yana.

    Rest easy, Petr.

    You are safe from this monster now.
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    Couldn't you make it any bigger?


    Yana has Justice!
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    I tried! But all my caps kept getting lower cased! I have no idea....

    But you made up for it! :yes:
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    Many many thanks to our sweet and tenacious RR for sticking it out and staying true to advocacy and her word!

    KK thanks so much for helping with the reporting, and the caring and the support you have given.
  16. Moab

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    Much...thanks for being a good doobie! :booty::booty::booty::booty::booty:
  17. Moab

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    Sometimes there is a short circuit between the chair and the keyboard. When you have the caps lock on, you cannot use the shift key ;)
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    Ta Da!!!!

    Yes indeed...as we knew all along - GUILTY! It was a very emotional ending and right now all I can add Special Thanks to KOLDKASE for helping me all along. I Promise to give you ALL the highlights in the Morning, but for tonight - pay no mind to the blonde chick on the evening news ;)
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    Hope you have a good rest now, RR.
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