Yana Huss Murder Case and Memorial Fund

Discussion in 'Yana Huss' started by ACandyRose, Aug 8, 2007.

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    Bloody footprints

    1-70 are Scott's prints.

    A-X are Petr's.

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  2. ACandyRose

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    Hey Ms Margin Blower, I just sent you a resized .jpg of that same blood trail sketch to replace the one you were using. :)

  3. Moab

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    I resized it...she is quite the little margin blower isn't she?
  4. ACandyRose

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    Yeah she sure is, thanks Moab :)


    This is so distressing it's unbelieveable.

    I didn't realize when I first looked at the blood trail sketch that Peter was the one with the shoes on (A-X) and Scott (1-70) was only in his stockings. What did he do, take off his shoes to creep up on Yana?

    First it's obvious that poor Peter was literally standing in that washroom when his mother was murdered. Second it looks like when Scott told the boy to go to the bathroom and close the door, it looks like Scott ran there first and probably was yelling at Peter to get inside the master bedroom because Peter's steps only made it to his master bedroom door and then he turns around and heads for the Kitchen.

    Third, since Peter is A-X then that means *X* stopped in the kitchen as he was running out from the master bedroom door into the kitchen direction followed by Scott which means that Scott must have picked him up in the kitchen and was carrying him to the garage and out the garage door to the car.

    It also looks like just before Scott picked Peter up that there was a small scuffle in the kitchen just to the left of the stove (by #56 and W). That is probably where he finally caught Peter as he trying to get away. Then Scott grabbed him and the last time the two prints are together is at the kitchen door (by #57 and X), from there it's just Scott's prints.

    My God Peter had to be terrified.

    Plus there was a bloody rag with dog feces on it right outside the washroom where Yana was murdered which reminded they had the two poodles and they must have been barking and terrified also.

    I noticed also from the court docket for his case that Scott did not want to give foot prints either but the court ordered it. :)

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  5. RiverRat

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    Thank you both.....

    ACR - Bulls-Eye....you are not off one inch and your post explains why this one has me shook to the core.
  6. ACandyRose

    ACandyRose Super Moderator


    I sure can understand how this would upset you.

    When I first heard, or read, or I don't know how I knew, maybe you told me, that Scott had told Peter to go to the bathroom in the master bedroom that morning, I thought that was before Yana was murdered. I thought that Scott was just trying to get Peter out of the scene so he wouldn't see Yana being killed or who killed her.

    But now I realize there was no reason for Scott to tell Peter to go to THAT bathroom in the master bedroom. Yana had already been murdered, it was too late and Peter had already witnessed what happened. Peter probably realized he would have been trapped if he had went into that bathroom and maybe even thought Scott was going to kill him in there, maybe drown him in the tub or something.

    I also think Scott was having some difficulty carrying Peter from the kitchen, who was probably screaming once Scott started walking out the kitchen because prints #58, #59 and #60 seem to be going forward and backward which means he was probably stumbling to keep his balance as he was trying to maintain holding on to Peter.

    Good Lord, I cring just thinking about what went on that morning. :-(

    Thank you for sharing these documents with us.

  7. RiverRat

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    I apologize for having to share documents like this. I am crying with you and have not had this sick of a feeling in my stomach EVER. For me not to say "Peter The Brave" everytime I address him is not any easier. I'm sorry but it is too hard for me to dwell longer on this one piece of evidence. Thank God I have you, ACR.
  8. RiverRat

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    One more thing - ACR posted this:

    "Plus there was a bloody rag with dog feces on it right outside the washroom where Yana was murdered which reminded they had the two poodles and they must have been barking and terrified also."

    I guess that I will go ahead and say that the ONLY reason that Yana even dared venture to that house that morning was to tend to the two poodles, so there you go all of you Doggie Lovers....Yana was one too.
  9. koldkase

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    Oh, god, RR, this is even more heartbreaking.

    I just can't bear to think this man still draws breath. I am now grateful he's in Florida, where they will escort him to justice as quickly as can be done in the U.S. Say hello to Ted Bundy in Hell, you pathetic COWARDLY *** wife killer and child abuser. And save a seat for your sorry mother, who we can hope will join you soon in prison.
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  10. RiverRat

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    :toast: God Bless America! :floor:
  11. RiverRat

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    On the Ground, MFer!

    Just because it makes me feel better to picture this moment.....

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  12. Watching You

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    RR, I'm sorry I haven't been around much this summer, but I don't think I have to tell you how very proud I am to call myself your friend. You are an amazing, beautiful person, and you never turn your back on anyone in need. You've done FFJ proud, but I know that's not why you've helped this family - you did it from your heart.

    Your unselfishness makes me want to cry.
  13. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    I have had the most amazing people around me to learn from, so my Thanks to you for setting the pace. Now we can both cry together, your words get me everytime.....

