A Doll Was Placed Next To JonBenet's Body In The Cellar!

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  1. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    That's right Sabrina. It is the same story. This is separate from the barbie nightgown.

    Placed with JonBenet in the room, according to my source, was JBR's favorite doll, or dolls. I heard it was plural but perhaps not.

    Let me stress that although I trust this source it might not be true. I will say that the source has shown me in the past that the facts they had were correct. I have no reason to doubt them on this fact.

    And to make sure I am up front about everything I was briefly interviewed by the National Enquirer and The Globe. I took no money nor was any money offered.
  2. Karen

    Karen Member

    No wonder Patsy turned 3 shades of white when the pic of the Santa doll on JB's extra bed was shown to her. She didn't recognize it?! Gimmee a break!Maybe it was filling in a spot on the bed where another doll used to sit.....and seeing that upset her. Knowing about a doll or dolls playing a part in all this brings to mind all kinds of "doll things" associated with this crime. There are many more weird "doll coincidences" than I ever would have thought.

    Dolls are very much a part of this "story".
  3. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    Implosion Alert

    A very trusted confidential source anonyMOUSEly left this post on my doorstep in a brown envelope with No fingerprints, No return address or DNA on it, but I am 100% Vouching for this person!

    East Lansing, MI

    13 min ago

    That info she blabbed is NOT in the public domain, NOT ANYWHERE, it's
    a flat out leak which she COULD be prosecuted for. It could very well
    be the same info that is quoted for the new National Enquirer article.
    I wonder what Stan Garnett will do about this????


    Ummm...I only wonder how many times this mailroom creature has called Garnett's office demanding that Tricia be prosecuted! LOL - OMG - THIS coming from the self-proclaimed Know It All is as Priceless as the "13 minutes ago" when the Intruder kidnapped her post! What about the cigar box that you told me about, Candy?! You told me that it was placed under JonBenet's head and THAT was NOT public knowledge until it left YOUR Mouth/e-mail! I must turn you in ASAP!


    REVEAL Candy's Leaker! Does Darnay still have a license to practice law?! If so, he sure is willing to put a lot on the Line to protect her! What's the DA's number?!

  4. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    Priceless...classless on Kranky's part...but simply priceless!
  5. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Do you know how long it has been since I have been threatened with arrest from Candy? WOW. I feel like I am home again.

    Let's all hope that NO ONE calls the Boulder D.A. . I constantly fight the misguided idea that people who post on Internet forums are nuts, insane, need major medication, unbalanced, have no life, and on and on and on.

    If Candy calls and tells people like the D.A. that she posts on the Internet then WHAM. We are all lumped in together with her.

    Once again I must spend my life looking over my shoulder waiting again for someone to handcuff me and drag me away. Not law enforcement like Candy thinks is coming to get me mind you but psychos like Candy who think I posted something 13 minutes before she did. LOL
  6. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Come on, guys, we are all on the same side.
  7. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member

    Yes we are BobC and we love you.

    BobC, you have been on JonBenet's side from day one. She is lucky to have such an advocate like you. Smart, to the point, and funny.

    Keep up the posting BobC. We never get tired of you. In fact I can speak for everyone when I say we don't see nearly enough of you.

    We are on the same side. You'll never get an argument from me on that one.

  8. RiverRat

    RiverRat FFJ Sr. Member Extraordinaire (Pictured at Lef

    As if...

    My comment about the DA's number was just like the rest of my post...calling a sarcastic bluff to a person that is seriously threatening Tricia again. Not intended to rub anyone on the same team wrong!

  9. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    I probly am just seeing sideways...but looking for something else...as usual...and found this old screen capture at ACR's--we can never repay her--and...one of the small photos scattered around the floor in this old Intruder Smit croc seems to be of the basement room...and...in the bottom right corner of the photo is...something...with blurred shape and colors that remind me of...gulp, go ahead, laugh at me...but...could that be a doll?


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  10. DeeDee

    DeeDee Member

    Is that the white blanket and pink nightie in that bottom corner? And what you feel is a doll lying on top?
  11. zoomama

    zoomama Active Member


    Gulp.....I think you are correct! It's a doll and it's yellow hair is all splayed out as if arrainged. What is that top right photo of? Is it a close of the same doll and white blanket? Could it be that we've seen it all along and didn't know it? Oh my stars and garters! :floor:

    What a catch Kold Kase!
  12. Nickii

    Nickii Member

    Referring to koldkase last, attached image:

    Well, that picture is not really good and it leaves a big spectrum for speculation, but it could be a doll in a christmas outfit. I see something dressed in red and white. I do not see any pink. Could it be something like that?

