Announcing Tom Miller's New Book - "JonBenet Ramsey: Prostitution of Justice"

Discussion in '***Sneek Preview*** - Tom Miller's Book' started by Cookie, May 15, 2007.

  1. Cookie

    Cookie Member

    I have had to keep this forthcoming event quiet for nearly 8 months. Finally , I am able to announce to my friends at FFJ the publishing of Doc's book, JonBenet Ramsey: PROSTITUTION OF JUSTICE, in Japan. I am awaiting my copies of this book. This is the first step for the release of this powerful book. We are moving closer to getting it published in English.

    Here is the cover that I designed. I'm not sure if the publishing comapny used it or not. I thought you guys would like to see it:

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  2. heymom

    heymom Member

    Congratulations, Cookie and Doc!!! When and how can we buy a copy?
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  3. Texan

    Texan FFJ Senior Member

    I'm ready

    Whenever an English version comes out I am ready to purchase it!
  4. AMES

    AMES Member

    ME TOO! I can't wait....

    Makes me want to learn Japanese, so that I can read it NOW. I know that it, along with Steve Thomas' book.....will be the only two books out there on the case, that actually tells the truth, something that we all have been craving.
  5. Elle

    Elle Member

    Hi Cookie,

    Isn't this photo something else? Just look at the makeup on JonBenét's face here. This photo has been discussed a few times before. What mother would want her little six year old made up to have a "mother-daughter" photo taken
    like this? Talk about unnatural (?). She sure was teachng her little girl how to grow up too fast.

    Congratulations on the book being published in Japan. I wish you both all the best.
  6. sboyd

    sboyd Member

    The cover is fantastic. Let us know because I know I will buy it. I cannot wait to read it. Why Japan first though?
  7. tylin

    tylin Banned

    Congratulations! I can't wait to read the book. Please let us know when it will be published in English. Great cover Cookie!!!
  8. Cookie

    Cookie Member

    Why Japan?

    They were the first to step up to the plate. They are interested in how our government works and doesn't work. Their government is based on ours and they find it interesting to examine how our justice system works. Perhaps the Japanese don't want to make the same mistakes.

    I will let you know how to get a copy when I receive mine. The Japanese rock!
  9. AMES

    AMES Member

    Well, the JonBenet case would be a good one to learn (from other's mistakes) from. Goodness knows there were nothing BUT mistakes made, and we still have no justice for JonBenet.
  10. sboyd

    sboyd Member

  11. AMES

    AMES Member

    I like the picture, but there is something about Patsy's eyes, that make her look CRAZY. I just can't put my finger on it....
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  12. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Congrats, Cookie and Doc.

    But Japanese? I have to learn Japanese to read it? I made it through the trial transcript...and for us lay persons, that was hard enough. Now I have to learn JAPANESE? :spit:

    HOkaaaay.... I live in a culturally diverse town. Surely I can find a Japanese new best friend.... :book:
  13. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

  14. JoeJame

    JoeJame member

    Just look at that baby's bleached blond hair....even if it is in black and white, you can tell it is bleached.
    Great news about the book!!! :winkaway:
  15. heymom

    heymom Member

    If you take a piece of paper, and cover up the left side of Patsy's face, and then the right side, it is as though you are seeing 2 different people. Very strange - most of us have that quality but it seems more extreme in Patsy. Small foreign faction, indeed.

    If you just look at Patsy's face, her expression seems smug and proud to me. JonBenet looks drugged here, and the way her hand is clutching at Patsy's collar seems unnatural and yet, appropriate. I think Patsy looks like Patsy, but JonBenet looks like a little tramp and as if the little girl in her is long gone. She has so much make-up on...more than Patsy, it would seem.

    The photo reveals so much more than it was supposed to, doesn't it?
  16. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member

  17. Voyager

    Voyager Active Member


    I am curious about what the photographer's instructions or suggestions were to Patsy and JonBenet as they sat for this portrait. Also, in editing the pictures from this photo session, how did you choose this particular photo for the cover? Were there many diverse expressions and poses among the frames you had to choose from?

    Since JonBenet's expression is not one that is usually seen on a child's face, I was just wondering if perhaps she was instructed to try to look like her mom or to try to look "grown up" etc.....

    I think that Patsy truly valued human beauty, realizing how much it had done for her in her own life and she seemed to put great emphasis on maximizing JonBenet's physical traits and showing them off in photos and of course in the well publisized pageants.

    Perhaps these mother/daughter photos were a way of leaving a heritage for JonBenet in case Patsy's life ended early because of her cancer. "See JonBenet, you are beautiful like your mother....use your beauty to be successful as I have."

    Just speculation of course....How did you perceive Patsy and JonBenet's relationship? Was it warm and fuzzy or more business-like and manipulative? It seems from all I have read that Patsy loved JonBenet in her own way, but may not have had certain realizations about what was best for her child...possibly her motherhood was often influenced by her mother Nedra's firm hand that formed her own childhood filled with competitions and pageants...

    Just these few questions and musings, that your picture of Patsy and JonBenet inspired....A picture may be worth a thousand words but, I also think it often evokes as many questions...

    A very interesting photo altogether Cookie....The look in Patsy's eyes is haunting....She seems to be looking beyond the camera to some future time, she looks apprehensive in my appraisal...

    Will the book have other photos of JonBenet and the family?

  18. heymom

    heymom Member

    I like the log-in request:

    Today. The male be completed to look at the commodity, sign in please do. For the first time when it utilizes, this.
  19. AMES

    AMES Member

    I think thats because Patsy's left eye is smaller and lower than her right. Maybe thats why she looks so strange. She looks MEAN in that picture.
  20. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    I envy the Japanese....can't wait to read the book!!!!

    Yes do open another thread when it is published in America....I don't want to miss any time reading it.
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