  14. ACandyRose

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    Tallahassee Police Department Incident Report
    Page 3 of 3
    Date of Report: 04/26/2007 01:21
    Case # 00-07-013470

    "On 04/25/07, Information was received by this agency in regards to the defendant being wanted for a warrant out of Port Charlotte, FL for homicide. Earlier in the shift, Ofc Glunt had located the defenant's vehicle at a nearlby hotel.

    While Ofc Glunt and other officers were following up with that information, Ofc Osborn developed new information that the defendant had recently utilized a local cab company and been dropped off at Mike's Beer Barn (see Ofc Glunt's and Ofc Osborn's report for further details).

    Ofc Osborn confirmed via video surveillance from Mike's Beer Barn that the individual was indeed the defendant. He quickly relayed this information via radio with an updated description of a white male wearing a long sleeve denim shirt, dark colored shirts, and had short blond hair. He also informed that the defendant was most likely armed.

    After this information was received, I was responding to assist another officer requesting backup.

    As I responded to this request, I observed the defendant from afar walking north into the southern end of the parking lot located at 519 Brevard St. I immediately turned around from my eastbound course on Brevard St and began traveling southbound on N. Macomb St. The defendant was walking southbound quickly alongside the western side of the road on the sidewalk. I pulled ahead of him and called out with him via radio. I ordered the defendant to stop and put his hands on the front of my hood. I stood on the opposite side of the car and held him at gunpoint. Shortly after complying with my initial commands, he put his hands into his waist band and I began backing from the subject into the roadway creating distance. As this was happening, multiple other patrol units were arriving and he became compliant again and followed all my commands. He was subsequently handcuffed by Ofc Ruhle #323 as myself and Ofc Johnson #302 held him at gunpoint.

    After Ofc Couch #560 searched the subject, all property located on him was retained via property receipt. The defendant told Ofc Couch the following, "I was hoping he was going to shoot me", and "I was going to do it tomorrow", implicating suicide. Port Charlotte PD was notified and advised they would have an investigator enroute to our agency for follow-up.

    After walking the nearby area, the defendant's wallet with his identification was located approximately 35 feet north along the sidewalk from where I had contact with him.

    The defendant was transported to The Tallahassee Police Department Headquarters and subsequently booked into LCJ without incident. It should be noted that the defendant was found to have an injunction served against him on 3/28/07 for Yana Huss."

    Primary Reporting Officer: Robert Newberry 536 Tallahassee Police Department
    Supervisor Approval: Sergeant Artemus Shepherd 220 Tallassee Police Department 04/26/2007 03:50

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  15. koldkase

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    Thanks for bringing this "Incident Report" here, RR, and for typing it up, ACR.

    I wouldn't point this out, but it's too funny...WISHFUL THINKING on your part, ACR, and ours, as well. WE WISH they'd served an "INJECTION" AGAINST HIM--preferrably a LETHAL one. :floor:

    Unfortunately, it was just an injunction.... :curses:
  16. RiverRat

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    Here's to Scott getting served an Injection for the Injunction! :thumbsup:
  17. ACandyRose

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    LOL, Geeze, picky, picky, picky !

    I fixed it just for YOU KK ! :p

  18. RiverRat

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    Man accused of murder loses parental rights

    The daughter and stepson of Scott Huss, who is charged with the murder of his wife, may go to Russia with relative

    PUNTA GORDA -- A man accused of murdering his wife lost his parental rights to the daughter he had with the victim, and she and his stepson may move to Russia with their new guardian, the victim's mother.

    At the Charlotte County Justice Center Thursday morning, 20th Circuit Judge Donald E. Pellecchia granted a petition to terminate the parental rights of Scott Huss, 49, who is charged with the second-degree murder of his wife, Yana Huss, 31, at her Port Charlotte home in April. Scott and Yana had a 2-year-old daughter, Katrina, and Yana had an 8-year-old son, Peter Shalin, from a previous marriage in Russia.

    Pellecchia appointed Yana's mother, Elena Kuchinskaya, the guardian of both children. Kuchinskaya is a Russian citizen temporarily residing in the United States and caring for the children, according to testimony by Department of Children and Families officials, but her visa was due to expire on Oct. 26, at which point she will be required to leave the country. DCF officials could not formally recommend the children be placed with her because a home study could not be conducted in St. Petersburg, Russia, as per agency rules.

    Huss signed a document terminating his parental rights at the Charlotte County Jail on Sept. 14. According to court records, Yana's murder followed a long history of domestic disputes between the pair; at the time of the homicide, Yana was trying to divorce Scott.

    "To not accept this voluntary termination would move (the children) back," testified Frank Harder, the guardian ad litem for the children.

    Harder said Peter was initially concerned about the possibility of moving to Russia to live with his mother's relatives, believing it may be too cold for him. However, Harder said the boy, who allegedly witnessed his mother's stabbing, had changed his mind and was eager to move.

    "Anything we could do to make that happen, we would do," Harder said.

    DCF officials said home studies had also been conducted with members of Scott's family.

  19. JC

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    That's good news! :rose:
  20. RiverRat

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    Stay Tuned for GREAT News Breaking Soon!!!
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