  13. Tricia

    Tricia Administrator Staff Member


    Nikki, I see red and white too.

    It is so hard for me to say for certain if it is a doll or not but I do see red and white and I do see what could be the outline of a doll maybe.

    This is too wild. Koldkase you have done it again. Found something new in this case.
  14. Sabrina

    Sabrina Member

    I see pink with blonde hair and it looks like the right arm of a doll spread out. I can see it clearly in both the small photo and the enlarged photo.

    I wonder why I see pink and others see red? I thought my monitor was pretty true.
    The top photo is bizarre too. Looks like a doll to me.
  15. Nickii

    Nickii Member

    Here is another image of the blanket in the windowless room:


    source: acandyrose

    On this one you can see just the blanket, the piece of duct-tape and something (a present?) wrappend in FAO-Schwarz-paper. No doll.

    But on the search warrant from 26th December 96 there is one "blacked out" item. Could this be the doll?

  16. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    That was sweet, Tricia--thanks.

    I can only recall one doll at the crime scene but my memory has faded a bit on this case. And another thing to consider, as you said, was that sometimes sources very close to the case get things wrong (not sdaying that's the case here). I recall, extremely early on, being told by someone who'd know, that Patsy's DNA was found on the duct tape. This was especially revealing because Patsy never, according to all accounts, came near the duct tape since it was left behind in that cellar room. Later it came out in one of the Tabloids that it was fibers from Patsy's vest found on the duct tape. To this day I don't know which, or both, were found on that tape. I will say that I used to be friends with a friend of the R's who was in their camp completely, and when we discussed the duct tape, she got very defensive and started rambling about the millions of innocent ways Patsy's DNA could have gotten there. most of these "innocent ways' were at least plausible, I'll admit, but there are about 10,000 too many coincidences in this case.

    This same friend assured me, assured me, that John Ramsey left the house completely open that night--that the Ramseys always left it open. This was a complete lie so I stopped talking to her. JR told several police officers many times over that he had checked every door and every window that night. Only later did he change this and every other story.
  17. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Another great find! Notice the "BLACKED OUT ITEM" is listed right next to "white blanket in wine cellar" and "pink Barbie nightgown from wine cellar" - that's exactly where "the doll" would be listed.

    Excerpt from December 26, 1996 Search Warrant Page 9:

    Fibers from area by victim (1KKY)
    Fibers from winecellar (2KKY)
    Avalanche sweatshirt covering body (4KKY)
    Blanket covering body (5KKY)
    Wire near body (7KKY)
    Fibers from under body (8KKY)
    White blanket in wine cellar (11KKY)
    Pink Barbie nightgown from wine cellar (12KKY)
    Broken glass from wine cellar (13KKY)
    Hair fibers from floor of wine cellar (14KKY)
  18. BobC

    BobC Poster of the EON - Fabulous Inimitable Transcript

    Ramsey excuse-makers will just say the doll was part of the general mess down in the basement., like Burke's trains. Just another reason that this case would be really, really difficult to prosecute, I'm afraid.
  19. Jayelles

    Jayelles Alert Viewer in Scotland

    KK I am struggling to make out where that photo has been taken from. I do see what looks like a doll or mannequin lying on the floor but is the photographer leaning in through the basement window? That's what it looks like!

    ETA - forget it. For some reason the top image wasn't showing up on my screen and it puts it in perspective. What I thought was an open window is the corner of the photo above!
  20. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Here is a photo copy of the evidence page as provided by ACandyRose at her web site. By the way, the "GREEN ?" mentioned at the first of the transcribed evidence list is "GREEN SPRIG." (It has been difficult for some people to make out the words previously.)

    As mentioned before on this thread, it is obvious that an item of evidence was "blacked out"/redacted from the list. The placement of said evidence is next to the white blanket and what was found with JonBenet's body in the basement (before John moved her). We have never known before what this redacted evidence was. Now we know it was one of JonBenet's dolls.


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