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Discussion in 'The Search for Rachel Cooke' started by JR, Jul 1, 2002.

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  2. JR

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  3. Tricia

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    I am totally suprised at AMW.

    Please everyone sign this and send it to AMW.

    I will also contact some people. I don't know if it will help but I will do my best.

  4. Dunvegan

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    More ways to help in the campaign to bring Rachel's story to AMW

    For those of you who may be interested in participating in this campaign to bring Rachel's story to a larger audience, I'd like you to know that FFJ is looking at ways to assist you in your participation towards this cause.

    <b>Snail-mail Campaign</b>

    If you post your letter to America's Most Wanted in this thread, I will print out each and every posted letter and mail each letter, in a separate envelope, to America's Most Wanted.

    You may choose to simply use your online name.

    One paragraph would be fine...whatever you would like to write is greatly appreciated.


    <b>Petition for Rachel Cooke to AMW</b>

    Download a text copy of the petition that appears on Bill Bickle's Crime forum at <b><a href="">HERE</a></b>.

    Carry a copy in your purse or wallet. Have your friends and family add their signatures. Mail it to AMW.

    Here is the wording of the petition in behalf of Rachel Cooke to America's Most Wanted:<ol>Rachel Cooke, an accomplished cross-country runner, left her home in the Northlake development northwest of Georgetown, Texas (north of Austin) on the morning of Thursday, January 10, 2002, to go on her usual 3-4 mile morning jog around the neighborhood. Sometime around 11 AM, near the end of her run and possibly within 200 yards of home, she disappeared.

    Family and friends of Rachel have searched, raised a $50,000 reward and have worked hard to kept her in the local Central Texas news. A web site has been on-line since February 2002:

    National media coverage has not been interested in her story because she was 19 on January 10, 2002. Please consider running a story on AMERICA'S MOST WANTED about Rachel Cooke. We need your help!

    <ol>Please mail to:

    <b>America's Most Wanted
    P.O. Box CrimeTV
    Washington, DC 20016-9126</b></ol></ol><hr>

    <b>Online/E-Mail Campaign to Bring Rachel's Story to AMW</b>

    Please also consider going to the America's Most Wanted site and filling in a short request to profile Rachel Cooke. You could even cut and paste from the text of the petition above.

    You can fill out and submit a short message to America's Most Wanted directly online <b><a href="">BY CLICKING HERE</a></b>.


    Thanks to each and every one of you for each and every effort on behalf of Rachel Cooke. Every effort is meaningful.
  5. Voyager

    Voyager Active Member

    Mail Sent....

    RC, this is certainly a very easy task to complete and I hope that everyone here will make a short paragraph of support for Rachel and push the send button....

    Prayers going up for courage for Rachel, for her family, and for her safe return....
  6. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    Our thanks to everyone.

    Between what People Against Violent Crime is doing, FFJ and now Bill Bickel's home page AMW has to notice.

    I want to thank everyone for all of their help.
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